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Identify Unstable Particles

Measurement instrument manufacturers can integrate monitoring of volatile organic compounds with a new sensor from Alphasense. The p-type metal oxides measurement device has a detection limit for compounds such as solvents, sterilants and petrochemicals between 10-50 parts per billion, depending on the compound, and a limit of 1-100 parts per million for isobutylene. The sensor has a dynamic range, low humidity response and its resistance increases in the presence of most VOCs, the company reports. It can be used in applications such as process monitoring, environmental monitoring, occupational safety and leak detection. Web:

Eneos Races In

Professional and amateur racers can soon zoom past the competition with two upcoming lines of engine oil from JX Nippon Oil (now part of JXTG Holdings.) Eneos Racing Pro SAE 0W-20 has additives to greatly reduce friction and enhance vehicle acceleration, while the 10W-50 oil delivers film thickness under extreme operating conditions, antiwear and antioxidation properties, improved cold-start performance and engine cleanliness, while also boasting lower oil consumption, the Japanese oil major says. Eneos Racing Street are fully synthetic, SAE 0W-20 and 0W-50 oils that boost start-up and protect components from friction and hot and cold temperatures. Both product ranges prevent sludge buildup and deliver high-temperature stability. The oils are aimed at cars driven in GT, drift, sprint, stock car, rally, formula, drag racing and amateur motorsports. Web:

Tough Grease from Blaster

Blaster Corp. released a range of greases for automotive, agricultural, construction, industrial, marine and mining applications. The companys PB penetrating grease can be used in rusted areas to provide lubrication as it penetrates the corroded segments. Its two lithium complex greases provide general purpose lubrication as well as extreme pressure and high-temperature protection to components, and its heavy-duty calcium sulfonate grease contains extreme pressure additives to function in severe operating conditions. The company also released a calcium sulfonate grease specifically for marine environments. The PB penetrating grease is available as a cartridge, aerosol spray, brush top tub and squeeze tube, while the four traditional greases are available as cartridges. Web:

Control Rust

Lockhart Chemical launched a rust preventative additive suitable for food grade applications. Counter Rust CA-407 is a highly overbased calcium sulfonate additive that provides corrosion protection, detergency and dispersant properties to various lubricant formulations, the company says. It can also be used as part of the thickener system for calcium sulfonate greases used in food processing equipment. The product is available in drums, totes and bulk containers, has received kosher approval and is registered as NSF International HX-1 for use in formulating H1 lubricants. Web: www.

Contain Harsh Substances

Safe handling of corrosive chemicals and additives is the goal behind Komax Systems triple action static mixers. The products are made from carbon steel, fiberglass, stainless steel and PVC and lined with polyvinylidene fluoride resin or polytetrafluoroethylene to stand up to the corrosive effects of concentrated acids and aggressive chemicals, the company states. The mixers are equipped with a flow straightener to eliminate downstream centrifugal effects and have the ability to sustain up to four mixing elements for different types of line-size and pressure drop mixing. The static mixers can be configured with multiple ports, grooved and plain end fittings and other mixing elements. Web:

Boost Field Analysis

Spectro Scientifics FieldLab 58 has been upgraded with an X-ray fluorescence module and a filter to improve detection of wear metals in oil. The portable, battery-powered device provides fast and comprehensive oil analysis of 13 wear elements in field applications using X-ray fluorescence for elemental analysis; a filter particle qualifier pore blockage particle counter; an infrared spectrometer and a kinematic viscometer, the company says. The oil analysis can immediately be carried out on-site, eliminating the need to send samples to a laboratory. Results from the FieldLab 58 are invaluable in determining signs of contamination, abnormal wear, or lubricant conditions that can result in downtime or cause failure of high-value machinery assets, Spectro Scientific adds. Web: z

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