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Keep Em Moving

Overhead monorail, powered and free conveyors from TKF enable efficient transport of materials up to 6,000 pounds, and are appropriate for small and mid-size manufacturing plants, or large facilities accustomed to similar conveyors. These systems accommodate fixed work stations; reduce manual handling between sequential processes; support non-synchronous processes by accumulating product; reduce cost, and increase productivity, says the maker. Custom-designed for existing or new facilities, the conveyors also offer selective routing for sequencing variations. Web:

Simpler Piping

Massachusetts-based Conant Controls offers custom pneumatic selector valves to simplify piping arrangements for a variety of applications. They are manufactured per application requirements, with different combinations of inputs and outlets and stacking arrangements two to six units high. They can eliminate the need for multiple valves, and help prevent leaks in mixing applications. Available in 316 stainless, aluminum or brass, with sleeves and O-rings as required. Web:

Need a Lift?

Flexicons Tip-Tite high-lift box or container dumper allows box contents to be discharged 6 feet to 10 feet above the plant floor without dispersing dust. Boxes are loaded at floor level, raised by a hydraulic cylinder, and sealed against a discharge hood. This assembly is raised by a second hydraulic cylinder and mated to a gasketted inlet fitted to the receiving receptacle. Boxes are tipped to a motion-dampened stop at 60 degrees beyond horizontal, and manual or pneumatic slide-gate valves prevent material flow until the discharge cone is in place and ready to control discharge rates. Available in carbon steel with stainless contact surfaces, all-carbon steel with durable coatings, or all-stainless construction. Web:

Ultrachem Earns Russian Nod

Ultrachems synthetic lubricants, greases and oils have met Russias strict GOST-R requirements for use in industrial and food-grade applications. This certification assures that the companys production processes and resultant goods meet Russian standards of safety, allowing them to enter and be sold in Russia. It has a new sales office in Moscow, as well, and anticipates growing demand from Russia for synthetic lubricants. Ultrachem President Bob Whiting called the GOST-R certification a significant first step to expand our reach throughout Eastern Europe. Web: www.

Hydraulic Fluid Facts

Lubrizol has launched, a one-stop industry resource with comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding hydraulic fluids and systems. This guide to the evolving hydraulic market features news, trends and equipment manufacturer commentary. The sites education center describes the role of fluids in systems and provides updates on changing industry standards, legislation, regulations and OEM specifications. With todays hydraulic systems operating under harsher conditions and fluid technology being developed quickly, the site aims to answer the questions arising in this dynamic market. Web:

Fair Winds for Dingo

Dingo, well known in the mining industry, is now aboard the wind-energy boom. Vestas American Wind Technology picked Dingos condition-management software and data-base tool, Trakka, to monitor gearboxes and hydraulic systems in North American wind turbines. Wind farms use multiple regional lubrication laboratories, so Trakka will consolidate oil analysis information from all laboratories and make it available to engineers and regional service groups in one database. Any industry that is dependent on lubricated assets for their production can realize the same benefits that our many mining customers have received for almost two decades, said Dingos Steve Bradbury. ConocoPhillips holds an equity position in Dingo. Web:

Break-in Without Breaking

Champion Brands has developed PowerShield Break-In motor oil to reduce the chance of engine failure during hard break-ins. The formula is based on the companys PowerShield engine assembly lube and oil booster, and contains high amounts of zinc-thiophosphates. It also has a proprietary thermal viscosity stabilizer to prolong oil film performance for proper ring seating. The product is field tested and designed to provide multiple barriers of protection for high-revving racing engines employing flat tappet or roller cams, says Champion. Web: http://

Dry Lube for Conveyors

Ecolabs new DryExx GS dry conveyor lubricant takes aim at the stainless steel or mixed conveyors used to move glass packaging in the beverage, brewery and food-processing industries. Used in conjunction with Ecolabs control system, the patented lubricant is said to greatly reduce water use in conveyor lines, and to enhance workplace safety by preventing injuries caused by slippery floors. We developed DryExx GS to help reduce water usage while increasing conveyor speeds and reducing broken bottle counts, said Ecolabs Timothy Mulhere. DryExx GS was recognized at the recent InterBev show, earning a Highly Commended designation. Web:

Hook Up via USB

Brookfields DV-III Ultra Rheometer now features USB connectivity, for greater facility in controlling the device and monitoring data via computer. The DVIII combines the function of a rheometer with yield stress measuring capability, allowing users to predict materials flow behavior. Users can enter test parameters and temperature controls, and see test results on the built-in display. The devices optional Rheocalc and Rheoloader software allow direct control from a computer to run math models, examine data, generate plot overlays and print tabular data; they also have been upgraded for USB compatibility. For those already using a DV-III or DV-III+ Rheometer, USB retrofits are available through Brookfield dealers. Web: www.brook

Oil for Euro Models

Amsoil European Car Formula synthetic motor oil provides performance and protection for turbo-charged gasoline-and diesel-fueled cars and light trucks from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen, says the company. Oil for these vehicles can be difficult to find in U.S. outlets. The SAE 5W-30 oil claims to stay in grade through long drain intervals while meeting rigorous OEM requirements. Low in sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur, its made of shear-stable base oils with select additives for wear protection, deposit control, extreme temperature performance, emission-system care and maximum fuel economy, Amsoil adds. Web:

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