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Impressive Compressor Lubes

Emgard 2100 and 2150, two new refinery compressor lubricants from Cognis, are made with premium-quality ester base stocks and additive technology capable of meeting the requirements of reciprocating and rotary air compressors in these tough operating environments, says the company. The synthetic lubricants meet UOPs compatibility requirements for its platform catalyst technology, and also can be used with common hydrotreating and reforming catalyst systems. They are available for rebranding, as well. Web:

New Hydraulic Additive

A new antiwear hydraulic oil additive, OLOA 26008, is available from Chevron Oronite. The product has numerous OEM approvals, including Cincinnati Machine, Denison and Eaton, following lab and performance tests. For use in industries as wide-ranging as construction, fishing, injection molding, stamping, mining and marine, OLOA 26008 is designed to reduce valve sticking, metal transfer and complications with filterability. The additive package resists oil degradation at elevated operating temperatures, and handles the demands of todays compact hydraulic systems, higher flow rates and greater pressures, says the company. Need this product with a foam inhibitor? Try OLOA 26008A. Web:

Rugged Conveyor

Stainless-steel, chain-driven roller conveyors from Specialty Equipment are built for rugged environments, even wash-down applications. Designed to handle drums, pallets or IBCs weighing 500 to 5,000 pounds, they can manage drums up to 750 pounds, at speeds up to 60 fpm. These conveyers feature 304 stainless-steel bearings, chains, rollers, sprockets, frames and supports, wash-down gear motors, wash-down drives, and all-welded construction. Contamination is prevented by ultra-high molecular weight seals and splash guards. The complete system uses discrete powered zones of accumulation to interface with drum dumping systems. Web: www.specialty

Take Soy Home

Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing is taking its message directly to consumer households, with a new SoyLube kit. Each kit contains four easy-to-use containers of liquid lubricant for bicycle chains, door hinges, sewing machines, garage doors, etc., as well as a tube and a tub of grease for RV hitches, wheels and sliders. The U.S.-made SoyLube products included in the kit are manufactured from renewable domestic resources, as an alternative to petroleum-based products; because they are biobased they are considered safe to use in homes where children, pets and plant life may be exposed, says ELM. They have a flash point 200 degrees higher than comparable petroleum products, reducing the risk of fire. Web:

Ease Your Separation Anxiety

Lubrizols Trident H-E-I additive technology helps avert damage from the phenomenon known as phase separation, caused by the presence of ethanol in gasoline engines of flex-fuel vehicles. The new ILSAC GF-5 standard requires that engine oils address phase separation, to prevent premature engine failure. Engine oils formulated with Trident H-E-I will improve the use of ethanol-containing fuels, the company explains, by keeping oil, ethanol and water in one phase. This minimizes rust formation that results from the water phase, prevents blockage of lubricant flow due to freezing of the water phase, and reduces white sludge that forms when a lubricant combines with water and ethanol. Web: www.TridentHEI

More PAO, Now

To meet growing demand for synthetic base stocks, ExxonMobil Chemical announced it is increasing the flow to market of its high-viscosity SpectraSyn polyalphaolefins, with an additional 15,000 tons of product per year achieved through a custom manufacturing arrangement. The additional production of these fluids further demonstrates our commitment to grow with our valued customer, said Habib Quazi, Synthetics global vice president. The companys high-performance SpectraSyn PAO fluids range in weight from 2 to 1,000 cSt. Its synthetic base stock portfolio also includes Synesstic alkylated naphthalenes. Web: www.exxonmobilchemical .com or www.exxonmobil

Uni-Max Upgrades

Unist Uni-Max series of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) spray systems have been updated to an enclosure design. They now have a modular enclosure, which in addition to looking nicer, improves access to key components for maintenance. Keyed locks also are available for the enclosure, to prevent unauthorized manipulation of system settings. Unist MQL systems are designed to reduce metalworking fluid consumption, while improving operating efficiencies in metal cutting and forming operations. Web:

Decades of Data

With data now available via the internet, the Institute of Materials (IOM) can help you monitor and track industry and market trends, keep an eye on the competition, and spot-check products for quality control. At the online IOM Engine Oil Data Store, customers can access 25 years of independently obtained test performance data, covering thousands of engine oils in worldwide retail markets. Users can purchase annual subscriptions to the entire database, region-specific data, or data by oil product and test. Web:

