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Machine and Protect

EcoLine metalworking fluid, powered by Cortecs Nano-VpCI additive, is a biodegradable, multifunctional product that serves both corrosion protection and environmental needs, without using chlorinated products or hazardous mineral oils. The high-tech concentrate has 70 percent biobased content and is formulated to work in a range of soft and hard water qualities. Added to water in the ratio of 1:20 to 1:10, EcoLine develops a stable emulsion which provides excellent cooling and is not susceptible to bacterial growth. Uses include heavy-duty rolling, grinding, extruding, stamping and cutting, and as a biodegradable anti-corrosion preservative for hot, cold-rolled and galvanized steels during processing, storage and shipment. Web: www.

Advanced Coolant from Wallover

Wallover Oils newest chlorine-free coolant is designed for the machining and grinding of metals, including stainless steel, titanium, cast aluminum and cast iron. The Strongsville, Ohio, company says WS 8800 machining coolant is particularly suited for use with aluminum alloys. The fluid is formulated for use in both central systems and individual sumps, with low-foaming characteristics for the extreme-pressure lubrication needed in CNC machining. It offers rust and corrosion protection to extend tool and sump life, and is made to be long lasting and to reject tramp oil to reduce waste disposal costs, the company says. Additionally, advanced bio-resistant additives make it effective in controlling bacteria and fungus and eliminating odors. Web:

Cetus Lineup Gets Bigger

Chevron has expanded its Cetus family of synthetic compressor oils, with Cetus PAO and rebranded Cetus HiPerSYN. Each is designed for use in portable and stationary rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating compressors. This combination of products gives our customers a single family of premium compressor oils that meet their varied needs while helping to extend equipment life and improve operational efficiency, said Chevrons Jeff Snyder. Cetus PAO, made with polyalphaolefin base fluids to withstand the high speeds and high temperatures of modern air compressors, provide thermal and oxidation stability, high V.I., high flash point, low pour point and hydrolytic stability. The Cetus HiPerSYN oils offer all that, for compressors seeing wide temperature ranges. Web: www.chevron

Chem Arrow Reformulates

Complying with myriad environmental safety and worker health laws worldwide can be a headache for companies with overseas markets. Chem Arrow, a California-based industrial lubricants manufacturer that sells its products in 20 countries, plans to meet that challenge with a relaunch of its ArrowCool line of metalworking fluids this quarter. The company says it has succeeded in improving the product line while eliminating many traditional but now-restricted additives such as biocides, formaldehyde-releasing agents, secondary amines and boron. Web:

Lubricate Precisely

Industrial Innovations, the Michigan-based manufacturer of precision lubricant-application equipment, is offering an injector manifold assembly package to plants using its Spra-Rite lubrication system. The company says the manifolds are available for use with two to eight injectors, each with a minimum spray time of 20 milliseconds to precisely control the volume and placement of lubricants. The products are designed to improve production rates, reduce lubricant consumption and improve environmental conditions at metalworking plants. Web:

Hot Stauff for Testing Hydraulics

Stauff, an international manufacturer of pipework equipment, has introduced a new compact hand-held hydraulic tester. The company, with U.S. offices in Waldwick, N.J., says the tester, called the Stauff PPC-04-plus, features durable construction for use in harsh conditions. It can measure pressure, temperature, flow rate, frequency and speed in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems, to monitor system performance. The tester features an LCD screen and is available with either a CAN interface for connecting up to three digital sensors, or with two analog sensor inputs. Its measurements can also be fed into computers with accompanying software for later analysis. Web:

Base Stock Insights

The industry research firm Kline & Co. is inviting subscriptions to the seventh of its annual global studies on the market for lubricant base stocks. The company, which provides consulting and market intelligence, said the subscriptions include complete access to its proprietary models covering base stock supply/demand, manufacturing cost and price forecasts. Subscribers also get assessments of present and future base stock business by country, region and grade; insights into projected plant closings and expansions; formulation approaches; manufacturing cost analyses; and price outlooks for key grades. Web:

Assembly Made Easier

International Products Corp. has added to its line of temporary rubber assembly lubricants. The Burlington, N.J., maker of specialty cleaners and lubricants says P-80 RediLube is designed for use in factories assembling products with tight-fitting rubber parts. Its specialized formula provides a high degree of lubricity when wet to ease assembly, but when dry the slipping action evaporates with the lubricant so the product stays assembled. The company says P-80 RediLube is water-based, biodegradable and free of both petroleum distillates and solvents. It will not dry, crack or harm rubber products, and is nontoxic. Web:

Eco-minded Industrial Lubes

Clariant has unveiled a new line of industrial lubricant additives designed to be more environmentally acceptable than the products they replace. The international specialty chemical manufacturer said all additives bearing its proprietary EcoTain label are formulated for both high performance and sustainability. The products, which include emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, lubricity improvers and cleaners, are made for use in applications such as metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids, metal cleaners and rolling emulsions. They use nontoxic alternatives to materials such as boron, diethanolamine, chlorinated paraffins and nitrites, and thus require no health hazard labeling; they are biodegradable, too. Web:

Aviation Nod for Blaser Fluid

Blaser Swisslube has won approval from Rolls Royce for full global use of its Vasco 7000 metalworking fluid in the aerospace industry. The Switzerland-based, family-owned metalworking fluid manufacturer said semi-synthetic Vasco 7000 is formulated to provide high cutting performance, increased productivity and long tool life for high-speed milling of the exotic alloys used in aerospace manufacturing. Because of the need to maintain metallurgic integrity in engines and other aircraft parts, all metalworking fluids used in the industry need special approvals. This third-generation emulsion is made with sustainable, green chemistries and is registered for use under the USDA Biopreferred program, too, the company said. Web:

Filter Earns Patent

Pure Power Inc. has won a patent for its replacement drop-in cartridge oil filters for cars and trucks. This is the third patent issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for innovations from the Huntington Beach, Calif., manufacturer. PPIs cartridges are designed to be cleanable and reusable, and are aimed at helping car and truck fleet managers control their maintenance and waste-disposal costs, says the company. Those customers typically keep their vehicles for extended periods of time, have large numbers of preventive maintenances per year, are driven by environmental issues, and look for ways to reduce costs, points out aftermarket industry consultant Karl Dedolph. The patent also covers drop-in cartridge filters for fuel, hydraulics and other applications. Web:

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