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More Choices in Oil-soluble PAG

Dow Chemical has added three ISO viscosity grades to its existing line of Ucon OSP oil-soluble polyalkylene glycol base fluids. Viscosity grades 320, 460 and 680 now complement the existing ISO 32, 46, 68, 150 and 220 grades. Introduced in 2010 and soluble in mineral oil (unlike conventional PAG), OSP fluids can be used as primary base oils, co-base oils and as additives in high-performance automotive and industrial lubricants and greases. The company says formulating with OSP can result in lubricants with enhanced wear performance, deposit control, oxidation stability, viscosity index and low-temperature stability. Available in 55 gallon drums and in bulk Web:

Cleaner Oil = Longer Life

Eco-Pur fluid cleaning systems from Oil Purification Systems will be installed on all new trucks being purchased by Republic Services, a recycling and solid waste services company. According to the maker, the Eco-Pur system allows Republic to extend oil drain intervals and minimize waste oil. Republic is installing the Eco-Pur system at its vehicle body manufacturers on new 2011 vehicles prior to delivery, and plans to work directly with chassis manufacturers to install the Eco-Pur system on all new trucks starting in 2012. The OPS Eco-Pur system uses electronic controls to continuously monitor temperature, pressure and flow to optimize the cleaning process, based on an engines real-time operation, and removes both solid and liquid contaminants from lubricating oil. Web:

Gear Oil Gets GE Nod

Gearmaster Eco 320 gear oil from Fuchs Lubricants has been approved as a service-fill oil for GE Energys 1.5 to 1.6 MW and 2.5 to 2.75 MW wind turbines. Based on saturated synthetic esters and promising outstanding filterability and long service life, its also suitable for use in ecologically sensitive areas due to its excellent biodegradability (greater than 60 percent in the OECD 301C test). The gear oil offers excellent wear protection, good protection against seizure and micro-pitting, good oxidation and thermal stability, low foaming and good air release, and excellent material compatibility, says Fuchs. Gearmaster Eco oils are approved by leading gearbox manufacturers such as Bosch Rexroth, Winergy, Jahnel Kestermann, Chonqging Chongchi, Flender and Moventas. Web:

Synthetic Keeps Classics Revving

Amsoil Z-Rod synthetic motor oil is tailor-made for classic cars and performance muscle cars. Amsoil recommends it for older or modified engines because its formulated with high levels of the anti-wear additive ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) to protect flat-tappet cams, lifters and rockers. Damage from rust and corrosion due to long periods in storage is another issue common to classic and vintage cars, so Z-Rod has rust and corrosion inhibitors to ensure maximum protection during hibernation. Available in SAE 10W-30 and 20W-50 viscosities and meeting API SL and earlier specifications, Amsoil Z-Rod has a recommended maximum drain interval of 5,000 miles or one year, or 3,000 miles and one year on heavily modified vehicles, says the maker. Web:

Mobil Relaunches Gear Oils

ExxonMobil is upgrading its industrial gear oils for the Americas with the Mobil SHC series. Mobil SHC Gear is made with synthetic base fluids and proprietary additives to help manufacturing and process industries (such as mines, pulp and paper, chemical extruders and others) increase productivity, save energy and extend drain intervals up to six times longer. In tests with a worm gearbox under controlled conditions, Mobil SHC Gear exhibited energy savings of up to 3.6 percent compared with a conventional gear oil of the same viscosity grade. Other features include excellent water-handling properties, wear and micro-pitting resistance, seal compatibility and shear stability, says Mobil. Web:

Fill Bulk Bags Quickly

The new bulk-bag filling line from Flexicon automatically dispenses pallets, fills bulk bags, and accumulates filled bags for removal by forklift. The dispenser holds up to 15 pallets and is equipped with a powered roller conveyor that removes the bottom-most pallet from the stack, and positions it beneath the fill head of a bulk bag filler. After the operator manually attaches the bag and presses the start button, the next steps – dispensing, adjusting and stopping the flow, compacting and stabilizing the contents, releasing the bag and moving it downstream – are performed automatically. The filler is equipped with a powered fill-head height adjustment that accommodates all popular bag sizes, and a feed chute vent for dust-free air displacement during filling. Web:

