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Coolants Take on Tough Metals

MAG has introduced Cyclo Cool 900 and 5000 series low-foaming synthetic coolants for machining titanium, Inconel, beryllium copper, hardened steels, stainless steels and other super alloys. The company says the coolants replace semi-synthetics and soluble oils, providing lower initial cost, longer tool life, increased stock removal rates, reduced housekeeping, long sump life and freedom from biocides/fungicides/pH adjusters. The 900 series fluids are suitable for high-pressure, through-tool delivery systems at up to 2,000 psi, and Cyclo Cool 5000 is an anionic synthetic cutting fluid for severe to extreme applications at pressures of 300 to 400 psi. Both are clear in use, permitting excellent visibility in the cutting zone. Web:

Grease for Harsh Environments

Shells revamped Gadus grease range is said to perform in the hottest, coldest and wettest applications and in some of the largest marine equipment, fastest trains (operating at speeds over 330 kph), and biggest mines. The greases can be used in continuous casting operations at temperatures in excess of 180 degrees C, in the presence of dust and water. They also are used to lubricate mining excavators and electric shovels exposed to temperatures as low as -50 degrees C. In hydroelectric power plants, Gadus greases have been developed for use in extremely wet conditions. In marine applications, they protect large slow-moving gears, wire ropes and cables. Web:

API Certifies Biobased Motor Oils

Green Earth Technologies G-Oil SAE 5W-30 and 5W-20 formulations have received API SM certification. The biodegradable, full-synthetic motor oils use plant-derived base oils, not petroleum. GET said that the oils exceeded API requirements for piston deposit merits, wear protection, Noack volatility and sludge in independent engine tests. The oils carry the USDA Bio-preferred logo as well, indicating that they have been independently certified to meet standards for biobased content. Web:

Heavy-Duty Diesel Info Website

Lubrizol has launched, a website focused on heavy-duty diesel engine oils and aimed at providing information to original equipment manufacturers, oil marketers and fleet operators. The additive manufacturer says it designed to encompass a full range of topics including market drivers, key specifications and regulatory requirements related to emissions and fuel economy requirements. A substantial portion of the new site will be dedicated to issues and solutions, said the company. Lubrizol expects to evolve, offering new options for users. Visitors can register for news alerts and industry information. Web:

LeMans Cars Use PAG Motor Oil

An engine oil blended with oil-soluble polyalkylene glycol base fluid – specifically, Dow Chemicals Ucon OSP – has proved successful in three Oak Racing cars competing at the 6 Hours of Imola and the Silverstone race in Northhamptonshire, U.K. At Imola, the engine oil, as well as an OSP transmission fluid, contributed to the fastest qualifying lap time posted by the teams premier class entry in the LeMans event. The lubricants were produced by Belgium-based Majot S.A. OSP base fluids provide low friction, excellent film formation, deposit control, polarity, and high viscosity index values, says Dow. The fluids are compatible with mineral oils and synthetic hydrocarbon base oils. Web:

Consistency Counts

Smooth appearance is desirable for many products, and Bematek Systems has introduced a colloid mill that provides the final step in delivering a uniform, viscous result. The Bematek Z-Series features a high-shear in-line mixing head that processes emulsions and dispersions through a series of rotors and stators to produce a consistent product. It is available with various rotor/stator combinations to match specific requirements for smooth, creamy products with defined textures. The mill is scalable for applications requiring up to 10,000-gallon-per-hour throughput, and offers a variable-frequency drive for precise speed control and adjustability. Web:

Lubricant Condition Monitoring

Vestas-American Wind Technology Inc. has renewed its license of Trakka, Dingos condition-management software and benchmarking database tool. Vestas uses Trakka to monitor the condition of gearboxes and hydraulic systems in North American wind turbines under service contract by Vestas. The software tool consolidates oil analysis information from all laboratories and makes it available to engineers and regional service groups in a single database. Web:

Long-Lasting Semi-synthetic Coolant

Rustlick Ultracut 380R from ITW Rocol North America is a premium, ultra-long-lasting semi-synthetic coolant for use in machining, cutting, grinding, milling, broaching, threading and turning. The company says Ultracut 380R resists microbial degradation from bacteria and fungus, and lasts longer than competitive coolants without the need for costly additives. The coolant is hard-water stable and suitable for light, moderate and heavy-duty applications. It contains no DCHA, chlorine, boron, phenol, nitrites, triazines, sulfur, copper or SARA 313 reportable chemistry. Rocol recommends it for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum, titanium, brass, bronze, copper and high-nickel alloys. Web:

Your Lube Questions Answered

CAM2 International has introduced two technical support programs to assist customers. First is the addition of a Technical Corner to the companys email campaign. This service will address technical concerns and issues impacting the industry, customers and users of CAM2 products. The purpose is to educate customers about industrywide issues in an effort to prevent problems before they occur. Second is the launch of an email based technical support hotline to support customers and distributors. The hotline provides a way for CAM2s sales personnel and customers to address technical, operational and product application questions. The goal is to prevent potential problems, analyze and correct on-going issues, and improve the operating efficiency of equipment using CAM2 products. Web:

Puradyn On Board with Deere

Puradyn Filter Technologies has been selected to supply engine bypass oil filtration systems for John Deere construction and forestry products. The companys high-efficiency bypass oil filtration system helps maintain engine oil cleanliness and chemical balance for all types and sizes of engines, Puradyn says. The micro-fine filtration technology removes water and solid contaminants to below one micron, and also replenishes the base additives and viscosity enhancer. This allows equipment owners to operate machines on continuously clean oil, reducing operating and repair costs while keeping the equipment functioning at peak performance. Web:

Chain Lube Stays Put

CRCs latest is Tac 2 adhesive chain lubricant, designed to bond to chain wear surfaces – including drive chains, open gears, hoists, winches, pulleys, forklifts, rollers, garage doors, bushings, seals, o-rings, wire ropes – and keep them in peak operating condition by reducing friction and wear that causes metal fatigue. It contains a tackifier that enables the lubricant to cling tenaciously to metal surfaces without increasing the viscosity. Regular use of CRC Tac 2 will help inhibit corrosion, reduce load stress and increase chain life, says the maker, and the adhesives molybdenum provides clingability and avoids sling-off and excess dripping. The NSF H2 lubricant operates effectively in temperatures up to 350F continuous, equivalent to many grease products. Web:

More Food-grade Choices

Atrio of Priolube products from Croda Lubricants have received HX-1 registration from NSF, allowing them to be incorporated into lubricants intended for food-processing areas where incidental food contact may occur. Priolube 1960 is a biodegradable, synthetic lubricant base fluid and additive with a low pour point, suitable for use in low-temperature environments and in products ranging from engine and gear oils to greases and hydraulic fluids. Priolube 2088 is an ISO 320 grade biodegradable, high-performance complex ester base fluid or additive that is oxidatively and hydrolytically stable. Finally, Priolube 2065 is a high-performance ISO 46 grade polyol ester thats fire resistant as well as readily biodegradable. Web:

Valvoline Extends NextGen Line

Hot on the heels of its recycled motor oil for passenger cars, Valvoline has launched two new NextGen motor oils for commercial and industrial customers. NextGen Premium Blue and NextGen All Fleet Plus, both SAE 15W-40, will be available in bulk and drum sizes starting this month. Both have 50 percent recycled oil content and deliver 100 percent Valvoline engine protection, the company says. The extreme conditions and on-the-go demands of heavy-duty equipment require a motor oil that can withstand that intensity and perform again and again, stated Peter Thomson of Valvoline commercial & industrial marketing. Valvoline NextGen lubricants deliver that performance with the same quality and dependability of our conventional motor oils, or we wouldnt put our name on the package. Web: www.valvoline

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