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More Life from Cutting Fluid

Corrguard EXT, a primary amino alcohol from Angus Chemical, enhances biocide performance to extend the life of metalworking fluid formulations. Advantages include biodegradability, improved corrosion inhibition and easy formulation, reports Angus. Corrguard EXT features reduced cobalt leaching and compatibility with aluminum alloys, which results in less aggressive multi-metal machining fluids. It also is REACH compliant. Web:

Pails Aplenty

Plastican is upping open-head pail production capacity at several plants this year, investing in additional molds. The cost-effective and durable containers hold lubricants, greases, cleaners, chemicals and more. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they meet customers requirements for compression, frozen impact and ambient strength, says the maker, as well as resistance to cracking caused by environmental stress. Custom resin blends are available, and Plastican experts also can advise on the most suitable decorating process for each application. Web:

Synthetics Target Wind Energy

Shell has a new portfolio of products for North Americas wind turbines, to protect hydraulic systems, blades, gearboxes, and yaw and pitch drives in these demanding applications. The lubes meet the specifications of many wind turbine manufacturers, and include Shell Tellus Arctic 32, a hydraulic fluid for extreme-climate wind turbines which has performed in the harsh winters of Mongolia, Scandinavia and the Americas. To fight fretting corrosion, moisture contamination and false brineling in blade bearings, at temperatures as low as -55 C, theres Shell Rhodina BBZ grease. And Omala HD 320 synthetic gear oil offers long oil life in wind turbine gearboxes. For the full lineup, visit content/lubes.

Stackem High

The Alvey GS100 series has joined Intelligrateds lineup of palletizers and depalletizers, providing a durable, reliable automated option at an affordable price, it says. With speeds up to 30 cases per minute and high-quality, robust construction, the equipment can serve large, multi-line projects, or smaller operations wishing to convert from manual to automatic palletizing. The units feature a compact, modular design and a small footprint. In some cases, says the companys Steve Ackerman, these palletiz-ers are so cost effective they can bring an ROI within months of installation. Web: www.

All Geared Up

Dow Ucon GL-320 lubricant is a new polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based gear oil, ready to deliver the specific performance properties needed for successful operation of wind turbine and other gearbox applications. Made with a proprietary Dow additive package, the PAG gear oil has a high viscosity index but needs no additional V.I. improvers, so it retains flu-idity in cold weather. It has a higher heat capacity than hydrocarbon oils and better lubricity at ambient temperatures, too, Dow adds, so it moves more heat and improves power output. Available in bulk, drums and 20L containers. Web:

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