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ATF Article Nailed It

Dear LubesnGreases,

Myths of the Multi-vehicle ATF (April 2013, page 54) was a great article addressing many of the current issues in the automatic transmission fluid market, and Amsoil would like to thank Brad Onofrio from Afton Chemical for the content. We fully agree with all of the myths that were outlined, particularly regarding top-treats. Responsibly formulated products certainly do not need extra additives, and top-treat products often lead to adverse effects.

As the company that pioneered synthetic multi-vehicle ATF, we would like to take this opportunity to help clarify the definition of those products. Multi-vehicle fluids are designed to meet multiple specifications by ensuring that the properties of the fluid pass the most stringent aspects of the group of specifications it is designed for. For example, if the most demanding specification for cold-temperature properties required a maximum Brookfield viscosity of 10,000 centiPoise and a fluid was designed to have a value of 9,000 cP, then that fluid would meet the Brookfield viscosity requirements for all of the specifications in that group.

As outlined in the article, however, there are some components of specifications that are mutually exclusive. Those aspects define different categories of multi-vehicle fluids, which the article described as a higher-viscosity fluid to meet older specs; a lower-viscosity fluid for newer fuel-economy driven specs; one for heavy-duty specifications like Allison Transmissions TES 295; a CVT-specific fluid, for continuously variable transmissions; and a specialty dual-clutch transmission (DCT) fluid. Universal ATFs differ in that they incorrectly claim to meet many or all of the mutually exclusive categories with only one formulation. Those products certainly fall short in some areas, which can lead to performance issues.

Quality built multi-vehicle ATF products are a great way to simplify inventory while ensuring that specifications are appropriately satisfied and transmissions are properly protected, but it does take more than one multi-vehicle product to cover the majority of the applications.

Matt Erickson, P.E.

Amsoil Inc.

Superior Wis.

Meaningful Content

Dear Lube Report and LubesnGreases,

After reading this weeks online Lube Report newsletter, I am moved to express how much I appreciate your work to consistently put out a meaningful publication. There are unfortunately a lot of blogs around that promise industry insights but end up just cranking out marginal to weak content as an advertising ploy and to sell ad space. However, as a long-term reader of your publications, I always find your weekly newsletters and monthly magazines informative. Thanks to you and your team for diligently putting forth the effort to produce something of this quality. Keep up the good work!

Mark Broughton

Shell Oil Products

Albuquerque, N.M.

Editors note:

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