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Be Aware of Wear

Spectro, part of QinetiQ North America, has unveiled the Spectroil Q100 oil analysis spectrometer, which allows users to detect and identify wear metals, contaminants and additives in used oils and hydraulic fluids. By quantifying these elements, users can spot irregularities and take action to maintain performance, cut maintenance costs and improve safety. Designed for use in the laboratory or in the field, the device uses atomic emission spectrometry (ASTM method D6595) to analyze 22 elements in 30 seconds (with the option of adding more elements as needed). Its smaller than prior models, easy to operate and ideal for commercial or military use, says Spectro. Web:

Solutions, Services and Training

Get customized products and services for your machinery at SKFs new 25,000-square-foot Solution Factory in Houston, serving industries such as petroleum and gas, wind energy, manufacturing, hydrocarbon processing and others. Expertise offered includes bearing application, remote condition diagnostics and monitoring, lubrication system know-how, sealing solutions, engineering consultation, training for operators and other workers, balancing and alignment of mechanical equipment, repair technologies and more. The facility aims to be a valuable destination for customers to increase reliability, productivity and efficiency of their operations, says SKF. Web:

Think Thin Film

Prevent metal components, coils and sheets from rusting with Lubrizols newest Alox additive packages, designed to protect exposed metal surfaces during storage or shipping, or to coat components between operations. Added to oils, solvents or a combination thereof, the three rust preventives offer enhanced solubility and protection from salt spray, while imparting only a thin film on the treated metals. Alox 2100 calcium package offers water separation and solubility for more than 100 hours; barium-containing Alox 2188 delivers cold-temperature stability; and Alox 2165 has 72 hours of salt spray performance, exceptional solubility and cold-temperature stability in both conventional and non-traditional oils and solvents. Web: www.

Tap Happy!

Tired of dirty, odorous tapping fluid? Quick Tap from Qualichem is a clear tapping fluid thats free of molybdenum disulfide, petroleum oil and chlorinated paraffins. Field trials have shown that environmentally friendly Quick Tap works similarly to or better than chlorinated alternatives, says the maker, making it okay to use as the sole tapping fluid in shops. Its designed to improve tool life, surface finishes, threading accuracy and production in tough tapping applications, including the aerospace industry. For use on metals including aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and many aerospace alloys, it comes in 55-gallon drums, 5-gallon pails or 16-oz. squeeze bottles. Web:

DIY and Dry

Liquid Wrench Dry Lubricant, part of the new Liquid Wrench line for do-it-yourselfers, is designed to go on wet and dry quickly to a white, ceramic-reinforced Cerflon lubricant powder. It is safe, long-lasting, non-staining and has low residual odor, says the company. Use it to reduce friction, protect against wear, quiet squeaks and prolong life. Its available in multiple product sizes as well as a dropper bottle for controlled indoor application. Suggested uses are on cabinet hardware, closet rollers, bifold door pivots, locks, folding knives, drawer guides, sliding doors and interior door hinges and windows. Web:

Ready to Upgrade Now?

February saw the launch of Infineum P5711, a top-tier, full-synthetic additive package for passenger car engine oils that meets both the new ILSAC GF-5 and General Motors Dexos 1 specifications. Thats far ahead of the Oct 1 first-use date for ILSAC GF-5 licensees, and also meets the expected market for Dexos 1, which GM will specify as factory- and service-fill for its 2011 vehicles models and beyond. Infineum worked in collaboration with GM to create this formula, which protects gasoline engines while passing a stringent combination of American Petroleum Institute, ACEA and GM powertrain tests. Next up, says the company: additional GF-5 products for North America, Japan, China and other parts of the world. Web:

Metalworking Coolant Works Hard

ITW Rocol North America has introduced Rustlick PowerCool MaxLife and PowerCool MaxLife CF (chlorine-free) coolants, intended for low to heavy-duty operations such as cutting, grinding, machining and milling. Both these water-soluble oils feature extreme-pressure additives, maximum biostability and fluid performance, decreased overall fluid use, and long sump life, says the maker. Theyre appropriate for all metals including ferrous or nonferrous, brass, copper, aluminum and bronze; for titanium, the non-chlorinated formula is recommended. Available in 5- or 55-gallon units. Web:

Dont be Footloose

Need to sop up liquid and prevent slips? New Pigs Pig Rhino absorbent mat withstands continual foot traffic while soaking up leaks and over-spray in entrance ways or other large areas. The spun-bond polypropylene top layer is thermally bonded and features zig-zag stitching for strength and wear resistance. The base comprises eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene to absorb spills, and has a dimple design for fast wicking. After use, either wring it out to retain process fluids or burn it for waste stream management. Available with poly backing to protect floors from liquid contact. Web:

Within REACH

REACHtracker 2.0 from Atrion and Actio alerts organizations if any of their substances, raw materials or finished products do not comply with Europes REACH legislation. The system collects data from suppliers and customers to ensure that all incoming and outgoing materials meet the substance-based regulations, and that information about hazardous materials can be passed along to downstream users. By improving communication up and down the supply chain, precautions can be taken to avoid risk. Features include at-a-glance visual reporting, VeriSign security, and tools for collecting and managing data from consumers and suppliers. REACHtracker also alerts when data is added, changed or reviewed and when a substance volume exceeds or approaches limits. Web:

Cutting Oil Upgrade

Blasters Cut N Cool (formerly Extends Tool Life) has been reformulated for improved performance in demanding cutting applications. This light-colored, petroleum based oil contains chlorine, sulfur, anti-weld and wetting agents. It is said to meet environmental regulations, prolong tool life, improve quality and productivity, reduce rejects, and prevent rust on materials, machinery and tools. With a higher flashpoint than before, it can be used in numerous cutting operations with metals including aluminum, aircraft steel, cast iron, carbon steels and hard alloys such as stainless steel. Suited for tool steel and carbide grinding, its packaged in a recyclable aerosol can for ease of application. Web:

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