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S-Oils Lucky 7

S-Oil is marking the 25th anniversary of its entry into the finished lubricants market by launching a new line of premium synthetic engine oils. Called S-Oil 7, the line comprises six high-performance oils tailored to the specific needs of gasoline, diesel and other engine types, the company said. All are made with API Group III and other synthetic base stocks and are aimed at increasing the premium engine oil market share of S-Oil and its subsidiary STLC (S-Oil Total Lubricants Co.). The Korean refining company first entered the finished lubricants business in 1989 with the Dragon brand. Web:

Axel Offers

Greener Grease

Axel Christiernsson has launched a new high-performance grease aimed at the tough conditions encountered by heavy outdoor equipment and marine machinery. The grease, Hycal 762 EPBD, is engineered for use in a wet and corrosive environment where water resistance and adhesion are vital, but where environmental friendliness is also a must. The European lubricants maker says the grease, made with biodegradable synthetic esters, is Vessel General Permit compliant and meets the Swedish environmental standard 155470, in addition to having excellent anti-corrosion and rust-inhibiting characteristics. Web:

Pennzoil Goes

au Natural

Shell, which for three years has been making lubricants that contain base stocks from the Pearl gas-to-liquids plant in Qatar, is giving the technology a consumer push by rebranding its two premium synthetic motor oils as made from natural gas. Relaunched under the alliterative appellations Pennzoil Platinum and Pennzoil Ultra-Platinum with PurePlus technology, these are the only engine oils available today made from pure, crystal-clear base oil made from natural gas, the company boasts. The GTL stocks are said to contain fewer impurities than base oils derived from crude. The two Pennzoil products are also said to beat traditional synthetic rivals in piston cleanliness, durability of fuel economy, wear protection and overall extreme-temperature

performance. Web:

Dover Builds Ester Portfolio

Dover Chemical Corp. has added a high-performance sulfurized vegetable ester to its line of additives, with the aim of making metalworking fluids more environmentally friendly. The patent-pending new additive is called Doverlube LCS-10. It is fully biodegradable, uses no inhibitors, is non-active, low-odor, chlorine-free and gives off no detectable hydrogen sulfide. It is designed to be suitable for use in many types of base oils and vegetable esters used in metalworking applications on a variety of metals and alloys. The company notes that LCS-10

outperformed other sulfurized additives in four-ball wear testing. Web:

WD-40 Helps Vets

WD-40 Co. has joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in its Hire Our Heroes campaign, to help armed forces personnel transition from the military to the civilian workforce. The company is introducing a limited edition of its smart-straw cans with Help Hire A Hero printed on the front. For every can purchased, WD-40 will donate 10 cents to the veterans campaign. The special cans are available for a limited time at retailers nationwide. Web:

Oronite Gets its Sea Legs

Chevron Oronite is offering a new additive package aimed at improving marine and power generation lubricants. Called MAPS, for Marine and Powergen System, the additive system delivers outstanding performance in acid neutralization, deposit control and oxidation stability and can be used with API Group I and II base oils, the company said. MAPS is suitable with all current fuel types and sulfur ranges in both new and older engines, it added. The package covers the full range of TBN levels and marine applications, from marine cylinder lubricants to system oils and trunk piston engine oils, Oronite said. Web:

Fluitec Bolsters Lubes

Fluitec is adding to its Boost line of products designed to enhance the life of oil lubricants used by major industries such as refineries and power plants. The Jersey City, N.J., company, which specializes in lubricant monitoring and analysis, said its new Boost AO (the initials stand for Anti-Oxidant) can be added to the oil in machines such as turbines and compressors even while the equipment remains in use. Maintainers thus can safely replenish depleted anti-oxidants and extend both the oils useful lifespan and the uptime of the machines, it says. Added tankside, Boost AO does not require special blending equipment or outside personnel, the company said. Web:

