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Low-VOC Honing Oil

SHO-965 honing oil from Sunnen is said to exceed Southern Californias air quality standards while retaining the long-lasting, multi-use properties of the companys MB-30 oil. The low-VOC formulation can be used on a wide variety of metals, including aluminum, stainless steel and zirconium. The company says that SHO-965 is effective as a general cutting oil for screw machines, drilling, tapping and reaming. Its long service life also helps decrease cost per part. SHO-965 is listed as a U.S. Department of Agriculture BioPreferred product, and is available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gal. drums and 330-gal. totes. Web:

Synthetic Boosts Diesel Fuel Economy

Chevron Products Co. has introduced Delo 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-30 heavy-duty diesel engine oil, and boasts the product can deliver up to 4.5 percent fuel economy improvement. Delo 400 LE Synthetic can be used in heavy- and medium-duty trucks operating both on-highway and off. It is a mixed-fleet gasoline and diesel engine oil that meets the requirements of both API CJ-4 and SN service categories. The oil is said to be compatible with EGR and EGR/SCR exhaust aftertreatment systems. Other benefits cited by the company include consistent cold-starting, wear and corrosion protection, and optimum diesel particulate filter life. It can be used with low-sulfur and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels, gasoline, most gasoline fuel blends, and many biofuels. Web: www.

Air Motor Powers Lab Mixer

A new laboratory mixer from Sharpe Mixers features a stainless steel air motor, adjustable stand and a wide variety of impellers and accessories. The SSLM Series bench top lab-scale mixer features a stainless steel 0.5-horsepower lubricant-free air motor that operates at speeds to 2,000 rpm and can accommodate vessels up to 18 inches in diameter. The mixer is typically supplied with a removable 4-inch Hy-Flow impeller but can be equipped with various stirrers, including shear disks and radial and axial flow impellers. It is safe to use with solvents and flammable materials. The mixer has a stainless steel base with a 30-inch tall support rod and adjustable support arm. Web: www.sharpe

Stay on Top of Engine Oil Development

The Lubrizol Corp. has launched, a website focused on keeping readers up-to-date with the passenger car engine oil market. This site provides information for OEMs, oil marketers, distributors and consumers. A large section is dedicated to issues and solutions. The site also includes news and commentary on topics such as emissions and fuel economy, base oils, fast-changing industry specifications, and regulatory requirements. Visitors to the site can register to receive news alerts, too. Web:

PVC Lube Is Soy Based

Clariant has introduced a soy-based lubricant to replace lead-stabilized PVC processing compounds. Licocare SBW11 TP is a chemically modified wax for use in processing rigid PVC compounds, especially calcium/zinc-and tin-stabilized PVC film and extrusions. The company says the lubricant is an external and internal lubricant that provides efficient and consistent production. Benefits claimed include good release/anti-sticking effect, no mold deposits, and excellent thermal stability for good color stability. Licocare SBW11 TP can also be used as a lubricant in PVC injection molding, where it is said to improve flowability and improve dimensional stability. Web:

Worried About Spills?

IFH Groups fluid storage and dispensing systems incorporate spill containment devices that help avoid costly clean-ups and improve on-site safety. The systems help job sites comply with EPA regulations such as 40 CFR 264.175. To start, all 21 of these standardized and centralized systems are equipped with self-closing faucets and drip pans, making dispensing of fluids into containers easy and spill-free. As well, the companys 2-, 3- and 4-container designs with outboard console mounting incorporate a spill containment pan at the base of the system to collect accidental spills. The containment pans now are available on new models and can also be retrofit on existing units. Web:

Contactor Revamped

Engineering and technology firm Stratco has launched a new line of its trademarked Contactor grease reactor kettles, to meet the changing needs of the lubricants industry. In its 85 years, Stratco has put Contactor reactors in 52 countries, allowing users to pro-duce different types of lubricating greases more quickly and efficiently. These manufacturers enjoy operational cost savings, energy savings and a faster return on investment, says CEO Diane Graham, adding, With the evolution of specialty greases, the design of kettles must also evolve to accommodate greater sophistication and efficiencies in the process. The reactors can be customized in size to user requirements. Stratco also has created its own biodiesel process. Web:

