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Grease Goes the Distance

Hoping to extend grease service intervals for your on- and off-road equipment? Chevron has formulated new Delo Grease ESI to allow operation for over 30,000 miles, using highly refined base stocks, lithium complex thickener, extreme-pressure and tackiness additives, and corrosion and rust inhibitors. The company says it functions well in automatic greasing systems, and guards against wear of brake cam shafts, chassis, fifth-wheel faceplates and pivots, shackle pins, steering drag links, transmission cross shaft spring pins and wheel bearings under a wide temperature range. Delo Grease ESI features high load-carrying capability, resistance to water washout, and low-temperature pumpability. Web:

Minimize Coolant Use

Reduce service costs, increase productivity by 30 percent and be kind to the environment by using SKF LubriLean minimum quantity lubrication in lieu of conventional coolant. Its nozzle system distributes a fine aerosol to lubricate the tool blade at speeds over 20,000 rpm. Depending on material, machine settings and cutting method, the system can meter less than 50 mL of fluid per hour, so workpieces and swarf stay practically dry. Benefits include less CO2 discharge, 56 percent less ambient air pollution, and a 92 percent cut in energy consumption, says SKF. Users can configure the oil and air parameters directly from the tools control system, and an aerosol monitor, positioned close to the machining point, optically determines variables for aerosol density. Web:

Ferret Out Debris

Kittiwakes new AnalexPQL ferrous debris monitor accurately detects ferrous wear debris in used greases, hydraulic oils and lubricants – and does it in half the measurement cycle time of typical testing, says the company. This particle quantifying instrument is a sensitive magnetometer unrestricted by particle distribution or size. It displays the mass of ferrous debris as a unit-less PQ index which can be trended over a range of particle sizes and concentrations. Use it to identify components that need maintenance, to prevent larger-scale damage, reduce downtime and maintain productivity. Connected to Ethernet or via USB ports, it can work with your PC. The model replaces and is backwards compatible with their earlier PQM and PQA instruments. Web:

Smashing Protection

Plews & Edelmann has introduced Ultralube fifth-wheel trailer grease in 2-oz. smash packs for easy, controlled application. These are placed on the plate and when the trailer is dropped on top they burst open to evenly distribute grease across the surface. The grease is formulated with extreme-pressure and graphite additives and with a plant-based oil that provides four times the lubricity of petroleum-based oils, says the company. The nontoxic grease provides protection against corrosion and friction under heavy-duty working conditions and in extreme weather. It penetrates lube-thirsty areas and creates a long-lasting bond. Web: www.ultra

Take Control of Your Data

Horizon 4 web-based data management software, an upgraded application from Polaris Laboratories, gives users greater insight into their fluids condition. It allows accurate and in-depth fluid analysis with speed and functionality. Improvements include more extensive filtering and sorting options, simpler navigation, translation to multiple languages, enhanced security, one-click access to favorite data reports and a customizable dashboard for at-a-glance monitoring of key performance indicators. Users can manually input missing details, view fluid analysis reports, and request immediate reevaluation. Horizon 4 also provides customized report delivery via e-mail and enables online sample submission. Web:

Antimicrobial Coolant

Microbes affecting your cutting application? ITW Rocol says Rustlick Ultracut Pro water-soluble oil coolant provides long life, bioresistance and hard-water stability. Use it for light to heavy-duty broaching, cutting, grinding, machining, milling threading and turning applications. Ultracut Pro outlasted competitors and was shown to resist more bacteria and fungus in independent lab studies, says the maker. The emulsion delivers consistent cooling and lubrication to extend tool life and generates great surface finish with less carryoff, adds company chemist Steve Badger. Easily disposed of or recycled, its suitable for ferrous and nonferrous metals including aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Web:

Off-road Drive for Valvoline

New UltraMax products are designed to help off-highway equipment and engine operators reduce costs, downtime and inventory, says Valvoline. Theyre formulated to be durable and long lasting, improve part life, optimize operation and minimize wear. The lineup begins with UltraMax TDTO TO-4M fluid, which meets the ZF TE-ML03 requirement for ZF torque converter transmissions in city buses, lift trucks and off-road machines. UltraMax hydraulic fluid (jointly developed with Eaton) exceeds the demands of Bosch Rexroth, Cincinnati Machine, Denison, Eaton and Joy Mining. And Valvoline UltraMax transmission and drivetrain oil protects gears from corrosion, foaming, rust, oxidation and wear; it meets Allison C-4, Caterpillar TO-4M and Komatsu specs. Web:

