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Going Green?

Commonwealth Oil has unveiled a broad product line of readily biodegradable synthetic functional fluids, including concrete forming fluids, heavy-duty gear and hydraulic oils, and Ram Type EDM fluids, with more promised in the near future. Having the motto of leaving a mark on industry, not the environment, the BioComm products biodegrade within 28 days to their natural state when exposed to sunlight, water and microbial activity, says the maker. They are primarily intended for severe, extreme temperature applications, such as excessive heat or arctic temperatures as low as -58 F, or where sensitive environmental issues must be considered, such as marine, rail and oil platform applications. Web: www. prodlist.html

Champion Gets in the Race

Champion Brands has revisited its racing roots to produce a new line of engine oils for high-performance applications. Champion Racing Oils are available in SAE 10W-30 and 20W-50 synthetic blends, plus a full-synthetic SAE 15W-50 grade. They contain Champions proprietary thermal viscosity stabilizer, special lubricity modifiers, and a higher level of antiwear additives including ZDDP. Together, they help create a tough film strength, control wear, and boost horsepower and torque, the company said. Champion suggests them for all competition and race engines, especially those using flat tappet and/or roller cams operating at high RPM and needing high-pressure (stiff) valve springs. Web: http://ChampionsUse

Fins Assure Blends

A patent-pending multiple-stage static mixer is being introduced for applications requiring thorough mixing with low head loss. The Westfall model 3053 three-stage in-line mixer features a length of pipe fitted with three sets of tabbed fins; these feature a precise geometry that turns flow inside-out during mixing of liquids and gasses. The fins are radially positioned inside the pipe and produce thorough mixing, with a 1.64 K value and typical CoV of 0.014. The mixer, which can be fabricated from PVC, FRP or 316 stainless steel and with or without a Teflon coating, can be supplied in pipe diameters from 0.5 inch to 120 inches. The mixers are said to be easy to install and highly clog-resistant as well. Each is engineered to the application, with list prices ranging from $295 to $30,000. Web: www.

Yummy News from Inolex

Four of Inolex Chemicals Lexolube FG high-temperature esters have received Star-K Kosher Certification, and are approved for use in the production of Kosher foods. They are Lexolube FG-68, FG-100, FG-220 and FG-350 esters. Designed for continuous use at high temperatures – up to 260 C (500 F) – these are the cleanest chain lubricants available, says the companys Tyler Housel. They are especially formulated to protect against wear, reduce friction and extend equipment life. All four Lexolube FG products are Pareve, meaning they are allowed for both meat and dairy applications according to the dietary laws of Judaism. They also are certified to the H-1 requirements of 21 CFR 178.3750, for lubricants with incidental food contact. Web:

Dow Has Solutions

Safechem North America, part of Dow Chemical, recently rolled out its Complease cleaning process solution for North Americas precision metal fabricating and manufacturing industry, aiming at critical uses such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical components. For a fixed monthly fee, Complease customers can lease state-of-the-art, sealed solvent degreasing equipment combined with customized chemical services. Safechem delivers solvents (chlorinated and modified alcohols manufactured by Dow) in a closed-loop system, while Complease adds support ser-vices including waste management, technical support and training, and the use of high-quality stabilizers, additives and test kits – all in a single package. Dow says it can cut solvent use by as much as 90 percent vs. traditional degreasing methods. Web:

BlendAdd Helps Formulators

Lubrizol has updated and expanded its BlendAdd Prediction Tool, speeding the development of engine oil products and minimizing the amount of lab work for blenders. BlendAdd predicts certain physical properties of base oils blended with Lubrizol additives, using proprietary Q.Life models. Users can calculate many key parameters such as specific gravity; viscosity at 40 C and 100 C plus viscosity index; cold crank viscosity; HTHS; and Noack volatility. The models cover over 300 base oils, or users can define their own. They also can select from an array of additives, components, viscosity modifiers and pour-point depressants to try in their blend. Customers can register and access the BlendAdd program at

Skimmers for Hydro Plants

Hydroelectric power plants face specific challenges in protecting water resources from hydraulic fluid spills. Now Abanaki has announced a full range of oil skimmers and emergency oil spill systems for this market. Small leaks of hydraulic oils from turbines are not uncommon, as plant operators know, and can end up in the facilitys sump and spill into its water. Oil skimming costeffectively removes the oil before the water is discharged into the environment, and does it better than using absorbents or manual methods, the company said. By using low-maintenance skimmers like the Oil Grabber 8 as part of their emergency oil spill system, power plants also can satisfy government requirements for oil spill prevention. Web:

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