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Grinding Oil is Built for Speed

Oelheld U.S. Inc. has introduced a new oil designed for high-speed grinding. Called Toolgrind T600, it is formulated for all conventional metals, including hard metals and highly alloyed steel, using diamond, silicon carbide or cubic boron nitride wheels, according to Oelheld. Toolgrind T600 reduces wheel force, wheel wear and work piece temperature, is nontoxic and low-misting, the company added. Web:

Precision Spraying Saves Fluid

Nordson EFD is touting a small product that the company says can bring manufacturers big savings. The fluid dispensing systems maker says the savings come from using its 781S Spray Valve, which enables precise and consistent application of medium-viscosity oils, greases, reagents, marking inks, and adhesive activators in the automotive, electronics, cosmetics, food, and medical industries. The 781S valve uses low-volume, low-pressure technology to accurately apply a fine, uniform coating of material without waste, mess, or overspray. Benefits include cleaner production areas and reduced rework, contamination, and overall fluid use, the company says. Web:

Chevron Oronite Enhances VM

Chevron Oronite has introduced an enhanced viscosity modifier designed for formulating both light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle and industrial engine oils and transmission fluids. Called Paratone 8900E, it offers excellent low-temperature performance, superior thickening efficiency and extended shear stability, the company says. Oronite thinks customers who use self-dissolving viscosity modifiers will be pleased that Paratone also works well with numerous pour point depressants and believes it will provide improved formulating flexibility for lubricant designers. Web:

Gauge Knows How to Fit In

Installing liquid level gauges is a precision job that sometimes has to be done under less-than-precise field conditions. To make compensation easier, Oil-Rite has designed nylon liquid level gages with adjustable centerlines to accommodate centerline distances up to 0.25-inch longer or shorter than the specified measurement, giving installers an extra half-inch of flexibility. The range of adjustability compensates for variances that can occur during plastic tank production or other conditions where adjustments become necessary. The patent-pending gauges can be adjusted by hand, making installation easier. Gauges are available with centerline measurements ranging from 6 inches to 36 inches. Web:

Polaris Offers Analysis Classes

Polaris Laboratories has announced this years schedule of oil and coolant training classes. The companys one-day Cooling System Maintenance and two-day Practical Oil Analysis training classes will expand attendees knowledge of oils and coolants, as well as how the two affect each other in engines. The classes will include training on fluid properties, how to take samples, identifying common problems, data interpretation and program management. Upcoming dates and locations include Denver (April 29-May 1), Edmonton (May 27-29) and Indianapolis (June 24-26). For more dates, click on the How to take action button at

Thrill-seeking Grease

Specialty grease manufacturer Kluber Lubricants has a yearning for action and speed – as a market, that is. The company is aiming two new bearing greases at the amusement park industry, among other potential customers. The greases, called Isoflex Topas NB52 and NB 152, are based on synthetic oil and barium complex soap thickener, respectively, offer good load-bearing capabilities, a wide effective temperature range, resistance to water and contaminants, and protection from corrosion and oxidation, Kluber says. It adds that the products are ideal for greasing amusement ride wheels, racing car wheels, fan bearings and pump bearings. Web:

Nyco Ester Earns NSF Nod

Lubricants maker NYCO says its newest low-viscosity synthetic ester, Nycobase 20307 FG, has been approved for use in food-grade lubricants by NFS International, earning HX-1 status for lubricants that might come into incidental contact with food. Products from the Nycobase FG series are also Halal and Kosher certified, show high biodegradability and renewability levels, and possess superior thermal stability as well as good low-temperature properties, it added. They are available in a wide range of viscosities. Web:

Clarion Adds Green Oils

Clarion Lubricants has introduced two new hydraulic fluids designed for companies using equipment in environmentally sensitive areas such as rivers, lakes or oceans. Both Clarion Green synthetic fluid and Clarion Green Bio premium antiwear hydraulic fluid are formulated to be environmentally friendly without sacrificing equipment performance or efficiency. Clarion, a Citgo subsidiary, says both are biodegradable, ashless and zinc-free. Both satisfy EPAs new Vessel General Permit requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants while offering premium antiwear, rust and corrosion protection and oxidation stability, the company says. Web:

Need a Super Tractor Oil?

International Petroleum Products & Additives Co. is aiming to make super tractor oils more super still. IPAC says its 9115 additive can improve both engine performance and wear and friction control in heavy equipment that uses Super Tractor Oil Universal (STOU) fluid. The additive is specifically designed for blending STOU, used in tractors, harvesters and similar heavy equipment where one oil serves as both a lubricant for engines and powertrains and as the equipments hydraulic fluid. Web:

Ideas Debuts Rust Fighter

Specialty chemical company Ideas Inc. has added a new product to its Ida-Soil line of corrosion inhibitors. Called Ida-Soil D-802-L, it is a pourable version of other Ida-Soil products that doesnt need to be heated before blending – which makes it ideal for use with mineral oils or solvents with low flash points. The Ida-Soil products are designed to be added to rust-preventive baths that are used after a metal parts initial cleaning, to improve their anti-corrosion properties. Web:

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