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Radiator Specialtys Liquid Wrench Lubricating Oil creates a thin, wet film that provides colorless coating, light to medium lubrication and prolonged protection from corrosion, rust and wear. The oil dissolves old lubricants, stops squeaks and loosens sticking parts. Use it on electrical appliances and wiring, garden tools, hand tools, exterior locks and hinges, spark plugs, engines, switches, and coils to remove moisture. Its just one of a new line of products from the sellers of Gunk. Do-it-your-selfers can choose the product best geared to their needs by checking advice on the packaging, texting LO to 25827 for a list of appropriate applications, or using the Solution Finder on the companys website. Web:


Tech-Cool 35052 is a heavy-duty, semi-synthetic, chlorinated extreme-pressure metalworking fluid from Chemetall that can be applied in a variety of operations. Its benefits include corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning, lubricity, longer tool life, emulsion stability, elimination of residue despite harsh water conditions, bacteria resistance without biocides or secondary amines, and low foam formation without use of silicone defoamers. Use with difficult materials (such as cast and wrought-aluminum alloys, titanium, high nickel alloys, or stainless or cold-formed steel), and to thread tap, worm roll, roll-tap, roll thread, creep feed grind, mill, or drill. Web: www.

An Uplifting Dumper

Need to empty drums directly into process equipment from five to 10 feet above the plant floor, without dust contamination? Flexicons Tip-Tite high-lift drum dumper is loaded at floor level, then raises the drum against a discharge cone to form a seal. Once at dumping level, the drum is tilted 90 degrees so the cone connects to a gasketed receiving ring, and a pneumatically actuated slide-gate valve allows material flow. Users can fit the receiving ring to existing equipment, or to an optional hopper lid with integral flexible screw conveyor or pneumatic pick-up adapter. It handles 30- to 55-gallon drums and is available in mild steel with a durable industrial coating; with stainless steel contact surfaces; or in all-stainless steel. Web:

Less Mess for MSDS

Imteks online MSDS hosting and management service is designed to be a secure, password protected, low-cost and user friendly method of retrieving pertinent information. Constantly available via the Internet, the system allows global access to an unlimited number of EHS documents, MSDS, certificates, conformity declarations, toxicity summaries, and environmental statements related to a companys products – all in one easily searchable location. With its basic and advanced searching capabilities, users can view, save, print, e-mail or fax search results, print compliant labels, bulk upload or download hundreds of documents, classify items as public or private, and more. Administrators can create the required documents, and load, transfer, edit, copy or delete them as needed. Web:

Flexible Palletizer

Intelligrated has introduced the Alvey 950 hybrid in-line palletizer. This system manages multiple product formats, complex patterns and small finished cases, using one or more robotic arms from the manufacturer of your choice. Programmed from a human machine interface using your choice of operating software, it allows packaging at a rate of 100 cases per minute, speedy line changeover, and quick, simple product reconfiguration, says the company. The palletizer handles finished products gently to avoid damage. Also new are Alvey robotic palletizing solutions, using jointed-arm robots engineered for a variety of applications and product sizes. Web: www.

Deacom Updates Software

Integrated accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider Deacom has released an updated version of its system for medium to large chemical manufacturers. Deacom 12.1 offers menu upgrades as well as enhanced scanner, material requirements planning, dashboard reports, physical inventory and financial statement functions. In addition to customer relationship management, sales, purchasing, accounting, production and inventory control, the new menu also includes frequently accessed reports and forms, and an RSS feed for further updates from Deacom. Over time, these smaller updates will make the system more user friendly than larger-scale changes would allow. Web:

