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RelaDynes Own

RelaDyne has introduced its own line of automotive engine oils and automatic transmission fluids, under the DuraMax brand name. The far-reaching lubricant distributors packaged and bulk products consist of synthetic blend, high-mileage and full-synthetic engine oils – including one licensed to GMs Dexos1 specification. Theres also a DuraMax full-synthetic ATF. The company is supporting these products with installer profitability and retention tools, such as a service certificate program to drive consumers back to the installer and increase sales and profitability. Another benefit is the companys Liquid Armor Engine Warranty Program, which offers a 10-year, 300,000-mile engine warranty at no cost to the installer or consumer. Web: www.

Form Metal Without Chlorine

Castrol Industrial is launching a range of chlorine-free metalforming lubricants that it says will help users meet environmental requirements, improve performance and potentially cut costs. The first product to launch, Iloform CFX 25, is a low-viscosity, neat oil that aims to provide high lubricity, high load carrying capacity and extreme pressure performance. It can be used as a metal deformation lubricant for ferrous materials, and is recommended for drawing high-alloy and stainless steel wire to fine to medium wire thicknesses. Iloform CFX 25 also is suitable for punching, stamping, stamp-bending and threading of alloyed and carbon steel parts, such as expansion anchors, compression fittings and springs. Web:

System Fills Bags Quickly

The Adams 12 bag filler from Haver Filling Systems can load up to 33 plastic bags per minute. The machine is equipped with 12 filling spouts that synchronize bag operations with the specified filling speed to provide continuous high-speed production. Each spout fills an empty bag to the specified capacity, and a weighing system confirms that bags are filled to a specified weight between 10 and 94 pounds. A vibrating unit then compacts the product for a tight fit. The equipment produces brick-shaped packages that are easier to stack and more stable when palletized. Web:

Can-do Lube for Making Cans

Quakerol PCL-FG from Quaker Chemical Corp. has received H1 registration as a lubricant for use in and around food processing areas. The synthetic lubricant is intended for use on pin chains in the can-manufacturing process. The company says it keeps chains deposit-free by minimizing carbon buildup, and it also provides excellent lubricity, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced wear. Other Quaker incidental food contact lubricants for the can market include low-VOC tab lubricants for can-end conversion presses; pre-lubricants for tab stock; and necker lubricants for aluminum bottle cans. Web:

Track Heavy-duty Issues

It can be difficult to stay abreast of lubricant specifications and categories, especially when technology is changing and lubricant upgrades are under way. So a new Expert Knowledge section on Chevron Products Delo website addresses key market issues for on- and off-highway customers, including fuel economy, emissions and the next diesel engine oil upgrade, PC-11. The site will be updated regularly and will include insights from Chevron experts regarding best practices and important topics. The Delo product family includes heavy-duty engine oils, extended life coolant, grease and gear lubricants. Web:

Piston Pump Will Move You

Ingersoll Rand has launched a line of air-operated piston pumps and systems. These pumps can be used to transfer shear-sensitive, viscous, corrosive and abrasive fluids in a broad range of process and industrial applications. Part of the ARO product family, these new AFX products feature air motors in five sizes, with the companys Progressive Exhaust, True Link Valve and integrated regulator technology. AFX pumps come with 4.25-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch air motors and 5- and 55-gallon rams. Web: www.

Fluids Earn BioPreferred Label

Blaser Swisslube Inc. announced that 11 of its metalworking fluids have earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product label, which gives them preferential status for federal procurement. Seeing the USDA BioPreferred label gives buyers assurance that the amount of renewable biobased ingredients in a product meets or exceeds prescribed standards. And these Vasco and Vascomill fluids, which are formulated from esters and vegetable oils, can help users satisfy the mandate to adopt products made from plants and other renewable agricultural materials. Web:

Spray Lube for Food Processors

Bel-Rays No-Tox dry PTFE spray has received NSF-H1 approval for use in food processing, food preparation, pharmaceutical processing, and personal care product processing applications, in applications where incidental food contact may occur. The company says the lubricant does not affect plastic or painted surfaces, and is nontoxic, noncorrosive and nonirritating. It can be used to lubricate bearings, slide ways, conveyors, cams and hinges. No-Tox complies with the VOC criteria of Californias Consumer Products Regulation and the proposed VOC limits of the Ozone Transport Commission for lubricants classified as dry lubricant. Web: www.

ASTM Issues Lube & Testing Handbook

Manual 62, the ASTM Handbook of Automotive Lubricants and Testing, comprehensively addresses major issues and current development status of automotive lubricant test methods. This newly published edition contains 30 chapters that provide an overview of lubrication for engines, transmissions, drivelines, chassis and other components. Topics include advanced lubrication and tribochemistry of the powertrain system, diesel fuel lubrication, automotive lubricant test develop-ment, filtration testing of automotive lubricants, lubrication of constant velocity joints, biodegradable automotive lubricants and more. Cost is $140, in print or as an e-book. Web:

Hows Your Lube Doing?

Spectro has issued SpectroTrack Version 2.0, the latest update to this information management system that provides a comprehensive, historical view of fluid conditions for a single piece of equipment – or for an entire fleet. Users can apply this information to help extend their machinerys life, by monitoring trending, imaging, numerical and textual data, Spectro explains. Lab and maintenance personnel can spot trends and conduct maintenance routines before mechanical problems arise. Benefits include better machinery uptime, less unscheduled maintenance due to machine failures, and the potential to lengthen the time between oil changes. The database keeps records of equipment information relating to service intervals, maintenance actions, locations and status. Web:

Racing Gear Lube

Champion Oil has introduced a synthetic SAE 75W-140 gear lube aimed at high-performance and racing applications. The lube can be used in both gasoline and diesel vehicles, and in severe-duty applications such as towing, off-road driving and commercial use. The company says the gear lubricant offers excellent anti-wear characteristics, cold-flow properties, oxidation resistance and viscosity retention at elevated temperatures. Champion Oil 75W-140 racing gear lube is available in 5-gallon pails and is recommended for use in conventional and limited-slip differentials, and transfer cases in both performance and racing applications. Web:

Hose Reel Improves Handling

Hannay Reels N500 Series high-pressure spring-rewind reel handles hoses used to carry hydraulic fluids, chassis grease and other materials. The reels compact frame and narrow base are said to allow easy installation in almost any location. The N500 features a heavy-duty spring motor with self-contained rewind power, four-way roller assembly and a declutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding. A non-sparking ratchet assembly locks the reel at the desired length of hose payout; a pull on the hose unlocks the reel for the spring motor to retract it. Web:

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