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Help for Hot Rods

Champion Brands is targeting classic, hot rod, muscle, street and vintage cars with Hot Rod Oil, formulated to give the extra protection these cars need. The oils contain phosphorus and zinc for high-performance and vintage engines operating at high RPMs, utilizing roller cams or flat-tappet designs, and requiring high-pressure valve springs. Champion says a thermal viscosity stabilizer provides protection at high temperatures by extending the oil film capacity, and lubricity modifiers reduce friction. Available in SAE 10W-30 and 20W-50 synthetic blends and a fully synthetic 15W-50. Web: http://championsuse

BGs Fresh Idea

BG Products is taking on a new market: funky automotive interiors. Already well-known for its products tailored to automotive professionals such as new car dealers, the company now has added Interior Renewal Service. This concept includes products that are said to quickly and easily clean vehicle interiors from top to bottom, eliminating bad smells caused by mildew, mold, smoke or spills. They leave behind the fragrance of leather or new car. Environmentally friendly and safe for people and pets, says BG. Web:

Spray Friction Away

Blasters Graphite Dry Lube is a quick-drying spray designed to leave a long-lasting film to prevent damage due to friction, extreme pressure and temperatures from -100 to 850 degrees F. It extends equipment life by reducing metal wear, says the maker, and it bonds to metal, plastic, rubber and wood without attracting dust. Uses include general lubrication around the home or in industrial environments, on automotive engines, chains, conveyor belts, die-casting machinery, drawers, gaskets, gears, hinges, hoists, locks, plant machinery, rollers, sliding doors and windows, sprockets, transfer belts, winches and more. It also functions as a preassembly or general maintenance lube. Web:

Protection for Food Processors

Anti-friction bearings, enclosed gears, low-to-medium-speed bearings, slideways, wheel bearings and food processing equipment require special protective care – especially wherever incidental food contact may occur. Chain Guard Lubricants new food-safe synthetic FGG 2 H1 is a polyalphaolefin based multipurpose grease said to resist corrosion, maintain high load-carrying capacities and extend lubricating life, even under humid conditions. It can endure a wide range of temperatures (from -40 to 300 degrees F, and sometimes up to 400 F); resists water washout; and offers mechanical, oxidative and thermal stability. It meets FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 and the NLGI GC/LB standard, and is acceptable for use in Canada. Web:

Cartridge Replaces Grease

The new Mistlock bearing and lubrication cartridge, developed by Colfaxs Lubricating Systems Co., aims to improve the function of air-cooled heat exchangers and reduce maintenance needs. The Mistlock offers several advantages over the use of grease, says Colfax. It continuously supplies a clean, cool mist of oil that evenly coats surfaces, while the positive pressure prevents contaminants from entering the cartridge and reduces the occurrence of shaft bearing system failure. The median time between repairs can approach 10 years. The bearing assembly design allows axial thermal shaft expansion without restricting rotation. Shims also are unnecessary, as axial and parallel misalignment of the shaft is accommodated up to 20 degrees. Web:

Wrap It Up!

Catch oily leaks from flanges, valves and pipe components with the Pig Oil-Only Absorbent Valve Wrap, from New Pig. Avoid unscheduled downtime by containing leaks until they can be repaired. Two highly absorbent sheets of white Pig mat retain oily liquids inside a clear poly backing, allowing leak visibility at a distance. The wrap is held in place by tying polyethylene drawstrings on each end. For indoor or outdoor use, the wrap resists UV rays up to a year. Web:

Cleanliness without Waste

Oil Eaters premeasured 1.5-ounce concentrated cleaner packets avoid waste and take the guesswork out of dispensing the right amount of cleaner when preparing mop buckets or floor scrubbers. Diluted, they produce 2.5 gallons of eco-safe cleanser to dissolve grease and oils from floors and walls of industrial and commercial facilities. Labeled with bilingual instructions, the biodegradable cleaner is acid-free, non-abrasive, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic and free of petroleum solvents. In cases of 100 packets or 100 pound kegs. Web:

Pump Efficiency Explained

The Hydraulic Institutes Pump Efficiency Prediction guideline is now available as publication HI 20.3-2010. Test results and graphical data from many rotodynamic pump manufacturers provide a reliable and simple method for determining pump efficiency under various influencing factors, such as flow rate, net positive suction head available, total head per stage, and service conditions. Learn how parameters such as internal pump clearances and surface roughness affect efficiency, and gain insight into power consumption and efficiency losses via seals and bearings. Pump types covered include end suction-slurry, solid-handling, submersible and stock pumps; general service and API double-suction pumps; axial split, mixed flow, propeller, diffuser types and many more. Web:

Cutting-edge Cutting Oil

Rustlick Ultracut Aero is a water-soluble coolant oil for use on ferrous or nonferrous metals. Appropriate for cutting aluminum, Inconel, stainless steel and titanium for the aerospace, electronics and medical industries, this long-lasting fluid has boundary lubricants and extreme-pressure additives to lengthen tool life and improve surface finish. It outperformed other coolants in independent lab studies, says the maker, and resists fungus and bacterial growth while providing strong emulsion stability in hard-water environments. It contains no boron, copper, chlorine, nitrates, phenol, or sulfur, and no reportable SARA 313 chemistry. Available in 5- or 55-gallon units. Web: www.rocol

Get in Gear

The gear joint on the Moyno 2000 Progressing Cavity Pump supports applications involving shear-sensitive chemicals or challenging sludges and slurries, and is grease-lubricated to run at 180 degrees, far cooler than oil-lubricated joints. Torque and thrust control are provided by crowned gear universal drive train configuration, and joint seals protect against pumpage contamination. The pumps rear-located gear reduces the radial load on bearings and drive shaft. Web:

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