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Two Food-grade Options

Emerald Polymer Additives has received NSF HX-1 listing for its Good-Rite 3128 and 3131 antioxidants. This allows the products (based on octyl butylated diphenylamine chemistry) to be used as ingredients in lubricants and greases with incidental food contact. Good-Rite 3128 features high nitrogen content and low ash, and is intended for lubricants used in engines, compressors, gears, hydraulics and turbines. Designed to be effective at treat levels less than 1 percent, it limits viscosity gain due to oxidation, controls deposits and sludge, and offers good seal protection. Good-Rite 3131 is formulated to prevent discoloration and scorching of oils, lubricants, polyols, elastomers and adhesives, and aims to provide high activity at levels as low as 0.5 percent. Web: www.

Grease Mixer Slashes Energy Use

Marion Mixers says its new microwave vessel-heating system can slash energy consumption in grease processing by up to 50 percent, versus conventional kettles. The mixer, developed with Amtek Microwave, combines a paddle-style agitator and a microwave heater to provide uniform heat distribution. The full system consists of a microwave transmitter, wave guide, mixing vessel and controls. Material is heated by the microwaves inside the vessel and discharged through a valve. The system provides fast, efficient and uniform heating of mineral and vegetable oil based greases, the companies say. Units are available with horizontal and vertical tanks, and range from lab scale to hundreds of cubic feet in capacity. Web: www.

Fluitec, Siemens Team for Reliability

Siemens AG and Fluitec have entered an agreement aimed at maximizing the performance of lubricants used in rotating equipment. Siemens identified a growing lubrication problem in rotating equipment caused by fluid degradation that created varnish or lacquer deposits. These deposits coat the internals of machine components, impairing dependable operation. After research and testing, Siemens selected Fluitecs Electrophysical Separation Process (ESP) as its preferred technology to solve lubricant deposit issues, with the aim of extending both oil and equipment life. Siemens and Fluitec are providing ESP technology to Siemens own operating plants and global customer base. Web:

Shhhh! Coating Meets GM Noise Spec

Etna Bechem Lubricants has achieved global approval from General Motors for its Berucoat AK 376 antifriction coating. The water based coating, approved now to GMW16531, contains PTFE and is said to provide lifetime lubrication and noise reduction of steel-on-steel or steel-on-plastic surfaces. Operating temperature ranges from -40 to +120 degrees C. Applications include gears, sliding rails, joints, slide ways, pawls, springs and joint bearings. It can also be used as a noise-damping coating on interior components. Web:

Coolant Targets Gas Engines

Chevron Lubricants has a new extended life coolant/antifreeze for heavy-duty stationary natural gas engines. HDAX Prediluted 40/60 coolant is formulated with carboxylate corrosion inhibitors, and can deliver up to 32,000 hours of service life. The coolant improves heat transfer by up to 17 percent, versus traditional 50/50 coolants using silicates, says Chevron, which results in fewer high-temperature engine derating events or shutdowns. The phosphate-free product meets or exceeds ASTM D6210 and D3306, and is suitable for use in engines manufactured by Ajax, Caterpillar, Cooper-Bessemer, MWM, Wartsila, Waukesha and White Superior. Web: www.Chevron

Cost-Effective Metal Cleaning

New Quench-Kleen 5343 from Houghton International is a low-residue alkaline spray cleaner for heat-treating applications. The company calls it a safe and cost-effective alternative to solvent emulsions. Quench-Kleen 5343 removes quenching oils, soluble cutting oils and metalforming compounds. It provides short-term, in-plant protection against corrosion, and presents no barrier to subsequent coating processes or welding. It can be used on surfaces as warm as 170 F with no harmful effects to workers or the environment. It also can be used in spray washers with high-pressure nozzles operating at 40 to 250 psi. The nonfoaming cleaner is compatible with Houghtons biostable coolants, too, so both can be used and recycled simultaneously without risk of contamination. Web:

Dive into V.I.

How does temperature affect viscosity? Whats the difference between temporary and permanent shear loss? Chevron Oronite has a new Viscosity Index Improver (V.I.I.) website that explains all, and includes useful tools for lubricant formulators and marketers. In addition to details about the companys Paratone V.I.I. products, youll find educational information about why these additives are needed and how they work. The website covers viscosity basics and the role of V.I. improvers; the institutions and organizations involved in defining lubricant performance; Chevron Oronite; and the Paratone lineup. Registered users also have access to a formulators toolkit, to help optimize their products. Web:

Truckings Future

ATA American Trucking Trends 2012 is available as a book, CD or downloadable pdf. Produced by ATAs Economics Department, Trends provides a profile of the dynamics shaping the trucking industry, and serves as a source of information on major trucking and transportation issues. Trends is intended as a tool for trucking companies, industry suppliers, logistics providers, analysts and other decision makers. Sections include standard trucking and transportation statistics, size of industry, trucking performance, fleet demographics, retail sales, taxes, safety, international trade, trucks and the environment, diesel fuel price trends, and U.S. commercial truck configurations. Web: www.atabusiness

Quick-Connect Couplers

Flow-Rite Controls is launching a line of quick-connect couplers for industrial, chemical, refrigeration, science and other applications. Used for years in Flow-Rite systems, this marks the first time the couplers are sold separately. It was a natural evolution for our couplers to become available for outside distribution, says Todd Hart of Flow-Rite. We have the team to support orders large and small, and the flexibility to offer private labeling and custom colors. The couplers are made of high-grade UV-resistant polypropylene, non-swell Viton O-rings and stainless steel springs, all known for their aversion to corrosion and acidic degradation. Available in valved and straight-through versions, as well as multiple barbed and threaded terminations. Web:

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