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Recycled Oil Licensed to Dexos1

EcoPower engine oil from Safety-Kleen boasts its the first rere-fined product to secure a license for General Motors trademarked Dexos1 specification. The SAE 5W-30 synthetic blend motor oil protects engines as well as the environment, using up to 85 percent less energy to produce than engine oil made from virgin crude, says the company. EcoPower is made mostly of API Group II base oil, instead of more costly Group III base stock. Oil licensed to Dexos1 is designed to provide improved viscometrics, aeration resistance, and improved oxidation and deposit-forming tenden-cies. The EcoPower Dexos1 synthetic blend is available in bulk, drums and 5-qt. jugs. Web:

NextGen Wins Daytona 500

Matt Kenseths win at the Daytona 500 also notched a victory for Valvoline, which supplied his Roush Fenway Racing team with recycled NextGen motor oil. Roush switched to a NextGen for-mula after conducting tests with its engine builders, including labora-tory simulations, full-length race recreations and race-day evaluations in both Nationwide and Sprint Cup series. Valvoline said these efforts confirmed that NextGen technology, made with a minimum 50 per-cent recycled base oil, pro-vides optimal engine pro-tection against the extreme heat, high speeds and antiwear demands of racing. Valvoline also unveiled its Close the Loop program, offering a $20 gift card to purchasers of NextGens conventional or MaxLife formulation. Web: www.NextGen.

Field Tests Show Fluids Energy Efficient

China-based Sany Heavy Industry Co. is field-testing a hydraulic fluid formulated with Dynavis technology from Evonik Oil Additives. Sany plans to introduce the high-efficiency energy-sav-ing hydraulic fluid at the 2012 Intermat exhibition in France, and has found that the use of Dynavis pro-duces more power while using less fuel in heavy-duty machinery. Evonik said the tests show hydraulic oils formulated with Dynavis reduce power loss over a wide temperature range, by reducing the internal leak-age in pumps while retain-ing the fluids lubricating properties. Tests to date have shown fuel savings of 5 percent and above. Web:

Oronites Heavy-duty Launch

New for heavy-duty trucks in the Europe-Africa-Middle East region is OLOA 61005, a very con-centrated additive package for making both SAE 10W-40 and 10W-30 semi-syn-thetic engine oils. Made with an advanced viscosity index improver, it is designed to help improve fuel economy, says Oronites Emmanuelle Faure-Birchem. Lubricant manufacturers can save on storage, thanks to a very attractive treat rate and the use of the same additive for both SAE 10W-40 and SAE 10W-30 solutions. It also widens blenders options, such as using Chevron Group II base oils instead of Group III alone. It meets Euro IV and Euro V standards, yet is back-ward-compatible with earli-er models, so one oil can serve various generations of trucks, she added. Also approved for ACEA E6-08#2 and top-tier OEM claims. Web: www.

Sustainable Packaging

Want to be more sustainable? BWay Corp. has expanded its selection of recyclable containers in metal, plastic and hybrid materials. The companys environmental com-mitment doesnt stop there: Steel and tinplate containers, including aerosol cans, pour-top cans, F-style containers and open- and tight-head pails, are made with at least 25 per-cent recycled content. Plastic pack-ages are made with up to 30 percent post-consumer resin and include bot-tles, drums, tight-head containers and open-head pails. BWay says all of its products are designed to maximize pack sizes for efficient use of space and fewer truckload shipments. Applications include lubricants, auto-motive additives, detergents, coat-ings and other specialty chemicals. Web:

G-Oil Competes in Nationwide Series

TriStar Motorsports has chosen G-Oil, from Green Earth Technologies, for its 2012 Nascar Nationwide Series cars. G-Oil claims to be the worlds first and only biobased full synthetic motor oil to be both licensed by the American Petroleum Institute and certified by the USDA BioPreferred program. The company says TriStar tested G-Oil on its dynamometers and on the track, and found that the oil pro-duced more power and reduced engine wear in back-to-back tests against top competitors. Web:

Way Lube Uses Veg Oil

Plews & Edelmann has introduced UltraLube slideway oil to its line of metalworking oils. Its formulated with optimized vegetable seed oils and friction-reducing additives to provide excellent lubricity and extreme-pressure properties, the company says. It is designed to lubricate ways, slides and guides of machine tools such as grinders, milling machines, planers and saw guides. UltraLube is bio-stable and biodegradable, containing no toxic chlorine or sulfur, making it safer for workers and easier to store, added Plews. It is available in two weights: ISO 46 and ISO 68. Web:

More Choices for Gas Engines

Universal Lubricants has launched a line of engine oils for trucks and vehicles powered by com-pressed natural gas (CNG). Two series are available: Orion, a tradi-tional lubricant produced from virgin base oil, and Eco Ultra CNG, consist-ing of up to 83 percent rerefined material. The company says that both Orion and Eco Ultra CNG are low-ash products that provide excepoil nitration control in the turbo -charged engines fueled by natural gas. Eco Ultra CNG meets catalyst manufacturers requirements and is available in SAE 30, 40 and 15W-40 grades. Web:

