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Quaker States Targets Fuel Economy

Shells Quaker State has introduced its reformulated Ultimate Durability full synthetic motor oil, saying it delivers fuel economy savings while providing excellent protection against friction-related wear and oxidation as well as resistance to engine stress at high engine speeds and under heavy loads. The oil is also said to better resist thermal and viscosity breakdown, oxidation, sludge and rust. In stores now, the reformulated oil is available in SAE grades 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-50, and 10W-30. All meet API SN and ILSAC GF-5, and the 5W-20 formulation meets General Motors proprietary Dexos-1 spec as well. Web:

Spray Grease for Food Equipment

Sprayon Products has introduced LU207, a synthetic grease that is NSF H1 registered for use on food and beverage equipment where incidental food contact may occur. This multiservice grease is formulated with PTFE and is non-melting and waterproof. The company says the new grease has excellent film strength and extreme-pressure qualities, to form a durable film that resists water washout, which can be a problem in the moisture-laden environment of food processing lines. Other features include plastic and rubber compatibility, a temperature range of minus-10 to 325 degrees F, high load-carrying capacity, corrosion prevention, and wear resistance. Web: FoodGrade.

Nozzles Cut Lube Waste

Industrial Innovations has introduced Z-nozzles – the Z stands for zero-drip – with a magnetic base that secures the nozzle tightly to its mount, yet can be moved and repositioned as needed. The Z-nozzle boasts of being 99.5 percent drip-free, which helps to eliminate lubricant waste and soiling. The nozzle works with the companys Spra-Rite spray lubrication system and uses low pressure and high velocity to apply lubricants. Fluid application is controlled by pressure, time, degree of pattern and electronic programming. Spray tip angles and volumes at 40 psi are 25 degree/0.1 gpm; 40 degree/0.15 gpm; 65 degree/0.2 gpm; 80 degree/0.3 gpm; and 110 degree/0.4 gpm. Nozzles are available in brass, stainless or plastic, with tubing choices of 1/8-, 3/16- and 1/4-inch diameter. Web: www.industrial

White Paper on Synthetic Esters

Inolexs new white paper, Synthetic Esters: Mother Natures Second Choice, aims to give readers a solid understanding of synthetic esters and their environmental profile. Synthetic ester lubricants perform well in many applications where other oils under-perform, the company says. For example, many synthetic esters are approved by U.S. and Canadian government agencies and other regulatory bodies for food processing lubricants where incidental food contact is possible. Other key markets are metalworking fluids, textile lubricants, hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, automotive lubricants, gear and chain lubricants, and grease. This paper explores how synthetic esters achieve their performance, and gives additional insight into their health and environmental benefits. Download your free copy from the white papers link at lubricants.html.

Synthetic Compressor Lubricants

Ultrachem has developed the Chemlube Plus series of synthetic lubricants for use in rotary-screw and rotary-vane compressors. The lubricants are compatible with most OEM rotary-screw compressor oils, the company notes, and thus can be used to top off or replace existing fluids. Chemlube Plus lubricants are made with a thermally and oxidatively stable polyol ester blend that the company says forms less varnish in high-temperature applications and resists acidic intake air. The lubricants are available in ISO viscosity grades 32, 46 and 68. Other benefits cited for the lubricants include thermal and oxidative stability, extended drain intervals, wide operating temperature range, antiwear protection and high flash point. Web:

Metalloid Secures Nissan Approval

Nissan has granted approval to two novel metalforming lubricants from Metalloid Corp. of Sturgis, Mich., which are now cleared for use on aluminum, galvanized and cold-roll steels. The two products – botanical Addvance 6580 and synthetic Metchem 6620 – are both petroleum-oil-free and manufactured with sustainable materials, the company points out. Web:

Dislodge Varnish Now

Oil Filtration Systems has unveiled a line of oil purification equipment designed to remove varnish from hydraulic fluids and lubricants. The systems are said to remove either soluble or suspended varnish from oil. They use granular adsorbent media to remove soluble varnish found in warm oil at normal operating temperatures of 100 degree F and higher. At temperatures under 70 F, varnish is in suspension and can be removed by the equipments depth media filter elements. The housing accepts either medium, and the systems can be used with turbine lube oil, hydraulic oil, paper machine oil, compressor oil, and oil in many other types of rotating equipment. The equipment is available in several sizes, for purchase or rent in an emergency. Web:

