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Mobil Upgrades Industrial Oils

ExxonMobil has announced its next generation of high-performance Mobil SHC 600 Series synthetic oils, promising a service life up to six times longer than competing products. Targeting industries that operate in extreme environments, the new SHC 600 Series reduces downtime and maximizes productivity. Key performance benefits include energy efficiency gains of up to 3.6 percent compared with conventional oils, and a high level of resistance against micropitting fatigue. The lubricants are said to feature outstanding low-temperature fluidity to enable startup operation at low temperatures, and excellent resistance to rusting and corrosion. The oils have approvals from major equipment builders, including Siemens, and are SEW-Eurodrive approved for factory-fill and service-fill worldwide. Web:

Voith Re-ups with Petro-Canada

Voith Turbo and Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. are extending their commercial vehicle warranty partnership for three more years. This means Petro-Canada will supply its heavy-duty synthetic blend automatic transmission fluid for new Voith DIWA transmissions (models .3E and .5) going to fleets operating in the United States and Canada. It also means that operators can extend their units warranty coverage from the basic 24 months/150,000 miles to 30 months/150,000 miles. They also can purchase an optional 5-year, 300,000-mile 100 percent parts and labor warranty at discount, thanks to using this Petro-Canada ATF. The ATF offers thermal and oxidative stability, extended drain intervals, stable friction properties, and excellent wear protection. Web:

SuperCal Targets Consumer Niches

Calumet Specialty Products Partners now offers the SuperCal line of motor oils and lubricants for underserved markets including the Hispanic/ Latino market; passenger cars, light trucks and heavy-duty vehicles; and antique, classic and muscle car enthusiasts. The products are designed to provide maximum protection, better gas mileage and superior cleaning power to prevent sludge buildup and reduce engine wear, says the company. For older engines, theres SuperCal Classic, with advanced additives, ZDDP and other boosters. Its formula creates a sacrificial layer of protection on critical engine hot spots, especially the flat-tappet and roller camshafts found in older models. Supporting the launch are a competitive pricing structure, co-op dollars and rebates. Web:

Boost Your Cutting Fluids

Croda Lubricants has introduced Perfad 8400, a new lubricity additive for neat metalworking fluids that it calls a breakthrough technology. The product improves the cutting performance capabilities of mineral oil and ester based metalworking fluids, with performance levels often similar to chlorinated paraffins. Potential benefits include extended tool life, reduced energy consumption due to power torque, purer cuts, and the ability to machine more-difficult alloys with or without the use of reactive extreme pressure or antiwear additives. In certain mineral oil based formulations, for example, a dose of 8 percent Perfad 844 gave a 16 percent reduction in torque in form-tapping 1018 steel. Web:

Food-grade Lubes Get Halal Nod

Ultrachem Inc. has received Halal certification from the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America for its food-grade synthetic lubricants, oils and greases. The new certification further enhances the companys global portfolio of certified synthetic and lubricants. These food-grade products meet the USDA and FDA H-1 regulations, 21 CFR 178.3570, and NSF requirements. In addition, the companys products are approved for Kosher use by the Orthodox Union, and for use in industrial and food-grade applications by Russias GOST-R. Ultrachem currently exports its synthetic lubricants to more than 30 countries. Web:

Eliminate Multiple Scales

Aportable floor scale that can move around a plant to service various processes and perform different tasks, eliminating the need for multiple scales, is available now from Alliance Scale. The DeckHand portable floor scale features a battery-operated digital weight indicator with a five-digit, 1-inch LCD display, a large platform, two wheels, and a column with a handle to move it around a facility. Priced from $2,695 and available in 500-, 1,000- and 2,000-pound capacities, the DeckHand can be made from steel or stainless steel with a non-skid treaded top plate. Web:

Whats Really in Your Warehouse?

Deacom now offers an integrated warehouse management system with real-time capabilities that can be integrated with the companys ERP software. Targeting mid-to-large sized batch process manufacturing companies, the software takes inventory management to the next level by using handheld computers to record real-time purchase order receipts, inventory moves, production job finishes, raw material usage and sales order picking. This real-time capability means that any warehouse question can be answered instantly by the system. Further, the simplicity of the system decreases the amount of training for warehouse employees. Web:

Emerald Adds Antioxidant Technology

Emerald Polymer Additives has added Good-Rite 3131 to its portfolio of antioxidants for lubricants and other industrial applications. The octyl butylated diphenylamine liquid antioxidant has outstanding thermal and oxidative performance benefits, says the company, with low residual DPA, low ash and metals. This makes it useful for many lubricant applications such as high-performance gear oil, automotive engine oil, turbine oil, and in lubricants for industrial hydraulic, compressor and grease systems. Emerald says Good-Rite 3131 has decreased extractables and volatility, which improves the antioxidants efficiency and long-term stability. Web:

Get Longer Tool Life

Houghton International says its new Drawsol WM 110 synthetic metalforming lubricant provides operators with a variety of performance advantages, including increased tooling life, better productivity, improved quality and cleaner operations. A synthetic, water-soluble formula for drawing and stamping ferrous and non-ferrous metals, WM 110 is an oil-free formula that minimizes smoke, mist and odors. It also eliminates corrosion of metal and tooling, leading to faster inspections and quicker manufacturing time. Web:

Synthetic Esters Explained

A new white paper published by Tyler Housel of Inolex discusses the complex and often misunderstood properties of synthetic esters. The paper, which can be downloaded free from the companys website, addresses the ways in which lubricant esters can be adapted to serve in practically any applications with greater flexibility and virtually unlimited performance potential. It explains how composition and structure determine properties such as heat resistance, stability, viscosity, lubricity and biodegradability. Further, the paper examines the importance of the manufacturing process to achieving an esters desired characteristics, and retaining them over time. Web:

Oil Eater Water-based Parts Cleaner

The new Oil Eater 45-gallon water-based parts cleaner features a thermostat which is preset to deliver an optimal cleaning temperature of 110 degrees, which enhances solution cleaning effectiveness and minimizes liquid waste. The unit is made of heavy-duty, HDPE plastic for long and trouble-free operation, and uses Oil Eater Original cleaner-degreaser. Other features include separate heater and pump switches with lighted on/off indicators; industrial grade pumps with Viton seals; a flexible spigot; and nylon flow-through brush to handle the toughest cleaning jobs. Web:

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