Laser-sharp Lube Tests

Spectro Scientific has added to its line of oil condition monitors. Its new LNF (for Lasernet Fines) Q200 Series, developed in partnership with the U.S. Navy, is a compact, benchtop unit that counts and classifies wear particles and ferrous matter, dirt and water in lubricating oil while the machinery remains in service. Spectro said these Q200 units require no calibration, are easy to use, yield quick results and require only hours of training. They come in three configurations to meet the specific needs of different users. Web:

Qualichem Aces Field Trial

The folks at Qualichem earned some bragging points after a Michigan metalworking company gave one of its products a big vote of confidence. Following a six-month trial which pitted Qualichems Xtreme Cut 251C semi-synthetic metalworking fluid against the fluid it had been using, BTM Corp. reported that the Xtreme Cut did just that – it cut the companys coolant usage and waste-removal costs by half and saved the company $47,000. A BTM executive praised the cutting fluids cleanliness, clarity and machinability and said its workers were especially pleased by its lack of undesirable odors. Web:

Champion Targets Foreign Cars

Champion Oil says its Syngold full-synthetic engine oils are ready to take a road trip in some of Europes best cars. Syngold European SAE 5W-30 Low SAPS motor oil is intended for use in high-performance European vehicles requiring a low-viscosity formulation with low sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur (SAPS). The oil is formulated to provide outstanding levels of fuel economy performance, cleaning strength and engine protection, even during extended oil change intervals, Champion said. The company added that the oil meets or exceeds the most exacting original equipment manufacturers specifications, including those of Porche, BMW, VW and Mercedes-Benz. Web:

Mess-free Draining

Femco, a company that specializes in equipment drain technology, is offering a new system to make fleet or ordinary vehicle oil changes a lot cleaner and simpler. It starts with replacing the vehicles sump plug with a specially designed Femco plug that opens up when attached to the companys 30FDS, a self-contained, mobile cart system. The system then vacuums the oil from the engine through the plug into its 30-gallon tank. When full, the tank can be wheeled to an oil storage tank on its attached two-wheeled dolly to transfer the used oil. Web: www.

Solve the Solvent Puzzle

New Pig has introduced a system for safely managing the wipes used to clean machined metals. Its draining station for solvent-contaminated wipes gives parts-cleaning facilities a place to safely store wipes before they are laundered or disposed of. The units contain a 55-gallon open-head steel drum with a latching lid, and an elevated screen to allow solvents to drain into a reservoir at the drum bottom. This reservoir can then be drained without need to remove the screen. A self-adhesive label is included to help avoid mixing up waste streams. Web:

High Tech Lubes

Solid Technical Solutions has introduced a new line of high-tech lubricants designed for use in electronics, optics, aerospace, clean rooms, and general assembly applications where silicones are not permitted. The company, a division of Tectorius, said the lubricants in the Tec-Flon family are non-hydrocarbon, non-silicone, fluorinated oils and greases designed specifically for use with plastics, in paint shops or in vacuum environments. The lubricants also meet or exceed General Motors performance requirements, the company added. Web:

Easier Cleanups

When machinery leaks from hard-to-reach places, it can make a tough cleanup problem. Oil Eater suggests the solution is its new Oil Eater Universal pads and rolls. These highly absorbent cleanup products suck up oil while repelling water, and come in a wide variety of shapes and designs ranging from the single-ply sonic bonded pads to multi-layer fine fiber pads. They range in size from 15-by-18-inch pads to 30-inch by 150-foot rolls, and are all made of high quality polypropylene, the company says. Web:

Stop that Leak!

Liquid and gas leaks are easily one of the biggest headaches in any industry. Preventing them is the subject of the latest e-book offered by Chemical Engineering magazine. Called Avoiding Leakage: Sealing and Sealing Systems for Machinery and Piping, the book is a compendium of how-to articles that originally appeared in the magazine, designed to help engineers reduce or eliminate seal failures caused by inappropriate installation, operation or maintenance, or improper material selection. It also covers environmental issues that can impact seal performance, such as pressure, temperature, fluid compatibility and human factors. The book is delivered as a 209-page .pdf download and costs $337. Web:

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