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Lubricate Point by Point

SKF is offering a new line of automatic lubricators for industrial machinery. The bearing, industrial equipment and lubrication systems manufacturer says its SKF System 24 LAGD Series is designed to work reliably around the clock, providing preset amounts of lubricant to bearings at hard-to-access or potentially hazardous lubrication points without manual intervention. The lubricators feature flexible and adjustable dispense settings ranging up to 12 months, with transparent lubricant containers to enable visual inspections. A gas cell generates the proper pressure for consistent dispensing. They come ready to use in either 60- or 125-ml. sizes. Web:

A Watchdog for Compressors

Atlas Copcos Compressor Technique Service Division has unveiled a new data monitoring system to improve maintenance efficiency for the companys compressor customers: SmartLink allows technicians to monitor compressor productivity 24 hours a day, predict potential problems, send warnings if needed and show where production can be improved and energy saved. The Swedish company says SmartLink is simple to install and consult and can be easily tailored for different needs, allowing customers to better plan and prepare for necessary maintenance. The Compressor Technique Service Division provides aftermarket services to customers of Atlas Copcos industrial compressor and related systems. Web: www.

Touch-friendly Rheometer

Brookfield has introduced a touch-screen rheometer to allow users of its viscosity measuring equipment to control temperatures directly, without needing to use a personal computer. The Middleboro, Mass., engineering company says the new DV3T touch-screen rheometers 7-inch screen displays all test parameters along with measured values for yield stress, vis-cosity and temperature. The device is designed for use with Brookfields TC Series water baths and its Thermosel system. The water bath system also has been redesigned to feature touch-screen technology, adjustable preset temperatures and multiple language capability. The Thermosel high-temperature system allows precise control of samples up to 300 degrees C. Web:

Containment When Its Needed

Industrial cleanup specialist New Pig has introduced a containment system intended to ease the headaches associated with occasional leaks and spills. The Pig Collapsea-Tainer fail-safe containment system is portable and its end-walls can remain folded down during normal use if they need to be driven over. But in the event of a spill, the walls rise and float automatically with the liquid. The units fold to a compact size for transport and storage, and can be manually locked in the up position when snow, hoses or other heavy objects might prevent the floatation system from working. Available in sizes ranging from 748 to 5,236 gallons or as customized systems. Web:

NanoMech Wins Patents

NanoMech is celebrating the issuance of three U.S. patents, which it says will position the companys nGlide Division as a world leader in additives and finished lubricants. We are incredibly excited about this news that has been years in the making, said Jim Phillips, chairman and CEO. The new patents are Nanoparticle Compositions and Methods for Making and Using the Same (#8492319); Nanoparticle Macro-Compositions (#8476206); and Textured Surfaces to Enhance Nano-Lubrication (#8486870). They protect a library of novel super-additives which atomically remove friction and reduce wear at each asperity on mating surfaces, NanoMech says. It added that several more patents are pending for its products, which enhance the efficacy of traditional molecular and solid lube additives used in greases, synthetic and non-synthetic oils, pastes and coatings. Web:

Tuned-up Turbine Oil

Chevron has added a new premium turbine oil to its lineup of engine oils, lubricants and coolants. The company says GST Premium 32 is engineered for exceptional thermal and oxidative stability and meets the strict requirements of original equipment manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Siemens and Alstom. The new oil is formulated for use in turbines that require lubricants that offer a long service life at severe temperatures with minimal deposit formation and excellent varnish control. It is also suitable for other severe-service applications in industry that require an R&O ISO 32 circulating oil, Chevron says. Web: www.chevron

Fildex Adds Synthetics

Fildex Canada, known as a supplier of aftermarket oil, fuel and air filters, is adding synthetic lubricants to its product lines, including hydraulic fluids and coolants. These new lubricant products, which include synthetic motor oil, transmission oil and automatic transmission fluid, brake fluids and antifreezes and coolants, will be manufactured in Germany. All meet European certification standards, the company said. Fildex is an affiliate of Hardex Brakes Corp. Web:

Know Your Flow

AW-Lake Co. has added a new process monitor, the MX 9000, to its line of flow measurement and fluid control products. The MX 9000 gives readings of flow rate, total, limit, batch and ratio measurements, making it useful for the ratio blending methods used in lubricant manufacturing, the company said. Users can set it to quickly alert them if the ratios stray from certain limits, and the devices backlit display offers red, green and blue light options so alarms can be seen at a distance. It can also report pressure, temperature and data from other devices that can be attached to its USB-port equipped option board. Web:

Rhenus Draws a Winner

Metalworking companies are already seeing good results with Rhenus DU 42 P, a new high-alloy drawing oil designed for profiling non-ferrous metals and aluminum materials, its manufacturer says. Rhenus Lub, a specialty lubricants maker based in Germany, says the chlorine-free oil, which can be either sprayed or drizzled onto metal surfaces, has been used in applications ranging from deep drawing of aluminum sleeves to extrusion of brass alloys for electrical plugs. It also meets all current environmental standards, Rhenus emphasized. Web:

