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LubeMarks First Priority

LubeMark, a subsidiary of ZXP Technologies, is now marketing 1st Priority brand automotive and specialty chemicals. These competitively priced products are high quality and can match if not exceed industry standards, according to the company. Included in the product line are small-engine oils for use in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, API-licensed gasoline engine oils designed for cars, vans, and small trucks, and diesel engine oils for heavier trucks. LubeMark also offers automatic transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, hydraulic oils, bar and chain oil, gear oils and windshield wiper fluid. These products are available in a variety of sizes from small packages, totes, and pails to drums and bulk, and can be ordered in quantities smaller than full truckloads. Mixed truck orders can be fulfilled by full pallet sizes.


Good-better-best Turbine Oils

ConocoPhillips has upgraded its turbine oil product line marketed under the Conoco, Phillips 66, and 76 Lubricants brands. By reducing varnish build up and maintaining cleanliness the products improve turbine lifetime and performance, according to the company. ConocoPhillips now offers an improved basic Turbine Oil with a TOST rating of 15,000 (double the life of the past product) that is designed for geothermal, steam and hydroelectric turbines with less pressing oil cleanliness issues, and an improved medium-grade Ultra-Clean Turbine Oil with a TOST rating of 15,000 hours and a cleanliness rating of 18/16/13 for use in steam and gas turbines. The Diamond Class Turbine Oil has a TOST rating of 35,000 hours and a cleanliness rating of 18/16/13 for use in combined-cycle, drive gas, and cogeneration gas turbines. Web: www.conocophillips

They Got It in the Bag

Flexicon has introduced the Model BFB Basic Bulk Bag Filler, a less expensive, lighter weight version of its Twin-Centerpost filler for use in lower capacity filling operations. The design employs two on-center posts as opposed to four, reducing the weight and decreasing assembly and material costs without sacrificing structural stability, said Flexicon. Features include accessible bag connection points, adjustable-height fill heads for various bag sizes, a feed chute vent port to eliminate dust, and a cuff which inflates to seal bag spout inlets, reducing product loss. This new model is available with a material delivery system that can be incorporated into the clients existing equipment or storage units, a bag inflator, and a flow control valve that operates in conjunction with a programmable scale to fill bags by weight automatically. Web:

GoatThroat Pumps for Totes

GoatThroat pumps from Westcott Distribution, developed in cooperation with BioSafe Systems, provide a safe, cost effective, and simple alternative dispensing process for use with 275-gallon totes. Instead of using gravity to dispense the liquid, the food-grade thermoplastic GoatThroat attaches to the tote fitting and utilizes small amounts of pressure to move the liquid, reducing waste and eliminating the need to raise the tote. The pumps last 10 to15 years, come in four models, can fit 5- to 55-gallon containers, are approved for use with over 800 liquids, and meet RoHS, US FDA, and UN safety standards, in addition to emptying containers completely as defined by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Web:

A Pallet-able Alternative

Justrite Mfg. now offers EcoPolyBlend pallets. Made from 100-percent recycled post-industrial polyethylene, these pallets provide a more environmentally conscious alternative to wood pallets without compromising performance, according to the company. The pallets are said to be sturdy and guard against contamination from groundwater while meeting EPA, SPCC, and fire code regulations. In addition, the pallets feature large leak-proof sumps and removable grates for cleaning. Web:

Wheels Are Turning

Graham Engineering Corp. now offers the Mini Wheel, a lighter and more compact energy efficient version of its Wheel blow molding system, utilizing continuous rotation, upward extrusion, and bottom takeout. The Mini Wheel comes in nine, 10 or 12-station versions to accommodate a range of container sizes and is being marketed to smaller scale blow molding facilities for the production of co-extruded plastic containers. Some advantages of the Mini Wheel are the ease of control with only a single flow-head, consistent parison length due to dual end capture, elimination of parison motion or curling, more accurate calibration of bottle component layer thickness-es and improved weight uniformity enabling production of lighter weight containers. It also features 20 to 25 pound molds for easier handling. Web: www.

A Box to Cheer About

Cheertainer Bag-in-Box from CDF Corporation has been deemed compatible for petroleum products, after rigorous Dept. of Transportation testing. Ten-E Packages Services conducted the chemical compatibility study in accordance with DOTs regulations. For 28 days Cheertainers filled with either synthetic or regular motor oil were exposed to 122 degree F heat and inspected weekly to assess damage. During this time the product incurred no defects such as cracking, swelling, leaking, or crazing. Cheertainer can be used as a space-saving, cost effective, lighter weight, disposable alternative to firm packaging for petroleum products with the assurance that it is safe and effective, said CDF. Web:

Drum Filler Converts for Jugs

Specialty Equipments Model ADO-5520 automatic dual-lance 55-gallon drum filler features the ability to operate as a double 5-gallon jug or pail filler capable of filling eight pails per minute. Either setting can be selected by the operator with the flip of a switch. With strong welded stainless steel construction and fill stations featuring dual-lances that ascend as they fill from the bottom of each container, the machine is able to align single 55-gallon drums or 5-gallon drums or pails two at a time using either drum indexers or twin flip-down pail indexers. Both settings utilize rotators and pneumatic bung-opening locators for optimal positioning and conveyers for transport to automatic filling stations. Web: www.specialty

Lubrizol 5288 for Better Bearings

Lubrizol 5288 grease additive, when combined with urea-thickened, lithium or lithium complex bearing greases, improves bearing function and life, reducing cost of maintenance to consumers, says the company. The additives supplier says this multifunctional globally registered product enhances the ability of bearing greases to stand up to high heat situations while avoiding EU risk labeling at recommended treat rates. Web:

Extremely Handy

Graphite Extreme multipurpose spray recently was introduced to the U.S. market by manufacturer Jig-a-loo. Aimed at automotive end-users, this graphite-based product boasts the ability to fight friction and stand up to temperatures ranging from -99 F to 1,000 F. The lubricant has a variety of applications including on transmission, clutch and cable linkages; shock pistons; belt pulleys; header or exhaust bolts, and other components exposed to high heat. In addition, it can be used as a surface treatment to prevent freezing and rusting. The product is said to have anti-seize properties, and because its a spray, it can be applied on hard-to-reach areas such as hood latches and hinges. Now at Home Depot and other independent hardware stores. Web:

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