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Up the Antioxidants

Petro-Canadas new Purity FG compressor fluid for air compressors and vacuum pumps features improved oxidative stability and wear protection for higher performance, extended machinery life and reduced downtime. It is designed for modern food-processing equipment, which is smaller, runs hotter and longer in stressful humid conditions, and is under stringent regulation. Purity FG complies with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 (Lubricants with incidental food contact), is NSF H-1 registered, and can be used in plants operating under Good Manufacturing Practice and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point guidelines. Available in ISO vis grades 32, 46, 68 and 100, it also won the 2010 Stevie award in the manufacturing category for best new product or service of the year. Web:

A Greener Cleaner

Kleen Green concentrated general purpose cleaner from Wallover can be used in and around many industrial plants. Use it on concrete, plant floors, aluminum, machine tools, showers and grease filters. It emits a mild odor without caustic fumes, says the company. It is biodegradable, nonhazardous, nontoxic, non-flammable and non-abrasive, and will not harm hands, clothing or painted surfaces. Use at 50 percent concentration for tough jobs or at 3 to 5 percent concentration for milder everyday jobs. Web:

Low Ash for Natural Gas

76 Lubricants Triton 5005EXD, also sold as El Mar LA4EXD, from ConocoPhillips is a low ash dispersant-detergent engine oil for four-stroke cycle engines fueled with liquefied petroleum or natural gas. It is designed to protect components in high-output natural gas engines operating at maximum efficiency for reduced expense and downtime. The oil is said to reduce corrosion, deposits and wear; maintain cleanliness; extend drain intervals; resist oil oxidation, and allow controlled valve recession. Its based on a field-tested combination of API Group II base stocks and performance additives, to avoid fouling of emissions control devices including catalytic converters and exhaust after-treatment devices. Web:

Whats Your Flash Point?

The Petrotest CLA 5 Cleveland automatic open-cup flash point and fire point analyzer, available from Ametek Petrolab, tests solid and liquid samples (including highly viscous liquids) per the ISO 2592 and ASTM D92 standards. The bench-top device features automatic testing and self servicing routines, user-definable programs, rapid search, barometric pressure sensor, selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit output, 5.7-inch color display, flashpoint scanning and USB interface. It measures temperatures up to 400 degrees C (752 F). The firmware runs on OMAP platform technology and updates can be performed using a USB stick. Language options include English, French or German. Web:

PCMO Additive Makes the Grade

Simplifying life for lubricant manufacturers through performance and compatibility, Chevron Oronites OLOA 55501 passenger car motor oil additive eliminates the need to keep multiple products in stock, it says. It can be used in API Group II and III base oils, and it meets the new API SN standard as well as the emission system compatibility and fuel efficiency requirements of ILSAC GF-5. In addition to reducing supply chain difficulty, OLOA 55501 single-tank additive package improves vehicle performance, preventing blow-by, maintaining engine power and cleanliness, and reducing wear. It requires less oil top-off, and delivers longer oil and engine life, while limiting catalyst-poisoning emissions for maximum catalytic converter life. Web:

Mess-less Gel Lube

Tired of the mess and waste associated with runny lubes? ITW Rocols Accu-Lube Gel Paste can easily be applied horizontally using a soft brush without discoloring, contaminating or damaging tools. Made from renewable resources, the dark-blue natural-based gel lubricant is environmentally conscious, biodegradable, nontoxic, nonhazardous and requires no special disposal, the company says. For use in tapping, reaming, drilling and short-run machining, its said to be safe on all metals and require no cleaning prior to heat treating. Ready to use, its available in 8-oz. jars or 5-gallon pails. Web:

Warren Offers DEF

Warren Oil has entered the diesel exhaust fluid arena with Lubriguard Skyblue DEF, a high-purity 32.5 percent aqueous urea solution stored on the vehicle in a supplementary tank. It is injected into the exhaust duct in precise amounts (approximately 2 percent of fuel consumption) determined via the vehicles electronic system. The DEF complies with 2010 EPA diesel emission standards, is ISO 22241 certified, meets DIN 70070 quality standards, and will display the American Petroleum Institutes symbol certifying that it meets requirements for manufacturing, quality, safety, environmental protection, packaging and handling. Available in bulk, 330- gallon totes, 55-gallon drums, and 1- and 2.5-gallon sets. Web:

Cant-miss Flushes

Detergent-based Amsoil Engine and Transmission Flush uses light base oil technology with powerful dispersants to flush sludge, varnish and deposits from automatic transmissions and diesel and gas engines in a single use. The company says it can be used to unclog fluid passages, reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and efficiency, lengthen transmission life and lower operating temperatures. It claims to reduce oil consumption, loosen sticky valves, quiet lifter noise and improve erratic shifting. After use, the flush can be disposed along with waste oil. It is not recommended for continuously variable transmissions, and comes in a 16-oz. bottle. Web:

Bulk Weigh Batching System

Flexicons Bulk Bag and Manual Dump Weigh Batch System weighs bulk materials and empties batches into mobile storage units – useful for production of lubricants containing bulk solid ingredients such as synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide, graphite, clay, molybdenum disulfide, PTFE and others. Manually start the programmable controller to load the first ingredient from one of two flexible screw conveyors into the central gain-in-weight hopper at maximum feed rate. Load cells transmit weight information to the controller, so as the target weight is neared, the second conveyor is ready for loading of the second ingredient before activating the slide gate valve to release the batch into the bins. The batching system features removable, washable polymer conveyor tubes and sanitary stainless steel finished material contact surfaces. Floor hopper also available with containment hood.

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