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Neste Enlarges U.S. Slate

Finlands Neste Oil has added Nexbase 3030, a light-vis grade, to the line-up of base stocks available from its Houston terminal. This isoalkane cut, isolated from the light end of the Nexbase Group III base oil production process, is classified as a process oil and has a high flash point, good cold properties, and low VOC content. Its useful in applications ranging from metalworking fluids and transformer oils to highly demanding driveline fluids. Due to increasing fuel-economy targets, the driveline market is [moving to] lower-viscosity fluids, requiring higher-performing base oils, says company Vice President Virpi Amoedo. Nexbase 3030 is an excellent base stock for todays driveline market and enables formulators to meet the tightening Brookfield viscosity targets for licensed OEM specifications. Web: www.

Something Special

Aimed at trade and industrial professionals, three products are joining the WD-40 Specialist line. Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube (10 oz.) is formulated to reduce friction and dry quickly. It helps release molded parts, and is said to be great for lubricating slides, rollers and hinges. Machine & Engine Degreaser (18 oz.) can spray up to five feet and has deep foaming penetrating action to remove grease, oil, dirt and grime. Uses include engines, gears, chains, industrial machinery, power equipment and metal tools. Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray (11 oz.) can clean oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation from circuit boards, controls, switches, precision instruments and electrical panels. Available at select retailers and industrial distributors. Web:

Safely Dump Bags

Flexicons new bag dumping system fully isolates bulk material from the operator and plant environment, throughout the steps of opening, dumping and compacting the bags, and conveying the stuff downstream. Bags are staged on a stainless steel tabletop and then transferred through a plastic strip curtain into the dumping enclosure. Here, negative pressure is maintained to prevent the escape of dust and contain it during the bag opening and dumping steps. A bag in-feed chute through the sidewall of the enclosure allows the operator to pass empty bags directly into the bag compactor, again with no escape of dust. The system ensures usable product is preserved and transfers are dust-free, even with materials that pack, cake, seize, smear, fluidize, break apart or separate. Web:

Lube Storage System Also Filters

IFHs newest setup has two 65-gallon containers and one 130-gallon container for storing and dispensing lubricants – plus three-way product diverter valve assemblies, individual pumping systems and 10-micron filters to assure fluid cleanliness. Oil and lubricants can be pumped in and pumped out and kidney looped through the filters, and individual pumping systems ensure no cross-contamination. The three-way diverter valves, in combination with the individual pumping systems and filters, allow fresh product to be pumped through the filters into the containers, or to be withdrawn from the containers through the filters. Of course, the system can be customized to include containers with other capacities, too.

Kosher, Halal OKs for TecPlex

The trade journal Prepared Foods says U.S. sales of certified Kosher foods will reach $17 billion this year, while concerned U.S. Muslim consumers will spend nearly $20 billion. With these food buyers in mind, Daubert TecPlex calcium sulfonate complex greases and precursors recently gained Kosher and Halal certifications, so grease manufacturers and marketers can begin servicing the meat and poultry processing plants, canneries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants and others serving these high-value markets. TecPlex formulations come in a range of viscosity levels, with either white oil or polyalphaolefin base oil. All are designed with high water spray-off values, and are NSF listed as well, as ingredients (HX-1) and as lubricants (H1). Samples available. Web:

Holes Can Be Good

CDF Corp. has modified its form-fit liner for intermediate bulk containers, adding holes in the perforated flaps. This simple-sounding tweak serves a number of functions. The holes help hold the liner in place during filling, keep the liner squared, and make filling easier. After filling, the flaps also can be detached and used with a winder for dispensing. This feature is now part of all of CDFs stock IBC form-fit liners. It improves performance in many areas, such as top-fill applications using a bridge or automated filler; containers with no access doors for placing a liner at the bottom; high-speed fills and viscous products that would get caught in the folds of pillow-shaped liners. Uses include automotive lubricants, industrial oils, chemicals and additives and more. Web:

Know Your Specs

Afton Chemical has refreshed its technical support materials with a new edition of its Specification Handbook. This 404-page compendium encapsulates the specifications for engine oils, industrial, driveline and off-road lubricants, along with their associated bench, rig and engine test procedures. Youll find specs from API to ZF, displayed in an easy-to-read format. Recent additions include the latest ACEA 2012 and Mercedes Benz specs for passenger car and heavy-duty engine oils; the Siemens requirements for industrial gear oils, including additional pass/fail criteria regarding seals; and broad coverage of the turbine oils spectrum. Access the Handbook online, or ask your Afton representative for the Spec-Stik portable memory stick. Web:

