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Oil Protects Gas Engines

Petro-Canadas Sentron LD 5000 has won approval for use in GE Jenbacher Type 6 natural gas engines, with extended drain intervals. In difficult field trials, the oils maintained cleanliness and protected bearings, cylinder liners and piston rings from scuffing – even with oil drain intervals extending beyond 10,000 hours. The oils low volatility also improved work environments by reducing oil odors, oil consumption and emissions, said Petro-Canada. Its designed for operations involving light biogas, combined heat and power, coal-bed methane, halogen-free landfill and sewage gases. The product also holds approvals from Guascor, MAN, MDE, MTU and Waukesha, and verification from Caterpillar. Web:

Green Spray Lube

LiQuifix, a new multipurpose non-aerosol spray lubricant, is intended as an automotive, marine or household lubricant to eliminate squeaking, sticking, and binding. This ultra-thin film is nontoxic and long-lasting, has very low VOCs, and meets both California indoor air pollution standards, and FDA Regulation 21 CFR, so its safe to use indoors, in gardens or around pets, says the maker. The only spray lube certified green by Scientific Certification Systems, it is mineral oil based, odorless, corrosion resistant and nonstaining on fabrics. LiQuifix is NSF H1 registered as well. Web:

Choose Your Hydo

Caterpillars Cat Hydo Advanced SAE 10W and SAE 30 hydraulic oils are compatible with newer advanced hydraulic equipment, as well as older systems, in a wide range of applications. Built with robust antiwear and antioxidant additives, they can provide up to 6,000-hour drain intervals. Looking for a bio-based option? Cat Bio Hydo Advanced consists of 99 percent bio-derived base stock. This bio-oil has fast air release for low foam formation, is biodegradable, and wears the EU Flower eco-label. Available from Cat dealers only. Web: parts/oils

Good Things Come in Threes

Three new viscosity index improvers from IPAC stabilize lubricant viscosity across a broad range of temperatures. These amorphous polymer additives, varying in molecular weight and low-temperature properties, are said to reduce cost and increase performance. IPAC 5525 is a solid with high shear stability (25 ssi) that thickens lubricants to meet stay-in-grade requirements. It is appropriate for all lubricant applications and ideal for meeting high-performance specs, says IPAC. The solid IPAC 5535 has medium shear stability (35 ssi) and thickening properties suitable for a wide range of applications, including heavy-duty engine oils. And for passenger car engine oil formulations, IPAC 5630 offers medium-high shear stability (50 ssi) and maximum thickening. Web:

Formulate with Bismuth

Houston-based Soltex Inc. has introduced two bismuth AW/EP additives, said to be ideal for greases, gear oils, metalworking fluids and numerous other lubricant applications. PCA3001 is a bismuth soap additive which allows the formulator great flexibility in product design, the companys Gabby Massoud points out, while PCA3002 is a fully formulated additive package containing bismuth soap, dispersants and detergents, for the formulator who is looking for ease of use. Both products are nontoxic and excellent alternatives to chlorine EP additives, she added. E-mail gmassoud@soltexinc. com for information or samples. Web:

XL-lent Pump for Lubes

Need a pump that is energy efficient, easy to use, and inexpensive to maintain, for filling, processing and transfer applications in your lube plant? Blackmer says its XL series sliding vane pumps are made of ductile iron so they withstand stress and thermal shock better than cast iron. They can be rebuilt without removing from piping, using replaceable casing liners and end discs, and are available with 1.25- or 1.5-inch NPT-tapped ports that can be mounted to a NEMA C-face motor using an integral bracket or flanged ports. All models can be base-mounted with helical gear reducers, and include FKM O-rings with optional Buna-N or PTFE elastomers. Web:

Blue and Tough

Blue Works high-performance PTFE lubricant, part of WD-40s new industrial-grade lineup, is designed for professionals who want extended lubrication and protection against motion, pressure, extreme temperatures (-50 to 500 degrees F), and heavy loads. NSF H2 registered and VOC-compliant in all 50 states, the aerosol spray is said to be safe for use on most plastics, all metals, wood, glass, rubber and vinyl. Use it to reduce wear and friction on hubs, chains, sliding tracks, wire ropes, axles, cranks, hinges, fasteners, bushings, linkages, tools, pulleys, saws, conveyors, winches, cogs and hydraulics. Web:

Aid for Low-emissions Engines

Rotella T3 NG Energized Protection oil from Shell Lubricants is designed with specialized additives for compressed and liquefied natural gas (CNG and LNG) engines used in trucking and public transportation. These engines produce lower emissions, but components undergo a range of temperatures and pressures during operation. To extend vehicle operation, the low-ash product protects bearings, liners, rings and valvetrain parts from wear; defends against corrosion that results from acid formation; and controls deposits to keep engines clean. The new Rotella oil is for engines using 100 percent CNG or LNG (particularly those requiring reduced ash) including Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Hyundai, and Mahindra and Mahindra models. Web:

Additive Meets Food Regs

New Priolube 3970 from Croda Lubricant Additives has achieved HX-1 registration with NSF Internationals Nonfood Compounds Registration Program. The product approval and listing program, based on U.S. regulations, deems the biodegradable ester safe for use in lubricants in and around food processing equipment with incidental food contact. Priolube 3970 can be used for a variety of applications, as either a lubricant base fluid or an additive to enhance lubricity. It is made from renewable resources, has high hydrolytic and oxidative stability, and works well under high temperatures, says Croda. Use it in air compressors, gear oils, greases and even engine oils. Web:

BioPreferred Alternative

RyDol Products has introduced a multipurpose biobased aerosol spray lubricant. This alternative to petroleum based lubricants or petroleum distillate solvents contains PTFE and boron nitride in soy methyl ester and soybean oil, and uses nitrogen as a propellant instead of carbon dioxide. The product meets EPAs Environmental Preferable Purchasing standards and is listed as a USDA BioPreferred Product. It cleans, lubricates, degreases, preserves, penetrates and protects. Web:

Bright White Spotlight

When circulated in most petroleum-based fluid systems, Spectroline Oil-Glo 30 identifies leaks by glowing bright white under a Spectroline high-intensity ultraviolet lamp. That differentiates it from other fluid dyes, which typically fluoresce yellow or green at leak sites. The highly concentrated fluorescent dye can remain safely in the system until the next oil change, allowing for periodic rechecking. Applications include compressor, engine and gearbox oils, or in lubrication and hydraulic fluid systems. For leaks in complex parallel systems, Spectroline offers other dyes that fluoresce in distinct colors. Web:

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