Need Grease? Theres an App

Matrix Specialty Lubricants BV is offering a free smart-phone app that helps users and distributors select the appropriate grease based on specific applications and circumstances. The Grease Choice App considers parameters such as temperature, speed, vibration, water and chemicals when making a rec-ommendation, explains the company. Users simply enter the data as prompted into Grease Choice, and a suitable grease will be recommended. Web:

Check for Oil in Water

Portable infrared analyzers from Wilks Enterprise provide on-site oil-in-water measurements, to help users ensure oil levels comply with discharge permits. They also give treatment operators information on how their system is performing. The company says that the InfraCal TOG/TPH analyzers measure oil and grease concentration in water in under 15 minutes. Even non-technical personnel reportedly can obtain accurate measurements with a few simple steps. Measurement data correlates with EPA Methods 1664, 413.2, 418.1 and ASTM Methods D7066 and D3921. Web: /oilgreaseanalyzers

Desiccant Breather Protects Lubes

The Guardian desiccant breather from Air Sentry provides a barrier between ambient air and lubricating oils residing in reservoirs. It has a 2-micron inlet filter, a bed of desiccant and an 2-micron filter on the outlet. This construction, notes the company, provides three layers of air filtration at very low air-flow restriction. When there is no air movement, check valves prevent ambient air from contacting the desiccant, which extends breather life. The Guardian breather provides 25 cubic feet per minute of inlet air to the reservoir and over 150 cfm of exhaust air flow. Its made of Tritan plastic resin that provides impact, temperature and chemical resistance. It is also BPA free. Web:

Clean Drum, Clean Shop

The new drum-top pad from Oil Eater catches and absorbs oil, coolants, solvents and other chem-icals. The pad fits a 55-gallon drum top, and has pre-cut circles for fill and breather holes. It has a woven construction and is made of natural plant byproducts. To try it, just request a sample. Web:

Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Amsoil has reformulated its multi-vehicle synthetic power steering fluid to meet the requirements of newer vehicles. The company says this upgraded product now provides better wear protection, friction-reduction and cold-weather performance. It also meets more OEM specifications. The fluid has a low pour point (down to -60 degrees F), an impressive 197 viscosity index, and it resists thermal breakdown at high temperatures. It is also said to help seals remain soft to prevent leaks, and to protect power steering components and hoses. The fluid meets a wide range of OEM specifications for new and older vehicles. Web:

Lube Monitors in a Kit

Powerful and portable, the new field kit from Spectro combines two key tools for on-site monitoring of oil condition. First, theres the FluidScan Q1000 handheld analyzer for lubricant condition and contamination. This device quickly checks hydraulic fluids, engine oils, turbine oils and gear oils for degradation and contaminants. Alongside is the SpectroVisc Q3000 temperature-controlled kinematic viscometer, which has a split-cell capillary technique to measure kinematic viscosity from only a few drops of oil. With both, those working in power generation, mining, transportation, construction, offshore and elsewhere can get quick feedback on their assets – no waiting for results from a lab. No solvents are required, and guided testing procedures walk users through the measurement process. Web:

Protect Rail Switches

Plews & Edelmanns new UltraLube switch plate lubes are made with optimized natural seed oils and proprietary additives, to protect railway switches from wear, rust and corrosion. Designed to be poured, brushed, wiped or sprayed on, and available in both low- and high-vis versions, they penetrate deep into the switches to help prevent dust and dirt buildup. The vegetable based formula, made from U.S.-grown crops, creates a long-lasting bond to metal and plastic surfaces and resists washout from rain or melting ice. The products meet EPA criteria for Environmental Preferable Purchasing, says Plews, and their biodegradability makes them suitable for environmentally sensitive areas near waterways. VOC-free, non-toxic and non-flammable. Web:

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