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Steady Riding

Twin Power USA launched a line of lubricants for V-twin engine motorcycles. Twin Power Lubricants includes four motor oils (SAE 25W-60, 10W-40, 20W-50 and synthetic SAE 20W-50), an oil and a gear lube for transmissions, a primary chain lube and a fork oil. The company says its engine oils protect motorcycle components against corrosion, sludge and varnish buildup. The primary chain lube reduces clutch drag and extends the life of chains and sprockets, while the fork oil minimizes cavitation with antifoaming and antiwear characteristics for heavier loads. The transmission oil resists viscosity breakdown and promotes smooth shifting, and the gear lube protects gears and bearings in cold weather to reduce start-up drag, ease shifting and improve lube flow to bearings, the company says. The oils meet various specifications including API CI-4, API SL and JASO MA2, and are available in the United States. Web:

Comprehensive Analysis

Faster, simpler oil analysis is the aim of Spectro Scientifics MiniLab EL series of measurement tools and software. The equipment can be used for testing wear, fluid contamination and oil condition in aircraft, automotive and railway engines using a 5-milliliter sample, with no solvents or chemicals required before measurement, the company says. Available tests include elemental analysis, viscosity, oil chemistry, fuel dilution and total ferrous wear, and can be expanded to include trace metal detection of up to 31 elements as well as coolant and fuel analyses. The MiniLab can be placed on a regular table top in engine test rooms, production environments and even office spaces without special installation, and measures up to 36 parameters from ASTM International. Web:

Power European Engines

Volkswagen and Porsche engines can count on the protection of Elf Lubricants Evolution-branded SAE 0W-20 engine oil. The low-viscosity oil meets the Euro VI standard for low-sulfur, ash and phosphorus and is formulated for post-treatment systems in European gasoline and diesel automobiles to reduce emissions, provide higher detergency and improve deposit dispersion for engine cleanliness, Elf says. The oil defends engines against wear, oxidation and friction at high operating temperatures and pressures while raising fuel economy. Web:

Control Deposits

Lubrizol is tackling deposit buildup in landfill applications with its new SG9L60 additives. These zinc-free, low ash products for four-stroke stationary gas engines reduce the amount of siloxanes in landfill equipment, the company says. The products address siloxane concentration in gas-powered equipment by controlling the size of silica particles so they stay dispersed in the oil instead of reaching engine parts. In addition, the additives provide wear protection, lower oil consumption and extend top-end overhaul intervals to minimize equipment downtime and repair costs, the manufacturer boasts. The products are compliant with REACH. Web:

Ease Lube Management

Lumax has new dispensers, fluid extractors and a grease coupler to ease lubricant application in automotive, off-road, industrial and marine equipment. The four syringe-type fluid dispensers, in capacities of 7, 15, 34 and 50 ounces, can be used to extract or inject brake fluids, gear oils, power steering fluids and other lubes and chemicals in small reservoirs prior to oil bleeding, fluid changes and repairs, the company says. Its four fluid extractors-two manual and two with both manual and pneumatic capability-are ideal for extracting brake and transmission fluid, engine oil, gear oil and water in all-terrain vehicles, watercrafts, farm equipment, gearboxes, snowmobiles and more, Lumax adds. The grease coupler can be mounted to grease guns and bulk grease pumps to enable hands-free greasing in small spaces. The products are available in the United States. Web:

Fuchs Measures Up
with Scania

Fuchs Petrolubs SAE 5W-30 engine oil was recently approved by Scania for its heavy-duty vehicles with LDF-4 specification. The oil reduces wear, protects after-treatment systems and offers longer drain intervals in Scanias diesel automotive engines, as well as extending the life of vehicles diesel particulate filters, the lube manufacturer says. It has high-temperature stability to improve fuel economy and low-temperature performance for cold start-up. It shows minimal evaporation loss that allows for reduced deposits on turbochargers and other engine components, Fuchs adds. The Titan Cargo-branded motor oil is available in 5-, 20-, 205- and 1,000-liter containers or in bulk; meets ACEA specs, API CJ-4, Euro VI emissions standards and Caterpillars ECF-3 specification; and has approvals from other truck manufacturers such as Volvo, Renault and MAN. Web:

Wash Rust Away

Rust and deposits have no place on metal surfaces with Milacrons Cimclean cleaners and Cimguard corrosion preventatives for metal cleaning and metal forming applications. The Cimclean industrial cleaners include a high-pressure spray alkaline cleaner to control foam and corrosion; an immersion spray cleaner to manage rust and increase machine cooling sump performance; and a maintenance cleaner and disinfectant to clean machine tools before applying metalworking fluid, the company states. The Cimguard rust preventatives include a water based formulation for ferrous metals that provides indoor protection to parts for up to 30 days, as well as three solvent based products for multiple metals that provide indoor protection from one month up to two years. Web:

Chill Components

Difficult machining processes can be simplified with Zeller-Gmelins most recent cooling lubricant offering. The companys Zubora 65 H Ultra metalworking fluid is a water miscible, semi-synthetic product that can be used in severe cutting operations to process steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and aluminum alloys. The boron-free formulation is blended with extreme pressure additives to handle high-cutting speeds and increase component life, has high-polarity and defends metal surfaces and tools against corrosion, the manufacturer reports. The fluid lacks bactericides, formaldehyde release agents and inhibits the formation of secondary amines and nitrites into stable nitrosamines. Web: z

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