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Its Synthetic and Recycled!

Valvoline has launched NextGen SynPower synthetic motor oil, made with 50 percent recycled oil. The company says SynPower provides high fuel efficiency and deposit protection under severe-service conditions and meets the performance requirements of virtually all naturally aspirated, turbocharged and super-charged spark ignition North American and Asian vehicles. The SAE 5W-20 and 5W-30 oils are formulated with double-refined base oils and virgin synthetic base oils. Valvoline says they reduce engine wear and improve viscosity stability at high temperatures. It notes that double-refined motor oil undergoes the same cleaning and refining process as crude oil to remove impurities, contaminants and depleted additives. Web: Delo Ups Fuel Economy

Delo 400 XLE Synblend

SAE 10W-30 boasts it can deliver more than a 3 percent fuel economy improvement in Class 6 trucks. The lubricant from Chevron is a synthetic blend, mixed-fleet motor oil for naturally aspirated and turbocharged four-stroke diesels and gasoline engines, where API CJ-4 commercial or SM service categories are required. Besides the 3.6 percent fuel economy gain it demonstrated in short-haul, Class 6 vehicles, Delo 400 XLE Synblend is said to provide up to 1 percent improvement in long-haul, Class 8 trucks compared to using SAE 15W-40 oil. Kenworth announced that it has selected Delo 400 XLE Synblend SAE 10W-30 as standard factory fill for its new Class 8 diesel trucks. Web: www.

See Sub-ppm Oil in Water

The InfraCal 2 portable IR analyzer accurately measures down to 0.1 ppm oil in water, on-site and in less than 15 minutes. This newcomer to Wilkss line of rugged, easy-to-use analyzers has added sensitivity and features for todays most challenging environmental applications, the company notes, and is ideal for non-technical users. The compact, rugged package weighs less than 6 pounds, has no moving parts, and features a touch-screen display. The analyzers make it economical and easy to move repetitive measurements from the lab to the actual field site, thus eliminating the wait for off-site lab results which can take hours or days to receive. Dont need it in the field? InfraCal 2 is equally at home in the analytical laboratory. Web: www.

More Options for Food Processors

Daubert Chemical has received NSF registration for its new TecPlex calcium sulfonate complex grease precursors and finished greases, created for the food and beverage industry. The NSF Whitebook lists the finished greases as H1, for use in areas where incidental food contact may occur, like meat and poultry processing plants, canneries, dairies, breweries, bottling plants, etc. In addition, NSF has listed TecPlex precursor formulations as acceptable ingredients (HX-1) for making such lubricants. In short, food processors now have the green light to use TecPlex finished grease formulations as is, says Dauberts Greg Bilek, and grease manufacturers can use the companys precursor greases as building blocks to formulate their own high-performance greases for this specialty application. Web:

Help with HazCom

IHS has updated two key software offerings – his Comply Plus 3.2 and IHS Intelligent Authoring 4.3.1 – to help streamline your regulatory compliance, chemical management and writing of safety data sheets (SDS). The releases promise a host of enhancements, including many that help assure you meet OSHAs revised Hazard Communication Standard. IHS Intelligent Authoring 4.3.1 provides automated toolsets, including ones that identify critical substances in mixtures and help develop exposure scenarios. Use it to create fully compliant extended SDS in more than 40 languages. IHS Comply Plus 3.2 is a unified software package that integrates SDS automation, regulatory compliance, hazard communication, environmental reporting, inventory management and total chemical management. Web: ehs-sustainability.

Additive Endures Landfill

Gases Chevron Oronite continues to make waves with OLOA 46600. In its latest milestone, the additive package has been approved by General Electric Jenbacher for its Type 2, 3, 4 and 6 engines operating on landfill gas (class C) or biogas (class B) using Group II base oil. OLOA 46600 was developed specifically for engines that burn the low-methane, high-moisture, corrosive gases that are gathered from landfill, biomass and digester gas operations. The company says finished oil made with OLOA 46600 was tested for over 30,000 hours, and despite the extreme variations in gas and contaminants, Jenbacher found it consistently reduced piston and combustion chamber deposits compared to traditional landfill gas engine oils. Web: /OLOA46600.asp

Break-in Oil for Tough Engines

Champion Oil has formulated a robust SAE 30 grade motor oil that is designed to reduce the potential of engine failure and wear during hard break-in. PowerShield Break-In motor oil contains high levels of zinc thiophosphate, it says, combined with the companys Thermal Viscosity Stabilizer which extends oil film capacity for proper ring seating. The product is field tested and suitable for high-performance and racing engines, especially those using flat tappet or roller cams operating at high speeds and requiring high-pressure valve springs. The oil is available in 12-quart cases, 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums. Web:

Training Supports Maintenance

Saying that lubrication training is a vital part of any successful maintenance program, Hydrotex is offering its Lubrication University Qualifying School on Monday, July 8 to Wednesday, July 11 at its corporate offices near Dallas. QSchool will feature lubrication fundamentals, grease fundamentals and comparisons, industrial lubricants, food-processing lubricant basics, importance of flushing equipment, ROI, energy studies, engine oils, oil analysis, emissions and more. Cost to attend is the students own travel expenses to Dallas, while Hydrotex covers the cost of training, the hotel and the meals. All are welcome, but limited seats are available. E-mail Beverly Brunner at for details.

Program Targets Cleanliness

Lubricorp, a Mobil, Shell, Castrol, Houghton and Petro-Canada distributor based in Knoxville, Tenn., recently unveiled a new division, LubriClean, to do reclamation, filtration and fluid management of lubricants in industrial plants. The program uses state-of-the-art filtration equipment designed to reduce contamination (water, dirt, wear metals) from many brands and types of lubricants. The basic strategy is to work with customers to develop lubrication programs designed to meet their unique needs, explained the companys Charlie Rosenfelder. Lubricleans aim is to assist customers in saving money on overall lubricant cost and waste oil disposal while increasing equipment life, he emphasized. Web:

Flip It, Sample It

Spectro Inc. has earned a U.S. patent on the flip-top sample head for its infrared spectrometers used in fluid analysis. The flip-top cell was invented to improve convenience and efficiency compared to conventional flow-through cells, while enabling rapid and precise sample analysis, the company says. The cell has two separable hinged plates. After a sample is placed on one plate window, the plates are coupled together to define a sample chamber with a predetermined thickness; this maintains the exact fixed path distance necessary for spectroscopic analysis. The sample head is constructed of aluminum with hardened steel kinematic mounts, and the mounts and cell windows are designed to eliminate interference fringes. Web:

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