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Teamwork at Pennzoil, Chrysler

New Pennzoil Ultra 0W-40 synthetic motor oil was created specifically to keep Chryslers SRT engines running clean. The advanced formulation resulted from months of collaboration between Pennzoil scientists and Chrysler engineers, and exceeds Chryslers stringent MS-12633 specification. Chrysler recommends it for all SRT engines, and will put it in all 2013 SRT Vipers when they start coming off the factory line. The oil lubricates and protects these high-performance engines, plus acts as a coolant, hydraulic fluid and cleanser, ensuring they run at their best. Developing motor oils with engine design teams is the ultimate goal of a scientist, said Pennzoils Robert Sutherland. Pennzoil Ultra 0W-40 is sold at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck and Fiat dealerships. Website:

Synthetic Stamping Gets Real

After rigorous testing at automotive stamping houses, Chemetalls Gardolube VP 10300/2 has achieved Nippon Motors approval for use on all automotive components – aluminum or ferrous – processed through paint and Ecoat systems at its North America facilities and affiliates. This is the first oil-free technology to gain this level of Nissan approval, says Chemetall, part of Rockwood Specialties. Used as is or diluted with water, Gardolube VP 10300/2 provides the boundary lubrication needed for progressive stages of heavy-duty stamping. It can be applied manually, sprayed, dip coated or roll applied, and gives exceptional rust protection while maintaining an easily cleanable residue, says the company. Website: www.

Grease Rides the Rails

Plews & Edelmanns latest is UltraLube rail curve grease. Formulated from U.S.-grown vegetable oils, these biobased greases come in Hi-Visc and Lo-Visc versions to suit the wide temperature needs of rail wayside applicators. Their advanced extreme-pressure additives guard against wheel and rail wear, and added molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is available for enhanced protection. Plews says the greases reduce friction and wear between the track and wheel flange, and help improve train fuel efficiency. They resist port plugging in wiping bars, and carry long down-track from the lubricator. With less migration to the top of the rail than petroleum-based grease, the company even recommends them for heavy loads such as coal trains. Website:

Castrol Industrial Offers Biolubes

Castrol Industrial North America Inc. is rolling out its Performance Biolubes line, a range of biobased lubricants and metalworking fluids that target the aviation, industrial manufacturing, marine and energy markets. These products, also free of chlorine and secondary amines, will be available first in North America and later to Castrols global operations, said Dave Fuerst, CINA president. With this expansion in our offering, Castrol will have an impressive line of environmentally responsible products available to our industrial customers. New technology is a core element of Castrols strategy to increase our momentum in the B2B lubricants market and to capture the market transition to more environmentally responsible products. Website:

Variety is Fillers Forte

Flexicons Y-0573 multi-purpose filler can dispense bulk solid materials into boxes, 30- to 55-gallon drums and many sizes of bulk bags. The rugged units fill head seals dust-tight against the inlet spout of bulk bags, or uses adapters that seal against open boxes or drums. It fills containers by weight, first at high rate and then at a dribble, thus maximizing the number of containers filled per hour at required accuracies. Filling cycles begin with a manual push-button or by electrical contact closure, after which filling, deaeration and disconnection of the equipment from the container inlet are performed automatically. The low-profile configuration also allows removal of filled containers using a pallet jack, eliminating the need for a fork truck. Website:

Biobased Nod for Molyvan Additive

R.T. Vanderbilt Co.s Molyvan 855 friction reducer has earned the right to wear the USDA Certified Biobased Product label, verifying that its renewable biobased content (77 percent) meets or exceeds prescribed USDA standards. Biobased products are goods composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry or marine materials, and Molyvan 855 not only uses a sustainable, biobased raw material, but also provides fuel economy improvement in motor vehicles and reduces greenhouse emissions, said Hugh B. Vanderbilt Jr., chairman and CEO. The biobased claims are verified by independent labs and monitored by the USDA, so buyers can rely on the biobased label in making sustainable purchasing decisions. Website:

Top-tier Greases and Precursors

Recent expansions have enabled Chicago-based Daubert Chemical to boost output of calcium sulfonate (a key corrosion-inhibitor) and add a line of high-performance finished greases and precursors. Its new TecPlex products offer greater quality, performance and value than previously available, the company says, thanks to a proprietary process that produces premium calcium sulfonate in a very efficient manner. The greases include TecPlex 2085, a GC-LB certified by NLGI; TecPlex 2460 for heavy shock-loads; TecPlex 1150HP, which has 5 percent molybdenum and meets Caterpillar specs; and precursors for making a variety of custom products. With more greases coming soon, Daubert is targeting independent grease manufacturers and marketers who want to expand or improve their offerings. Website:

Croda Makes the Cut

Two cutting-edge products have joined Croda Lubricants lineup for metalworking fluids. Perfad 3950, for synthetic metalworking fluids, is an oil-free lubricity package containing no mineral oil, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur or antifoam. It has outstanding ferrous and nonferrous metalworking performance, a low foam profile, bioresistance, hard water stability and good tramp oil rejection, says Croda. Crodacor WS1 is a water-soluble corrosion inhibitor in liquid form. Added at room temperature to lubricant formulations (including metalworking fluids, aqueous hydraulic fluids, engine coolants, metal cleaners and die cast agents), it eliminates time spent on heating, blending and handling solids. Website:

Make Mine Convenient

Resealable plastic tubes of P-80 temporary rubber assembly lubricants from International Products now come in a new 10ml size. The packages feature heat-sealed tips which will prevent leaks during shipping and keep material fresh until it is used. In addition to being useful for field service, the packages offer seal distributors and rubber component manufacturers a convenient way to ensure customers use proper lubrication when installing parts or seals. Available in numerous specialized formulations, P-80 lubricants ease assembly of tight-fitting parts such as o-rings, hoses, seals, grommets, bushings, grips and many other parts. Applications include the automotive, appliance, food processing and pump industries. Website:

Grease Is Renewable but Rugged

Terresolve Technologies has relaunched EnviroLogic 802, a readily biodegradable lithium complex grease for environmentally sensitive applications, such as the marine, marine construction, dredging, rail and offshore industries. The grease is still designed to have no long-term negative environmental effects on turf, plants or animals in the event of a leak or spill, but the enhanced formulation now includes Terresolves BioPolyOlefins base stock for top-tier performance. It offers greater structure stability, water resistance and performance in extreme temperatures, says the company, and tackiness also was improved, allowing it to stick better than its predecessor. Website:

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