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IPC Gets a Make-over

International Products Corp. has completed its new bottle packaging design, featuring improvements to the container, cap and label information. Among the enhancements are the easy-to-use and easy-to-store bottle shape, and stronger bottle construction. A cap induction seal has been added that reduces the chance of in-transit damage. The containers labels also provide more detailed information and are now available in global metric sizes. The company manufactures specialty cleaners and temporary assembly lubricants at its Burlington, N.J., facility. Web:

Protection for Classic Cars

Penn Grade 1 Classic gear oil is the latest specialty oil from American Refining Group. Packaged in cases of 12 needle-nose quarts and 55-gallon drums, the SAE 80W-90 gear oil meets API GL-4 and is made with Penn-Grade mineral base stocks and select additives. ARG designed it to preserve the yellow metals (brass, bronze, copper) and soft metals typically used in the bushings, synchronizers, thrust washers and other components of classic manual transmissions and transaxles. While newer vehicles may use gear oils meeting API GL-5, in applications specifying API GL-4 quality lubricants, use of API GL-5 lubricants with higher extreme pressure activity or concentration can damage these soft metal components, states Ken Tyger, ARG senior technical representative. Web:

Spray-on Wear Protection

Henkels Loctite Nordbak 7255 is a two-part sprayable ceramic coating designed to protect metal surfaces on industrial equipment from wear, abrasion and corrosion. Adhering well to a range of metals, it is sprayed onto components to create smooth, low-friction surfaces. This acts as a sacrificial and renewable surface, and protects metal components from abrasive and corrosive agents. The coating may be quickly and evenly applied to large surfaces, and complex or intricate areas that are difficult to coat, such as tank linings, mixing vessels, pump housings, impellers, chutes, troughs and centrifuge components. The solvent-free, thixotropic formula comes in a 900-ml dual cartridge dispenser, with two static mix nozzles for thorough mixing of the two parts. Web: www.

Tough Coolants for Tough Metals

Cyclo Cool 900 and 5000 series synthetic coolants, the latest from MAG, are designed for the tough machining requirements of the aerospace industry: titanium, Inconel, beryllium copper, hardened steels, stainless steels and other super alloys. The additive-free fluids are said to deliver significant cost savings versus semi-synthetics and soluble oils, with lower initial cost, longer sump and tool life, increased removal rates, reduced housekeeping, and freedom from biocides, fungicides and pH adjusters. 900 series fluids are intended for high-pressure, through-tool systems; 5000 are for delivery pressures of 300 to 400 psi. Both are clear in use, permitting excellent visibility in the cutting zone. Web: www.

Bust Rust

Houghton Internationals Rust Veto 4295 is a water-based rust preventive that protects against humidity-induced corrosion, while meeting the low-VOC requirements of Californias South Coast Air Quality Management District. The biostable product reduces manufacturing costs because it protects metal parts without excessive carry-off, and cleanup is quick and simple. Its virtually odorless and dries quickly, so parts can be handled safely after application without delaying secondary manufacturing steps or shipping. A thin film on plain carbon or low-alloy steel parts protects for a year when parts are stored indoors, the company adds. With no flashpoint, the product may reduce some fire insurance premiums. Web:

Dig into Fluid Power

The National Fluid Power Association has scheduled a series of 60-minute webcasts on key issues for industry, with experts showing how to use standards to design, build and better maintain your fluid power systems. The March 29 session is taught by Pall Corp.s Leonard Bensch, who will explain why a clean hydraulic system is a happy and more reliable system; hell also show how ISO standards can help in the selection and application of hydraulic filters. Future sessions will cover leakage prevention, how to get accurate data on hydraulic system contamination, and more. Free for NFPA members; $50 per webcast for nonmembers. Register at

Pumps Handle Harsh Chemicals

Moyno has unveiled its 500 Series 301 pumps, which boast superior performance and process versatility in corrosive chemical dosing and transfer applications. The pumps feature a reverse covered-seal design between the rotor and shaft, which eliminates metal exposure to fluids. Phenolic housings and rotors offer superior corrosion resistance. Hose connections, resilient cushion, and cradle mounting provide easy installation, maintenance and replacement, the company added. The Series 301 pumps handle capacities up to 13 gallons per minute and pressures up to 25 psi. Web:

One Tough Pillow

Anew universal pillow designed to capture and absorb leaks at their source has been introduced by New Pig. The Leaktrapper attaches securely to heavy-duty Velcro hooks and can easily be positioned (and repositioned) around hose connections or virtually anything that leaks. The product is said to be ideal for catching and retaining high-volume leaks and persistent drips, and absorbs up to 33 oz. per pillow. Its cellulose filler absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water while its puncture-resistant, impermeable poly backing prevents strike-through onto surfaces. Available in several sizes and an oil-only version. Web:

Too Much Lube Inventory?

LubeXChange, a new e-commerce website, aims to connect U.S. buyers with lubricant sellers who are seeking to turn dead inventory into cash. The websites goal is to serve participants in the lube manufacturing, base oil, additive, automotive chemical, petroleum equipment and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) market segments. Buyers can inquire about discounted purchases, while sellers can post high-quality, surplus product for sale. LubeXChange says it stringently vets the participants, securely protects their identities, and handles all financial transactions and transportation requirements. Certified sellers can post products by brand, product description, package size, packaging condition, viscosity grade, performance level, and distribution zone. Web:

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