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Bactericide-free Cutting Fluids

Henkel has developed bactericide-free, water-miscible cutting fluids that the company says solve the problem of emulsions splitting in use and the related bad odor. The unpleasant odor often is traced to bacterial growth, especially when machines sit idle for some time. The patented emulsifier technology used in Multan 71-2 provides a microbiologically robust cutting fluid without the use of bactericides. The emulsifier also does not require a later addition of bactericides to keep it stable. Multan 71-2 is suitable for many different kinds of machining from roughing to grinding. Web:

Handheld Viscometer Goes Anywhere

The SpectroVisc Q3000 from Spectro Inc. boasts of being the worlds first truly portable, temperature-controlled kinematic viscometer. The instrument uses a split-cell capillary (SCC) technique that allows the user to measure kinematic viscosity from only a few drops of oil. No solvents are required for cleaning. The entire sampling and testing process takes only a few minutes and can be easily conducted, according to the company. The Q3000 has an intuitive software user interface, weighs about 1.8 kilograms, and is powered by a lithium ion battery that provides over six hours of continuous operation. Web:

Grease for High-speed Spindles

A new high-speed spindle grease, Castrol Longtime HS 1.5, takes aim at multiple industry challenges for manufacturers, such as washout, overheating and corrosion. Higher spindle speeds are critical to tool performance and increased productivity, and Castrol has formulated the new grease to offer new levels of reliability, cost savings through longer relubrication intervals, and lower risk of bearing failure. Longtime HS 1.5 uses an innovative thickening system based on polymer type technology, rather than traditional soap bases which may lack stability when in contact with emulsions or can reduce water resistance. It remains in contact with the bearing at all times during operation, for better protection, and also reduces grease usage and waste, the company added. Web:

Pump Lube Where Needed

Manual lubrication of construction and off-highway equipment attachments (hammers, breakers, pulverizers, shears, grapples, etc.) is time-consuming and even dangerous, so SKF created a new hydraulic-driven lubricator to eliminate the task. The rugged device automatically lubricates attachments using an integrated pump driven by the hydraulic oil itself; as long as the equipment or attachment is in operation, so is the lubricators pump, which feeds the right lubricant in the right amount at the right time. The unit is easy to install, SKF said, and it operates ideally with chisel paste, the typical recommendation for many harsh environments. Users also can easily fast-change the lube cartridge when needed. Web:

Reduce Stress in Marine Diesels

Shell Marine Products has launched Alexia S4 marine cylinder oil, which leverages the companys knowledge of two-stroke engine oil stress to help ship operators reduce lifetime operating costs and complexity. The oil-stress concept was originally defined for four-stroke engines, and after further study can now be applied to two-stroke engines, said the company. Alexia S4 is intended to help customers facing industry pressures such as the need to move goods reliably and at lower cost due to the global economic recession, new legislations on fuel specifications, stringent emission targets and new Emission Control Areas. The lubricant can be used over a wide range of operating conditions, fuel specifications, and engine and vessel types. Web: http://www.

Engine Oil for Diesel Enthusiasts

Champion Oils Classic Blue Flame SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil is intended for use by diesel competition builders, racers and enthusiasts of turbo- and supercharged pre-2007 diesel engines. The company says the oil is a blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids containing high-zinc performance additives for superior wear protection, advanced polymer technology, and high TBN. The product was created to address the issues reported by performance diesel owners of increased cylinder, cam and bearing wear when using conventional oils. Champion says the oil delivers excellent high-temperature film strength and lubricity protection, combats oil shear, maximizes and sustains cylinder compression, and is proven to increase horsepower and torque. Web: www.Champions

Drum Containments in the Bag

New Pig has introduced the Pig Drum Containment Bag to provide secondary containment and an easy way to hoist containers on and off a truck, for field-to-shop mobility. The product is UN-rated for shipping solid hazardous materials such as contaminated soil and nonliquid waste, and features 6,000-pound capacity lifting straps, strong enough to support a fully loaded 55-gallon drum. The puncture-resistant, PVC-coated shell clips shut to keep rainwater out, and an abrasion-resistant bottom provides enough toughness to be dragged across gravel and other rough surfaces. Inside, a removable poly liner contains leaks and drips, and can be cleaned and reused. When not in use, the flexible bag flattens to occupy one-sixth of the space of an overpack. Web:

Touch-worthy Tester

The Miniflash Touch from Grabner Instruments now features a color touch screen that runs on Microsoft Windows software. This portable tester determines the flash point of liquids and solids, and is based on the companys patented method that offers high repeatability and reproducibility, correlates well to the D93 Pensky-Martens method, and provides results equivalent to other well-known closed-cup standards. Typical applications include screening engine oils and other lubricants, fuels, potentially flammable goods, aromatics and other fluids. It can also be used to determine the composition of solid wastes and unknown mixtures of liquid hydrocarbons. Temperature range is 0 to 400 degrees C. Web:

Hows the Wind Blowing?

Wind energy is a rich opportunity for lubricants, especially ones that can deliver long drain intervals and optimal performance while satisfying OEM specifications for turbine and gearbox service. Get a close-up view of the market with a new study from Kline & Co., Lubricants for Wind Turbines 2012: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities. How big is the global market, and what are its potential and pitfalls? How is it segmented? What are the key product requirements, challenges and trends? All this and more will be covered, including the prospects for high-performance and biodegradable gear oils, bearing and hydraulic oils, greases and other lubricants. Subscriptions are open now, for publication in first-quarter 2012. Web: /reports/y716.asp

Testing Services for Ships

Intertek has launched ShipCare Marine Services, a global program providing bunker fuel testing, inspection, ship engine and lubricant analysis, and other services for ship owners and fleet managers. The program includes three components: Bunker Fuel Quality Testing, Bunker Quantity Survey Reports (BQS), and Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM), also called Lubricant Quality Scanning (LQS). These services are managed by Intertek experts to help ship owners and other clients address and overcome potential issues. Sample handling, testing and inspection capabilities are located in major ports and shipping centers around the world, says the company. Web: www.intertek. com/marine/

VOC-free Corrosion Inhibitor

Metalloid Corp. has rolled out Metcor 52, a botanical, green corrosion inhibitor. The water based product successfully replaces both oil and solvent based rust inhibitors, the company points out, and it totally eliminates the VOCs associated with such products. In addition, Metcor 52 is biodegradable and provides 12 months of indoor protection on all metal surfaces. Its safe for both people and the environment, adds Metalloid. Web:

Autosampler an Economical Option

PAC has unveiled a new autosampler, the Model 758 Liquid Autosampler, for use with its Antek MultiTek and 9000 Elemental Analyzer instruments. With its turret design, the Model 758 provides essential automated sample analysis capabilities, such as bubble elimination, syringe washes and controlled injection speed for a wide variety of viscosities. Its also a more economical option than most autosamplers, says the company, and has a 110-position tray. Web:

600 Degrees of Lubrication

Who would want a long-lasting dry-film lubricant that can endure temperatures up to 600 degrees F and has no flash point or VOCs? Automotive paint suppliers, users of dry-film lubricators, and any company that needs long-term lubrication for chains, trolleys and conveyors, replies Digilube Systems. Dry-film lubricant from Digilube With end users like those in mind, it has launched CleanLube green dry-film lubricant. The product is white in appearance, biodegradable, nontoxic and low odor, and has virtually zero VOCs, it says. The lubricant claims to provide long-term thermal stability and protection from rust, wear and oxidation, and has been shown to reduce lubricant consumption compared to similar thin/dry film lubricants. Web: www.

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