Viscometer Needs only Small Samples

The Lovis 2000 M/ME, from Anton Paar, provides highly accurate vis-cosity readings from only 400 micro-liters of sample. The manufacturer says that the microviscometer pro-vides accuracy up to 0.5 percent and repeatability up to 0.1 percent. For simultaneous determination of den-sity, kinematic viscosity and dynamic viscosity, the microviscometer can be combined with a DMA M density meter. Combinations with other parameters, such as sound velocity, are also available. Results are ready after 30 seconds. The Lovis 2000 M/ME can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to 10,000 mPa.s and temperatures from 5 to 100 degrees C. Web:

Anti-friction Coating Cuts Noise

Etna Bechem (the joint venture of Ohios Etna Lubricants and Germanys Carl Bechem GmbH) has achieved global approval from General Motors for its Berucoat AK 978 anti-friction coating. The water-based, synthetic dry-film coating is used to eliminate noise in automo-tive interiors and components. It is neutral to all common sealing mate-rials, polymeric materials and non-ferrous metals. The product dries to a clear, invisible matte finish, leaving a durable, dry lubricating film that prevents stick-slip commonly associated with squeaking. Berucoat AK 978 is formaldehyde-free and con-tains a UV indicator for detection purposes. Operating service temper-ature ranges from -40 to over 80 degrees C. Web:

Still Mixing

Charles Ross & Son has expanded its line of static mixers, including low-pressure drop (LPD/LLPD) and interfacial surface generators (ISG). LPD/LLPD models are used for low-viscosity, turbulent flow mixing of fluids, as well as other mixing. They are available in 1-to 30-in. diameters, as plug-in mod-ules or as mixer element inserts for installation into existing pipe or tub-ing. ISG models consist of specially machined elements with passage-ways for preparing viscous mixtures within a short length of pipe. They come in 5/8- to 6-in. diameters, in stainless steel, polypropylene and Teflon. The mixers can be modified to include special coatings, sanitary finish and construction, various end connections and other options. Web:

Hands-on Viscosity Training

Brookfield Engineering has a new schedule of courses to help users of its instruments get the most out of their viscosity test meth-ods. The one-day sessions aim to give attendees the know-how to verify and improve upon both their research and quality control efforts. The Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements provides tools and concepts to make the most precise viscosity measurements possible. Applied Course on Viscosity Test Methods is for intermediate or advanced instrument users in the R&D, analytical and process engineering fields. Courses are offered at Brookfields location in Middleboro, Mass., and in major U.S. cities. Web: www.brookfieldengineering .com

Test and Use Biobased Lubes

ASTM International has released a compilation of research on the testing and use of biobased and other environmentally acceptable lubricants. Publication STP 1521, Testing and Use of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, includes 10 peer-reviewed papers that cover funda-mentals of biobased lubri-cants, industrial trends, applications, new test methods and environmen-tal policies. As well as lube suppliers, it is intended for end-users in the agricultur-al, construction, forestry, lumber and mining indus-tries where involuntary or accidental fluid leakage or spillage is detrimental to the environment. Web:

Portable Velocity Flow Meter

Hach introduces the FH950 portable velocity flow meter with electro-magnetic sensor. It can simplify velocity measure-ments for stream dis-charge applications such as wastewater releases, and also is handy for device calibration and sewer spot-check mea-surements. Discharge cal-culations are available in real time, and the flow data collected can be downloaded to a computer via a USB connection. The electromagnetic sensor can be disconnected from the meter, has no moving parts and does not require mechanical maintenance or calibration. The meter replaces USGS-type mechanical meters, says Hach. Web:

Corrosive Environment Eating at You?

A new family of stainless-steel shaft collars and rigid shaft couplings from Stafford Manufactur -ing resist harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents and saltwater. The 316 SST shaft collars and couplings are available in one- and two-piece and set-screw styles, with 18-8 or 316 stainless fasteners and var-ious bore configurations including keyways. Collars come in 0.125- to 10-inch inside diameters, and cou-plings in 0.125- to 3-inch sizes. Shaft collars are for use in conveyors, drive systems, machinery, and mixing and packaging equipment. They can be supplied with smooth or threaded round, square, and hex bores. Couplings can include straight and stepped bores. Web:

Hydraulics Come Clean

Want peak performance from a hydraulic system? ISO 16431:2012 (Hydraulic fluid power: System clean-up procedures and verifica-tion of cleanliness of assembled systems) is newly available from the National Fluid Power Assn. It defines methods to mea-sure the cleanliness of the fluid in an assembled hydraulic fluid power sys-tem; verify the required cleanliness has been achieved when the equip-ment leaves the production area; and, if needed, to clean the system to the required level. This version supersedes the 2002 edi-tion. Separate standards cover proper system flush-ing procedures (ISO 23309) and how to clean compo-nents and parts prior to assembly (ISO 18413). Cost of ISO 16431:2012 is $72 ($57 for NFPA members). Web:

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