Get a Grip on Sliding Friction

Can your lab accurately measure tactile qualities like smoothness, slipperiness or stickiness? It can with the TA-SFJ Sliding Friction Jig from Brookfield Engineering. The TA-SFJ measures the coefficient of friction between two materials by sliding them against each other. One material is affixed to the base plate of the fixture, while the other material is wrapped around a weight then pulled across the first material at constant speed. The apparatus uses the Brookfield CT3 tester to pull the weight horizontally, so sliding friction is measured accurately over a distance that is sufficient to verify steady-state behavior. Applications include lubricants and greases, plus coatings and other products. Web: www.brookfield

Double Your ATF Intervals

Amsoil has repositioned two of its synthetic automatic transmission fluids for inclusion in its Signature Series family. These are a multi-vehicle synthetic automatic transmission fluid and a fuel-efficient synthetic ATF, and each is recommended for twice the vehicle manufacturers severe-service drain interval. Signature Series Multi-Vehicle synthetic ATF is recommended for transmissions, hydraulics, power steering systems and other applications. Signature Series Fuel-Efficient synthetic ATF is recommended for transmissions and other applications; it is backward compatible and replaces Dexron III fluids in older GM automatic transmissions. Both fluids meet the requirements of a wide variety of OEM specifications as well. Web:

Tough Fluid on Tap

JTM Products recently added a new tapping fluid to its lineup of industrial lubes. TapRite III is a chlorinated oil and wax gel concentrate for tapping and threading applications involving ferrous metals, including steel alloys and mild steels. The company says the fluid is formulated for increased tap life and simplified removal from parts and hands. It may be used straight for severe conditions, or diluted with mineral oil or spirits for less demanding applications. The company suggests the product as a replacement for Moly-Dee tapping fluid, which it says has been discontinued by its manufacturer. TapRite III comes in 16 oz. bottles and 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails, and JTM is offering free samples to qualified persons. Web:

Spill Kit in a Cabinet

For an easy-to-locate unit that arrives assembled and ready to serve as a central spill-response center, New Pig has introduced the Pig Spill Kit in a Cabinet. The cabinets heavy-gauge steel includes adjustable shelves and a coat rack, and is pre-stocked with Pig Blue Socks, Pig mat and pillows, wipers and temporary disposal bags with ties. The cabinets lockable drawers and tamper-proof seals are ideal for holding these and other items, like patch and repair supplies, that are critical to quick response. Web:

Neat-o Neat Oil

Blasomill Uni 10 is the newest addition to Blaser Swisslubes portfolio of neat cutting oils. This low-viscosity metalworking fluid was formulated with an extreme-pressure additive package featuring chlorinated paraffins. The Swiss company designed the fluid for increased lubricity and cutting speeds of 240 to 600 ft./min in medium-to-heavy-duty machining applications and over a wide range of materials. The Uni 10 formula features low vapor properties and moderate-to-high flashpoints, to reduce the risk of auto ignition and smoke formation, and is optimized for foam control in high-pressure oil systems, such as those found in Swiss-style CNC lathes and gun-drilling operations. Web: www.

Whiteboards Help Organize Projects

Do-Done StepTracker magnetic whiteboards from Magnatag can help project managers track their progress. The white-boards arrive ready-to-use, with color-coded magnets and everything needed to get to work. Printed lines and lettering are heat-fused, and of course can be customized. The Red-Green flip-over magnets show the status of each project task as it moves toward completion to provide a visual cue to the status of each step. Project step headings and names can be customized or changed on the fly using magnetic cardholders with printable inserts. Web:

Specialties for Steel

Quaker Chemical is bringing two new lines of surface treatments and specialty greases to the steel industry. Quaker Primecoat surface treatments are used in the passivation process to convert metal surfaces into a protective film that improves corrosion protection. Quakertek specialty greases include a range of aluminum complex, lithium complex, polyurea and calcium sulfonate thickened greases that can be used for bearing, sliding surface, crane, cable winch, fifth wheel, king pin and high-temperature applications. The company boasts of the greases water resistance, rust and corrosion protection, extreme-pressure properties, protection against shock loading, and film strength. Web:


An item in last months Product News indicated Chevron Oronites OLOA 46600 additive package was approved for use in certain GE Jenbacher engines fueled with landfill gas. It should have said the additive was a component of finished lubricants that have qualified for GE Jenbachers Technical Instruction List. The engine manufacturer only officially approves finished lubricants.

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