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Lubes from Sugarcane

Amyris Inc. has introduced EvoShield synthetic industrial lubricants, including hydraulic, compressor, turbine and gear oils. In addition, specialty formulations are available for marine and food-grade applications. EvoShield lubricants are formulated from NovaSpec synthetic base oils, derived from Amyriss Biofene and produced by Novvi, Amyriss joint venture with Brazils Cosan. The base stocks are a unique, renewable hydrocarbon made from sugarcane. Combined with advanced additive systems, they enable Amyris EvoShield products to perform under extreme conditions of temperature, moisture, dirt and wear, the company says. At the same time, the lubricants provide improved toxicity and biodegradability compared with petroleum based lubricants. Web:

For Trade and DIY Specialists

WD-40 Co. in August began shipping three new Specialist lubricant products: a white lithium grease, a water resistant-silicone lubricant, and a rust release penetrant. The company stated that the Specialist line is a portfolio of specialty problem-solving products aimed at the trade and do-it-yourself markets. WD-40 plans to add new products as they roll out the full launch in the United States in January, and in other geographic regions later next year. Web:

Natural Protection for Farm Implements

RyDol Products has introduced a bio-based farm machinery plow share and mold board preservative, designed to protect against rust and corrosion while equipment is between seasons or in storage. Aiming to replace petroleum-based lubes, the product combines two extreme-pressure agents – PTFE and boron nitride – that are colloidally suspended in an SAE 80W-90 weight soy-bean-based gear oil. The preservative is organic, biodegradable and non-toxic, and meets the federal EPAs Environmental Preferable Purchasing criteria. It also is listed on the USDA BioPreferred Products list. Web:

Automated Batching System

Flexicons automated, plant-wide weigh batching system can simultaneously weigh up to seven major ingredients from bulk bags and unlimited minor ingredients from 50-lb. sacks, pails or boxes. It then conveys weighed batches to a downstream blender that feeds a bulk-bag filler and a paper-sack filling machine. The systems components include five bulk-bag dischargers with large surge hoppers; two bulk-bag dischargers with small surge hoppers; two bag-dump stations; a check-weighing hopper; a bulk-bag filler; a pneumatic conveying system; and a programmable control package. A receiver discharges weighed material into a high-capacity blender mounted on load cells, providing confirmation of final batch weight. Web:

Eneos Sustina Comes Ashore

JX Nippon Oil & Energy USA has introduced Eneos Sustina high-performance, fully synthetic automotive lubricants, saying they improve fuel economy by up to 2 percent versus existing synthetics. Available now in quarts in SAE 0W-20, 5W-30 and 0W-50 viscosity grades, the new oils provide exceptional cleanliness, sludge protection and sustained fuel economy, says the maker, plus outstanding low-temperature pumpability and clean performance sustainability. Sustinas base oil, called W Base, has an extremely high V.I. to provide a wide temperature range as well as excellent fluidity and pumpability at low temperatures, and in place of conventional antiwear additives, it uses ZP-technology, a sulfur-free additive chemistry that resists the negative effects of water. Web:

Trap Leaks

The Leaktrapper universal absorbent bag from New Pig Corp. can be secured to leaking nozzles, faucets and valves to capture nuisance leaks and drips at their source, helping facilities avoid EPA violations. The bag contains low-profile Pig Mat pads held in place by a permeable inner liner. They soak up and retain oils, coolants, solvents and water even when the bag is turned upside down. Additionally, the bag provides an extra level of containment for liquid that leaches from oversaturated absorbents. Available in universal and oil-only versions, the Leaktrapper also can be used to store or pack leaky parts or oily equipment. Comes with drawstring or Velcro closures. Web:

Quantum Leap in Warranties

United Petroleum Co. has extended the consumer vehicle coverage for users of its Quantum Motor Oil, under its Consumer Engine Guard warranty program. Quantum XS Elite premium synthetic motor oil, formulated with polyalphaolefin and CleanGuard additive technology, now is backed by a 350,000-mile vehicle warranty. The warranty for Quantum X-5 FullSYN, X-75 high-mileage oils and X-75 High-Mileage Oil Boost has been stretched to 250,000 miles. Finally, UPC extended warranties to 150,000 mile for users of Quantum X-5 Max-Blend (ILSAC GF-5), X-4 Supreme (API SM), X-3 Supreme (API SL) Motor Oils, and Infinity Green Motor Oil (ILSAC GF-5), formulated with rerefined base stocks. Web:

Roll Without Regreasing

SKFs new DryLube bearings eliminate the need for grease relubrication and perform reliably and maintenance-free over a wide temperature range, it says. The bearings are suitable for hostile and extreme-temperature applications, including metal processing, steelmaking, and food and beverage industries. DryLube bearings are filled with a dry lubricant based on graphite or molybdenum disulfide and a resin binder. The lubricant is injected into the bearings free space, bonded to the cage, and cured until it solidifies. During operation, the lubricant maintains a thin film on the raceways and rolling elements to protect against metal-to-metal contact and damage from solid contaminants.Theyre available in four styles and can be used at temperatures up to 350 degrees C (660 degrees F). Web:

Additives Protect Industrial Oils

MidContinental Chemical Co. has four new additives for lubricants and greases in its lineup: A rust and oxidation inhibitor protects circulating oils, preservative oils, turbine oils and low-pressure hydraulic fluids from oxidation, acid formation and corrosion. An organic, ashless rust inhibitor protects against ferrous metal corrosion in R&O/turbine oils, hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, gear oils, greases and penetrating oils. Next, MCCs air compressor and paper-machine lube additive provides EP wear protection, oxidation stability, alkalinity retention, and rust protection for these and other industrial lubricants. Lastly, a diester seal-swell additive is on tap for use in industrial and automotive oils. Web:

No More Fish Eyes

The Ross Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) is part of a high-shear in-line mixing system that prevents the formation of agglomerates and fish eyes in thickened solutions. The systems rotor-stator assembly generates a vacuum that draws powders or solids into the mix chamber. The liquid stream then enters the mixer and combines with the powder under high-shear conditions. The resulting dispersion is expelled centrifugally through the stator openings at high velocity. The SLIM mixer can be cleaned and moved between different tanks, or hard-piped. Web:

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