HiTEC Targets the Subcontinent

Afton Chemical has turned its attention to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world: Indias heavy-duty diesel fleets. With the country expected to become the worlds second-largest commercial vehicle market within the next two years, the additive manufacturer polled drivers and fleet operators in India about their engine oil needs and then developed HiTEC 8744X HDDO additive. This new add pack is designed for after-warranty vehicles with a unique profile focusing on API CH-4; with a booster, Afton said it also can be used in under-warranty vehicles. HiTEC 8744X has been tested in a 40,000-kilometer severe field trial using Indian trucks and base oils and showed superior performance and wear protection, the company said. Web:

Bearing Goes Greaseless

EDT Corp. has added Type E tapered roller bearings to its Solution line of severe-service products. These Type E bearings have high load capacity and the same dimensional footprint of standard Type E roller bearings, but unlike them are greaseless and noncorrosive. The Vancouver, Wash., company said the bearings are made without a rolling element so grease is unnecessary and seals are eliminated. The plane bearing design also makes it possible to offer completely split inserts in addition to split housings. They are available in one-piece or split styles of pillow blocks, four bolts and piloted housings for shafts ranging from 1-3/16 inch to 5 inches. Web:

Quaker Chem Tackles Hard Case

In the movies, CGI means expensive special effects; in diesel engine manufacturing, it stands for Compacted Graphite Iron – which also means added expense but of a different kind. CGI makes for harder, tougher, lighter and more fuel efficient diesel engine blocks, but its very hardness wreaks havoc on machining tools, which wear up to 90 percent faster than when machining ordinary cast iron. To combat this, Quaker has introduced Quakercool 7020 CG, a metalworking fluid it says can increase tool life by 32.6 percent over conventional fluids when machining CGI. Plus, its still effective on other ferrous materials. Web:

Pennzoil Buys the Fuel

In its latest marketing scheme, Pennzoil is leveraging a bit of corporate synergy to offer discounts at the pump for consumers. The motor oil marketer, which owns Jiffy Lube and in turn is owned by Shell, is offering a loyalty rewards program that will give drivers who use premium Pennzoil motor oils in their next oil change a break of 50 cents per gallon of fuel at Shell service stations. The promotional offer, which runs in retail stores and participating oil change outlets through Oct. 31, is part of the Fuel Rewards Network and is available free to anyone who gets an oil change with (or buys five quarts of) Pennzoil Ultra or Pennzoil Platinum full synthetic motor oil. Web: www.fuelrewards. com/pennzoil

Tote Earns UN Certification

Remcon Plastics newest line of intermediate bulk containers has earned UN/DOT 31H2 performance certification. The Reading, Pa., manufacturer said these rugged new industrial totes offer improved chemical resistance and better seals. Remcon says the totes can boast the best valve protection in the industry. The shipping containers are available in 220-, 275- and 330-gallon capacities, with a 6-inch valve cap standard. Web:

Synthetic HDDO Unveiled

Champion Oil has introduced a synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil it says offers the same wear and corrosion protections as its leading competitors, but with the added attraction of better fuel economy. The new Blue Flame SAE 5W-30 meets or exceeds specifications including API CJ-4/SN; Daimler MB 228.51 and 228.31; Volvo VDS-4, VDS-3 and CNG; Mack EO-N, EO-M Plus; Cummins CES 20081 and many others. With this lower viscosity, Champion said, independent testing showed the new engine oil delivered an average of 3.3 percent and up to 4.5 percent fuel economy improvement versus its SAE 15W-40 rivals, through reduced internal drag inside engines. Web:

Accurate Weight Anywhere

Anew portable scale that is legal for trade and doubles as a field-service scale for commercial, industrial and utility applications is being introduced by Alliance Scale. The Canton, Mass., company says its CAS PB portable bench scale features a large liquid crystal display and an RS232 interface for connecting receipt printers or other devices. Available in 150-, 300- and 500-pound capacities, the scale also can toggle between traditional and metric measurements. Weighing 14.5 pounds, its priced from $310. Web:

Print Up Global Harmony

On Dec. 1, the lubricants industry faces the first deadlines under the Globally Harmonized System of classifying and labeling chemicals, including training employees to recognize new hazard communication icons. Many shippers will also have to print labels in vibrant colors that highlight safety hazards. To speed compliance, Epson America has created the ColorWorks C3500 wide-label printer. Meeting the BS5609 certification for GHS labels, it produces sharp, durable 4-color labels (CMYK) on demand, at print speeds up to 4 in./sec. Designed for high-mix commercial applications, it adjusts for label widths ranging from 1.2 inches to 4.4 feet. Epson says its a cost-effective way to print GHS-compliant color labels and reduce overall label costs by eliminating preprinted inventory and minimizing errors. Web:

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