Lube of Many Uses

Quick Dry Moly Lube is CRCs new molybdenum disulfide fortified, EPA compliant, dry-film lubricant designed to improve performance and extend equipment life. It works by filling in surface pores, forming a smooth barrier that repels dirt and protects metal surfaces from friction and pressure. Its adhesion properties allow instant bonding to metal surfaces, while enduring extreme pressures, water and chemical contact, and temperatures up to 650 degrees F, says CRC. Use it as a general purpose or maintenance lubricant on conveyer and transfer belts, chains, gaskets, gears, hoists, rollers, wheels, and low-load, high-temperature or high-RPM slides. The spray also works as an assembly lubricant or release agent for rubber moldings. Web:

Get Grounded with GoatThroat

Transfer flammable Class 1 and 2 flammable liquids using GoatThroats SCP-6500 pump, from Westcott Distribution. Constructed of conductive plastic, the design features a lug with grounding wire for grounding the pump, liquid and container (with proper bonding); this makes it possible to safely pump volatile hydrocarbons, alcohols and flammable solvents. Available in four models, they are environmentally conscious, spill-proof, cost-effective, and UN safety standard compliant. The pumps can drain 5- to 55-gallon containers and drums dry in accordance with federal regulations, and last 10 to 15 years, according to Westcott. Web:

Fight Gelling

Is frigid weather slowing the flow of fuel in your diesel engines, causing excessive downtime? Lubricant manufacturer Amsoil offers a diesel recovery fuel additive, in drums or 1- and 5-gallon containers, thats designed to be added to fuel tanks to reverse the gelling effect of extreme cold on biodiesel, ULSD and off-road diesel fuels. It keeps diesel fuel flowing by separating molecular bonds in wax crystals that gel in engine components and hinder their function, the company says. Free of alcohol and chemicals that may affect fuel system components, it is safe for repeated application and diminishes the need to replace fuel filters. A 30-oz. bottle treats 30 gallons of fuel. Web:

Want More Sump Life?

As a nonhalogenated semi-synthetic metalworking fluid, Trim MicroSol 695 from Master Chemical functions like a heavy-duty soluble oil while keeping machines clean. While suitable for the automotive industry, it meets aerospace industry standards. In tests, it performed similarly to or better than chlorinated alternatives, doubling sump life, and eliminating the need for tankside additives. It cuts maintenance, inhibits corrosion, and offers longer tool life, as well as better cooling and improved lubricity without residues and oil mist, says the company. It contains no sulfurized EP additives, nitrates, phenols or triazines. Web: www.

Clean Up Your Act

Attix 30 and 50 industrial wet/dry vacuums, designed by Nilfisk Alto for the lube and oil industry, have improved synthetic dust bags, tool deposit, and accessory storage. The now standard push-and-clean feature lets users clean filters easily to maintain suction. The Attix 30 has an 8-gallon collection container, and operates at a low noise level. Portable, compact and durable, its available with auto start for use in conjunction with electric tools. The Attix 50 has a 12-gallon collection container, is easy to use, reliable, and handles pneumatic tools as well. Its also available with XtremeClean, providing even faster cleaning and nanofiber filters. Web:

Go Green, Not Broke

Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) provides returnable, reusable containers to rent, which can help manufacturers save money while reducing their carbon footprint. For dry and liquid contents, the stackable, collapsible containers save warehouse space and make the most of truckload space, reducing gas emissions. Barcode identification of each container enables easy tracking to optimize supply-chain use, minimize unused inventory, and reduce shipping costs. CAPS will clean, repair, or recycle containers to maximize their use. Web:

A Boost for Bio-hydraulics

Cognis introduces the ProEco range of high-performing synthetic bio-hydraulic fluids, clearly differentiated products that are available for rebranding. ProEco 801 is a premium product that combines exceptional performance in aspects such as drain interval, seal compatibility, wear and corrosion protection and foam control, Cognis says, plus has a unique profile in terms of biobased content, biodegradability and international eco labeling. Typical uses include construction equipment and marine hydraulics. Another in the range, ProEco 501, is tailored for applications where environmental impact is paramount. And ProEco 400 targets applications that have an emphasis on extended drain intervals. Web:

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