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Food-grade Lubes with Oomph

Ultrachem Inc. has created the Omnilube family of lubricants, a broad line of synthetic food-grade lubricants for compressor, hydraulic, gear and multipurpose applica-tions. These oils and greas-es for incidental food con-tact are specially designed for longer equipment and lubricant life, less down-time and reduced mainte-nance costs, says Ultrachem. They meet the USDA and FDA regulations under 21 CFR 178.3570, conform to NSF require-ments, and also are approved Kosher by the Orthodox Union. Formulated for excellent antiwear protection and oxidative stability, the pre-mium synthetics and white oils mean users no longer have to sacrifice perfor-mance when converting to food-grade products, notes the companys Bob Whiting. Web: www.

Easier Being Green

Sunnens general-purpose cutting oil, SHO-500, is vegetable based, petroleum-free, and con-tains no chlorine, sulfur or fluorine additives. Its designed for applications where those additives are undesirable, such as nuclear and aerospace honing, and when compa-ny policy prohibits their use. The maker says the fluid offers oxidation stabili-ty and is appropriate for use with metal-bond and vitrified honing abrasives. Acceptable by religions and cultures around the world, it also is included on the USDAs list of Biopreferred Products. Available in 5-, 55- and 330-gallon containers. Web:

Check It Out

You dont need to be in a lab to analyze your own or your customers heavy-duty fleets oil based fluids. FleetCheckUp (part no. FL-42003-100) is a multi-fluid test media tool from OilCheckUp that goes any-where. Simply apply before-service new and after-service used engine oil, transmission and steer-ing or hydraulic fluid sam-ples to the labeled test spots (nine per sheet); The results allow visual chro-matographic comparison and indication of contami-nants, dilutions and break-down. Color graphs indi-cate if service is required. The test spots have a mini-mum 10 micron efficiency rating and flow rate 100 ml within 34 seconds. The kit includes zip-lock bag and template card for presentation to customer. Web:

New Arrow in Food-grade Quiver

ExxonMobil Chemical has gained U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for two Synesstic alkylated naphthalene flu-ids, for a fresh choice in formulating lubricants with incidental food contact. The 5 cSt and 12 cSt grades are registered HX-1 with NSF and have Kosher certification, too. The AN fluids, already used to extend performance in tough automotive and industrial applications, can be used as either base stocks or additives to boost the ability of lubri-cants and greases to han-dle the moist air and high temperatures often found in food processing. They offer hydrolytic and ther-mal-oxidative stability, good solvency and enhanced seal compatibili-ty, the company said, all without compromising food quality or safety in the event of incidental food contact. Web: www.exxonmobil

Safer Parts Cleaning

Safechem now offers risk management for chlorinated and non-chlorinated solvents used in pre-cision metal cleaning for the automotive, aerospace, medical equipment and electronics industries. Linking distributors, equip-ment manufacturers and waste-management com-panies, the Dow subsidiary says it can help customers meet cleaning require-ments while fully comply-ing with environmental reg-ulations. Safecare uses double-walled containers for safe handling of Dow solvents, plus commercial solvent-cleaning machinery to reduce spills and emis-sions, maximize cleaning and minimize solvent use and exposure. Clients may lease chemicals or equipment, and be invoiced based on cleaning perfor-mance rather than chemi-cal quantity used, the com-pany adds. Web:

Bend Better

Tired of the mess left by your tube-bending lubricant? Accu-Lube JL-12 is an opaque gel that stays where applied to avoid mess, and lower costs by reducing consumption and improving tool and man-drel life, says the maker, ITW Rocol North America. It leaves a clean, no build-up coating on mandrels. It can be applied by hand or pumped directly to the bending mandrel or tube. Theres no need to clean before welding, says Rocol, and it is easy to clean prior to plating or painting. Available ready-to-use in 5- or 55-gallon containers. Web:

Maintenance Crystal Ball

Avoid machinery failure by performing predictive maintenance using the SpectroLNF Q200 from Spectro, a division of QinetiQ North America. It monitors the quantity, size and type of wear particles generated by equipment as an indicator of cutting, fatigue and sliding-wear severity. The device direct-ly measures dynamic vis-cosity of oils (ISO 15 to 320) at 40 degrees C. Automatic calculation of dynamic equilibrium estab-lishes alarm limits. It ana-lyzes clean and used oils, identifies fibers, and reports particle trends, soot content and ppm of free water. Web:

Beat the Heat

Bel-Ray No-Tox Hi-Temp Oil 220 is a synthetic ester based lubricant for oven chains, couplings, sliding bearings, and heli-cal, spur or planetary gear units. It is NSF H1 regis-tered as a food-grade lubri-cant; ISO VG220 certified; 65 percent biodegradable as per ASTM D864; meets German DIN 51502 CLP gear lubricant standards; and contains FDA approved antimicrobial agents recognized by the EPA. The ashless fluid lubricant functions at tem-peratures up to 260 degrees C, has a high flash point, protects ferrous and nonferrous metals from corrosion, and leaves no significant residue, sludge or deposits, says Bel-Ray. The product is odorless, tasteless and non-carboniz-ing, and contains no petro-leum, it notes. Web:

Henkels Solid Performers

Henkels family of solid lubricant additives is growing, with several new products. Molydag 200 is a high-lubricity molybdenum disulfide additive for demanding applications nearing conditions of boundary lubrication. It aims to eliminate seiz-ing and improve antiwear, anti-fric-tion and extreme-pressure proper-ties of greases and oils. SLA 1614 is a fine PTFE additive used to reduce friction and increase antiwear, extreme-pressure and load-carrying capabilities, while extending life and saving energy. A third newcomer, SLA 2010, is a colloidal Cerflon PTFE/boron nitride dispersion offer-ing boundary lubrication to increase durability and range of application, including aerosols. Web:

Hydraulic Fluid Kind to Water

BASF has introduced synthetic Plurasafe H2O-K, designed to prevent corrosion and wear of hydraulic systems in sensitive marine and port applications, where contam-inating water is a concern. Douglas Brown, global business manager for lubricant oil additives, says the offer-ing adds broader dimensions to BASFs well-known Plurasafe base stocks and synthetic lubricants. Plurasafe H2O-K is water soluble, biodegradable and measures low in aquatic toxicity by test method OECD 203. It meets the require-ments of high-pressure hydraulic sys-tems functioning at 220 degrees F or higher and 5,000 psi or more, says the maker. Web:

SDS Noncompliance? Nevermore

Atrion Internationals cost-effective on-demand software, Poe, automates multilingual safety data sheets compliant with the most cur-rent global laws and regulations. Poe, powered by Ace, draws from Atrions managed regulatory content of over 300,000 chemical sub-stances, 7,500 proprietary rules and 150,000 regulatory phrases in over 44 languages and 100 templates, for use across more than 50 countries. SDS authors and environmental health and safety employees are able to access the secure, centralized web platform from anywhere, the company adds. Web: www.

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