BP Cleared for Take-off

Air BP Lubricants got bragging rights when its BP turbo oil 2197 lubricated the engines on the Airbus A350 XWBs first flight in mid-June. Launch of the long-range aircraft followed three years of testing, with BPTO 2197 on the team. The oil also went on the Airbus A380s first flight and the first flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It meets the stringent high performance capability oil requirements of the SAE AS5780A specification, which emphasize high-temperature cleanliness, oxidative and thermal stability, and hydrolytic stability. It is the cleanest high-performance product commercially available that addresses oil-related carbon deposits, or coking, said the companys Rodger Harris. Web:

Whitebook Listing for IvanGuard

Ivanhoe Industries has received HX-1 registration from NSF International for the companys IvanGuard brand of disodium sebacate products. IvanGuard DSS is a granular 120 mesh material, while IvanGuard DSS Micronized is milled to 90 percent less than 10 microns. Both products are suitable for use as solid corrosion inhibitors at up to 2 percent in greases for food processing applications where incidental contact may occur, pointed out Bill Tuszynski of the Tullystown, Pa.-based specialty and industrial chemical distributor. Listings in the NSF online Whitebook for the products are 147952 for IvanGuard DSS, and 147953 for the micronized product. Web:

How Clean is Clean?

Anew technical standard published by the National Fluid Power Association can help users, equipment manufacturers and fluid suppliers get more control over the cleanliness of their hydraulic systems. ISO/TR 10686:2013, Hydraulic fluid power: Method to theoretically relate the cleanliness of a hydraulic system to the cleanliness of the components and hydraulic fluid that make up the system, explains how to establish the cleanliness of a hydraulic system by calculating that of its components and its hydraulic fluid. The goal is to assure a reasonable cleanliness level for the final system, in the most technically and economically efficient way. Price is $139.00, or $110 for NFPA members. Web:

Dispense Oil Safely

Trico has a new style of color-coded Spectrum oil containers, which provide an error-free solution to identify, store, carry and dispense lubricants. The durable HDPE containers, built to perform in hostile environments, have a wide-mouth opening for rapid no-spill filling, and come in 2-, 3- and 4-gallon sizes. They are semi-transparent with molded volume markings to provide visual monitoring of fluid levels. Three handles with contoured finger grips provide a comfortable and secure hold. In addition, these uniquely contoured containers fit the forearm of the user to help distribute the weight of the container when pouring. Color-coded lids and writable contents labels also help reduce the risk of lubricant misapplication. Web: www.tricocorp. Com

Hannay Reels It In

Specially engineered for lubrication operations, Hannays N700 series hose reel has a narrow frame and compact mounting base for use in limited-space work environments. Capable of handling a variety of high-pressure greases, oils and liquids, the reel conveniently attaches to trucks, overhead cranes, facility walls or other fixed/mobile equipment. It keeps hoses organized and off the floor, for a safer workplace. The spring rewind feature simplifies pickup and storage, while a non-sparking ratchet assembly composed of machined, forged and stamped parts makes the N700 safer to operate in hazardous areas, Hanay says. The reels range in standard pressures from 3,000 to 10,000 psi and temperatures from -60 degrees F to 250 F. Web:

Boost Your Turbine Reliability

Lubrizols new oxidation-resistant turbine oil additive has demonstrated excellent performance in critical industry tests, according to data presented at the recent STLE Annual Meeting. Lubrizol RO94HA is designed to meet the critical needs of the power generation industry, where downtime, equipment failure and turbine reliability are the leading maintenance concerns. It has a unique combination of antioxidants to deliver excellent thermal and oxidative stability, and to deliver performance in a wide variety of API Group II and III base oils. It has been optimized to provide strong antiwear, good filterability, outstanding rust and corrosion protection, and water separation characteristics. Samples are available now, with full commercialization coming soon. Web: www.lubrizol. Com

Transformer Oil Taps GTL

Shell in June unveiled the first transformer oil based on its gas-to-liquids base stocks, Shell Diala S4 ZX-I. The fluid offers exceptional performance and long-term stability compared to traditional mineral oil based products, it says, and because Diala S4 ZX-I is sulfur-free, it significantly reduces the risk of corrosion of copper in the transformer. Benefits are said to include excellent heat transfer, particularly good cooling performance, and high resistance under severe voltage fluctuations. The long-life oil is also fully miscible with conventional insulating oils, and can even increase the performance of some naphthenic based transformer oils, the company claims. Web:

Red-hot Grease

Champion Oil has created Poly 7 Red Ultra high-temperature grease for performance enthusiasts and race teams. This tacky, multi-purpose grease has polymer technology, premium additives, hydrotreated base oils and a lithium complex thickening system. The formulation assures lubricity and adhesion, resistance to water washout, and resistance to sling-off, says the company. Tackiness additives keep the grease in place under high pitch line speeds, and provide ease of application. The EP chemistry and polymer technology work together to ensure reduced wear, especially under extreme shock loads, and protect against scuffing, spalling, fretting and pitting of bearings, gears and bushings. In 14-oz. packages. Web: www.ChampionsUse

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