Electrifying Lube

Electrical technicians rejoice! Cyclo Industries is offering 0.5- and 3-oz. packages of dielectric grease (product numbers C-710 and C-706) to lubricate and seal electrical connections. The grease locks out dirt, moisture, oil and salt, helping to prevent corrosion and rust. It can improve conductivity and heat transfer and reduce the risk of arcing, fires and shorts. Applications include ballast resistors, fuses, headlights, ignition coil connectors, light bulb sockets, molex connectors, slide contacts, sparkplug boots, switches, switching units, weather stripping and wire connectors. The grease also eases assembly and disassembly. Web:

Websource for Metalforming

A new website, MetalformingFacts. com, aims to serve as an online gathering place for the metal forming and stamping community, with comprehensive information on forming basics, trends and industry challenges. The Lubrizol-sponsored site has a strong focus on improving productivity, and offers current information about metalworking technology and fluid implications. The site aims to help formulators and fabricators optimize their fluids; environmental regulations, health and safety, and best practices are also part of the mix. Besides learning about production, quality, engineering and lubrication, site visitors can register for news alerts, post questions, benchmark against industry polls, share insights and more. Web: or

Shell Remakes Its Portfolio

To simplify product selection for end users, Shell Lubricants is relaunching its industrial and transmission lubes and greases worldwide. Outdated formulations and products with overlapping functions have been eliminated, while specialty and synthetic products have been added. Each brand and product category – Shell Tellus hydraulic oils, Shell Omala gear oils, Shell Corena compressor oils, Shell Tonna slideway oils and the Shell Gadus line of greases – now has four tiers: entry, mainline, premium and advanced, with the advanced tier offering the latest in synthetic technology. Packaging is standardized across the product line, and color coding, icons and new names will guide customers to products meeting the performance requirements of their specific applications. Web: lubricants

Leak Evidence

New Pigs Oil-Only absorbent mat uses Color Flare technology to give a clear visual indication of oil seepage, alerting operators and inspectors of problematic drips and leaks. The mats outer spunbond layer contains oil-soluble wax dots that dissolve when they come in contact with a mineral or hydraulic oil leak, releasing a bright blue dye to highlight leaks that would otherwise be hard to see. The UV-resistant and water repellant mat is ideal for indoor or outdoor use on equipment such as generators or power units. It aids with spill control plans and with 29 CFR 1910.22 (a)(2), 40 CFR 112.7 and 40 CFR 122.26 compliance. Web:

Biobased, by the Book

What types of vegetable oils are available for making lubricants and greases? How do you test their properties? Which applications are seeing the most success with biobased products, and how do they compare with petroleum based products? Biobased Lubricants and Greases: Technology and Products, a new book from the National Ag-based Lubricants Center, helps to answer those questions. Authored by NABLs director, Lou Honary, the book is based on 17 years of research at the University of Northern Iowa-based facility. This reference can be useful to a wide audience in industry and academia, and includes case studies on lubricants and greases from renewable sources, test results, new developments and more. E-mail:

Kendall Shows its Stuff

ConocoPhillips Lubricants has completed EPA tests that confirm Kendall GT-1 motor oil with Liquid Titanium delivers more than twice the improvement in fuel economy benefits required by the new ILSAC GF-5 specification. This shows that the oil provides exceptional fuel savings as well as engine wear protection, the company says. In rigorous independent tests, including the Federal Testing Procedures and Highway Fuel Economy Test, the product achieved a remarkable 0.7 percent improvement in fuel economy versus GF-4 oils, said the companys Marshall Cohen. (GF-5 requires an improvement of just 0.3 percent.) If a million cars used the oil, he estimated, the savings would amount to 14 million gallons of gasoline a year. Web:

Global Trends Outlined

Anew research report from GBI Research, Lubricant Industry to 2015, says that surging demand in the automotive market in emerging markets is propelling demand for lubricants worldwide, especially now that the automotive industry is back on track after 2009s financial crisis. With rapid economic development in both India and China and migration towards higher-quality lubricants, premium lubricants of higher grades are gaining market share, it finds. GBIs in-depth analysis of the global lubricants industry looks at the various concerns, shifting trends and challenges around the globe; forecasts lubricant demand to 2015 by region, market, formulation and by product; and profiles various major players. Price for single-user license is $3,500. Web: www.

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