Be a Fast-change Artist

EZ-Lock spindle coupling kits from Brookfield Engineering save time and increase productivity, by making it quicker and easier to attach and detach spindles on Brookfields most commonly used accessories. Choose from four new kits, including the EZ-Lock vane spindle set for measuring gels, fluids, and pastes with suspended solids; the Thermosel for testing at elevated temperatures; the Helipath stand for measurement of gels, pastes, putty and other nonflowing substances; and the DIN 53019 compliant DIN adapter. Two previously released kits (the small-sample adapter for rheological evaluation with limited sample volume, and the UL adapter for low-vis materials) are also available. Web: www.brook

In-line Process Controller

The ViscSense viscosity control system from Norcross continuously monitors temperatures up to 220 degrees F and low-shear viscosities from zero to 600 CPS, regardless of vibration or flow. Designed for inline applications with up to 10 stations, it is suitable for low-viscosity liquids such as lubricants, hydraulic fluids, metalworking oils, coatings and others. The system features compatibility with any programmable logic controller, ease of installation and operation, touch screen, compact acoustic wave sensor, continuous monitoring and more – without moving parts or maintenance. The sensor and interface are priced from $5,495, while the system complete with controller is priced from $8,995. Web:

Put Fireflies to Work

Rapid microbial counting is critical for many organic-based fluids, such as fuels, lubricant fluids, metalworking emulsions, and bottom water from oil tanks. LuminUltras innovative Quench-Gone Organic Modified (QGO-M) biological monitoring test kit quickly measures microbiological activity through firefly luciferase assays. Luciferase is the enzyme in the tails of fireflies that produces light. The assay works on the principle that the concentration of microorganisms in a sample positively correlates to the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) present. Combining a prepared sample with a solution containing the enzyme luciferase causes the ATP in the sample to emit light. The more light is emitted, the more ATP is present – and thus the greater the concentration of microorganisms. Web:

Go Green, Not Down in Flames

Are you an operator of hydraulic equipment who is concerned about the environment as well as performance? Forsythe Lubrication offers Power Flo, a biodegradable, non-sheening, nontoxic water-soluble hydraulic fluid with a high viscosity index, low compressibility and low pour point. Recently approved for fire safety by Canadas Labour Department, it is currently used in aquatic weed harvesters, bulldozers, compactors, drill rigs, excavators, forklifts, swing and lift bridges, suction trucks, shredders, waste trucks, marine hydraulics, marine locks and turf machinery. Power Flo allows trucks to run cooler, is safer for workers and has improved overall operational performance, says the maker. Web:

Luxe Hybrid Rolls with Mobil 1

Mobil 1 is now the factory-fill and service-fill endorsed motor oil for both the full-size Cadillac Escalade Hybrid SUV and the redesigned Cadillac CTS-V. The 09 Escalade Hybrid employs two-mode hybrid technology which unites a 300V battery and a combustion engine to combine the power of two electric motors. Rated best-in-class for fuel economy, it gets an EPA-estimated 20 mpg in city (a 50 percent improvement) and 21 mpg on-highway, says Cadillac. Mobil 1 protects the hybrids 332-horsepower V8 engine capable of generating 367 ft.-lb. of torque and towing upwards of 5,500 pounds. In the CTS-V, Mobil 1 keeps the 6.2-liter supercharged 556 hp V8 running smoothly, allowing it to reach 550 ft.-lb of torque. Web:

Oil Analysis Training

Condition Monitoring International and Lubrigard are offering Oil Monitoring Analysis courses in Miami, Fla., March 16 and 17, taught by noted experts Jack Poley and Michel Murphy. The basic course, OMA 101, is for anyone who participates in oil analysis including oilers, sample takers, aspiring data evaluators and anyone receiving oil analysis reports. It covers practical information such as recommended tests, correct sample information and techniques for sample collecting. The advanced OMA 201 course aims at those who manage oil analysis, and teaches how to assess situations and provide accurate and constructive recommendations. Topics include a variety of tests for a range of components; data interpretation including trends and sensitivity; and improvements in the field like the introduction of reliable sensors and portable analysis equipment.The courses are STLE-approved as part of its criteria for Certification in Oil Monitoring Analysis, and cost $1,295 per course. Web:

Change Made Easier

Whenever old coolant is taken out of a sump and new coolant added, a number of serious hazards can arise, says ITW Rocol North America. Achieving a safe and efficient coolant changeover is the idea behind the Rustlick Startup Kit. It puts all the right tools at hand: instructions; a 16-ounce bottle of Triadine 20 microbiostat to clear out bacteria and keep them out of the new coolant after the changeover; one gallon of Kleenzol DY industrial-strength sump cleaner to remove residue, tramp and way-lube oil; and a 12-ounce spray-bottle of moisture-absorbing Rustlick 606 to spray on parts to prevent flash rusting.Web:

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