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Standing Up for Bench Tests

Dear LubesnGreases,

It is my responsibility to call your attention to the contents-particularly the highlighted quote-of Steve Swedbergs column in your August issue entitled AAA Study on Synthetics (Page 6).

I was quite surprised that Mr. Swedberg made some strong and deprecating remarks about the use of bench testing for determining the desirable properties of engine oils. Almost all of the bench tests used for specifying engine oil since the 1960s have been carefully based on well-documented engine correlation. Moreover, bench tests are much more reliable and informative concerning the performance properties of engine oils than data that can be obtained from field or dynamometer engine studies (although the latter are critically necessary for developing bench test correlation).

My preceding statements are based on a number of decades of my work and papers on the subject of bench tests, their correlation with engine performance and their effective use in developing better engine lubrication. I suggest that your magazine consider presenting an article on this aspect of automotive lubrication.

Theodore W. Selby

Savant Group

Midland, Michigan

One for the History Books

Thanks for a great column about a very special person, George P. Mitchell (Your Business, August, Page 54). I was not aware of Mr. Mitchells activity in the development of hydraulic fracturing technology; however, his work is important enough to be remembered along with the work of other great names such as Cyrus McCormick, John Deere, Jerome Increase Case and Thomas Edison.

Thanks for bringing this to light.

C. E. Glomski

Elk Grove Village, Illinois

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