Easy Read-out for Drum Scale

Alliance Scale has improved its portable platform scale for weighing drums, barrels, containers, skids and pallets, adding a six-digit LED digital indicator which has single-pass automatic span calibration. The Alliance/CAS R-Series drum scale includes a digital weigh indicator, easy access ramps on two sides, side rails to keep items on the scale, and two built-in handles and two rubber wheels for portability and easy maneuvering. Constructed of steel with a baked-on powder coating finish, the low-profile scale features an anti-slip platform and a 1,000-lb capacity. It measures 42.75 by 39.5 by just 3.5 inches high. The digital weigh indicator includes an 18-ft. shielded cable, is accurate to within 0.1 percent, and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Web:

Better Mixing for High-vis Products

The high-viscosity blades on Charles Ross & Sons double planetary mixers feature a precisely angled helical contour that generates a vertical mixing action. The sweeping curve pushes the batch material forward and downward, keeping it within the mixing zone. The helical blades, the company explains, prevent the climbing issue experienced with traditional rectangular stirrers or paddles that results in mixing inefficiencies. Enhanced control over batch levels can significantly improve mixing efficiency and shorten cycle times, while ensuring easier clean-up and product purity. HV blades also extend the viscosity range of the double planetary mixer to approximately 6 million cP. Standard sizes range from 0.5 pint to 750 gallons. Web:

Secure Lids for Safety Drums

New Pig has developed a latching drum lid with FM-approved fusible plugs that converts 55-gallon steel drums into safe storage containers for oil-or solvent-soaked materials. The lid attaches to new or reconditioned drums, and its FM-approved plugs allow it to be used with flammable or combustible solids. These nylon plugs with Buna-N seals melt to vent pressure and prevent drums from bursting in case of fire. The lid meets NFPA 30 venting requirements, and has a nitrile gasket and locking mechanism to help reduce vapor emissions. A removable hinge lets workers remove the lid without loosening the band around the drum. The drum lids latching handle easily opens and closes in a single-handed operation, New Pig points out, so there is no need to remove the drum ring, lid or bolt to access the contents. Web:

Outlook for Bright Stocks

Kline & Co. has launched The Global Business Outlook for Brightstocks, 2010-2020. The study, coming in this years third quarter, covers paraffinic and naphthenic bright stocks used in commercial automotive, consumer automotive, and industrial lubricant and functional fluid applications. The base year for the studys data is 2010, with forecasts for 2015 and 2020. The report aims to help subscribers navigate the significant changes that lie ahead for these base stocks, says Kline. It will focus on current and forecast supply and demand by region, key formulation and manufacturing approaches, competition from alternatives such as synthetics and PIB, pricing scenarios, competitive forces, opportunities and threats for suppliers and buyers, and supplier profiles. Web: /reports/y604a.asp

Improved Valve Accuracy

Flow-Rite Controls has redesigned its patented needle pinch valves to include a molded-in scale and molded-in threads. Used to pinch off flow through soft-wall tubing (with outside diameters from 4 mm to 13 mm), the valves meter from zero to full flow, allowing for fine adjustment. The metered scale on the valve body enables calibra-tion to be recorded and replicated, eliminating guesswork. Installation does not require fittings, cutting or removal of existing tubing, and theres no fluid contact with the valve, so it can be used, reused and disposed without fear of contamination. The valves are made of DuPonts Delrin acetal resin. Applications include fluid delivery systems, analytical instrumentation, chemical processing, laboratory equipment, pneumatic systems and more. Web:


Julys Product News item about Amsoils Signature Series oils had the name of company founder A.J. (Albert) Amatuzio wrong.

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