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Good to Have the Blues

Industrial-grade Blue Works multi-purpose lubricant – one of WD-40s new Blue Works products for industrial and maintenance professionals – is formulated to withstand tough conditions. Use it on chains, gears, hinges, linkages, pulleys, rollers, tools and wheels, or to loosen stuck bolts, locks, nuts, and valves; it outperformed competing products in multiple independent ASTM tests, says the maker. This synthetic lubricant containing PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is NSF H2 registered, VOC compliant, and works as both a penetrant and moisture displacer. It prevents corrosion and rust by providing a thin, clear protective barrier and by removing contaminants and soils. Web:

Sturdy Drip Catcher

DripStop containment products offer an affordable way to catch drips and leaks. DripStops are strong, durable, lightweight, easy to use, portable, reusable, UV resistant, corrosion and rust proof, made in the USA from 100 percent post-consumer plastic, and meet EPA and Uniform Fire Code regulations. Slide them under equipment in the field, plant or maintenance facility, and use them to hold messy batteries, air compressors, generators, used oil filters, cement, portable toilets, drums and tanks. They are compatible with most chemicals and can recover their shape after being driven over with light loads. Available in 30-, 60- or 140-gallon sizes. Web:

Number One

Agreen alternative to petroleum-based solvents, Tower Oil & Technologys Saf-T-Vanish #1 is a biodegradable synthetic fluid made from renewable resources. It contains no VOCs, mineral oil, sulfur, chlorine or phosphorus, says the company, yet it exhibits good lubricity, cooling, wetting and flushing properties. This nonhazardous, nonflammable, corrosion resis-tant, low-odor fluid produces no harmful fumes in high-temperature secondary operations, and evaporates fast. It extends tool life, leaves parts clean for assembly, packaging or painting, and is safe for use on all metals and carbide tooling. No wonder it won an award for Best New Material from the Precision Metalforming Association. Web:

Beat Corrosion on Head Bolts

Loctite head-bolt and water-jacket sealant from Henkel is a black, anaerobic paste for threaded fasteners used on chemical or water jackets. It lubricates for assembly torque, seals to inhibit loosening, prevents seizing, facilitates disassembly, withstands temperatures of -65 to 300 degrees F, and endures pressures up to 10,000 psi – all while resisting bacteria and corrosion. Use it on long engagement bolts in boilers, thermostats, intake manifolds, engines, pumps and water-treatment systems. Available in 50 ml tubes. Web: /mronew

Halal Nod for Kluber

Over 100 Kluber Lubrication products for food-processing equipment now have Halal certification. The availability of these products allows food processors to meet a wider range of consumers requirements. Kluber also recently achieved ISO 21469 certification status for meeting hygiene standards for lubricant formulation, manufacturing and application. Look for the full line of Halal designated products in addition to Klubers NSF registered and Kosher approved food and beverage industry products. Web:

Ready for 2010

2010s emissions compliant engines are loaded with critical diesel particulate filters (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) systems. To prepare for this advanced technology, Chevron has been testing its Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil for two years in Volvo engines equipped with such devices. The tests showed the engine oil improved durability and reliability while reducing wear, and also tapered sulfated ash buildup in engines with DPF (compared to same grade API CI-4 PLUS oils). The positive effects were seen even with 30,000 to 40,000 mile drain intervals, said the company; it credits the strong performance to its proprietary Isosyn base oils and strong additive technology. Web:

A Look at Trucking Trends

The American Trucking Associations have released Trends, the American Trucking Trends of 2009-2010. The ATAs economists prepared this guide to factors affecting the U.S. trucking and transportation industries. Available as a book, CD or downloadable pdf, it includes facts and figures regarding industry size, statistics, trucking performance, retail sales, safety, taxes, fleet demographics, international trade, U.S. commercial truck configurations, and diesel fuel price trends. A must-read for analysts, logistics providers, trucking companies, industry suppliers, and anyone making public policy decisions, its available from ATA Business Solutions. For pricing and ordering information, visit www.atabusiness

Expanding Service

The opening of a new calibration and service center at the centrally located Ametek Petrolab oil and gas facility has allowed customers to experience a reduction in cost and turnaround time, as well as improvements in service, the company says. The center near Tulsa, Okla., meets customers needs by providing sales support, factory-trained service representatives, a full staff of engineers, and a wide inventory of replacement parts. ISO certified since 1993, Petrolab offers analytical testing instruments and products for an array of industrial users. Web:

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