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Mix and Move

Complete skid-mounted mixing systems are now available from Charles Ross & Son Co. The systems are designed for the users need, and include the portable skid on caster wheels, mixer, pumps and controls. So far, system uses have included blending of transformer oils, glycerin and caustic mixtures, and mineral oil based fluids. Available mixer designs include the LPD, a low-pressure model typically used for low-vis turbulent flow mixing; or the ISG model, which has specially machined elements with passageways that guarantee the mixing of any pumpable material. The systems are constructed with materials to suit individual process needs, adds Shannon Wolf, product manager. E-mail:

Versatile Spray

Jig-A-Loo is making its U.S. market debut, and now is on shelves at Pep Boys, Wal-Mart, A&A Auto and other stores. This invisible lubripellent works as both lubricant and water repellent. Popular in Canada for 10 years, the product targets vehicle owners who seek to stop squeaks, unstick almost anything, and protect against freezing, rust and water damage. It lubricates doors, hinges, locks and window cranks, and even can be sprayed on a convertible top for water repellency. Silicone based Jig-A-Loo goes on dry, doesnt stain or smell, and can be used on wood, metal, leather, fabric and most plastics, the company says. Suggested retail price is $6.50 to $7. Web:

Bend Me, Shape Me

Form-A-Funnel is a new flexible tool that bends, molds and holds its shape to assist anywhere liquids, leaks or drips need to be drained, diverted, poured or transferred. Constructed of a moldable lead interior and fully coated with thick and pliable rubber, the funnel is chemical resistant and safe to handle. Offered by industrial supplier New Pig Inc., the funnel can be shaped to channel leaks directly into a container, which keeps drips off equipment and floors and reduces the potential for slips and falls. Cleanup is easy – just spray with any cleaner or degreaser and wipe away dirt or oil. When not in use, the Form-A-Funnel can be flattened out, or rolled up and stored in a tool box. Web: www. or

Your Shop, Cleaner

Hangsterfers Machine Cleaner is the latest innovation in machine and shop maintenance products from Hangsterfers Laboratories. This highly water dilutable cleaner concentrate is designed for individual sump and/or central system cleaning. It was intended as a single-source cleaning product, combining select ingredients that rapidly emulsify the heaviest of buildups caused by normal day-to-day running of water-soluble metalworking fluids. The unique formula allows oils and other contaminants to rapidly emulsify, and keeps them in this state of suspension as the system is recirculating. Other ingredients remove organic life forms associated with rancidity, fungus, mold and yeast. Result: Feed pumps and coolant lines are freed from buildups and have an increase in flow. Web:

VoxPop Compares Oils

Not all engine oil is created equal, points out Rebecca Cox of the Institute of Materials. So how does the oil in your vehicle compare to the others? IOM has a new web-based service for ordering its low-cost VoxPop Engine Oil Report. The report clearly and simply shows how a particular oil (selected by the customer) performed in nine critical lab tests, including a fuel efficiency rating. Drawing from IOMs unparalleled data-base containing thousands of oil samples, each VoxPop report compares the selected oil to other oils of the same viscosity grade and service classification. A report package costs only $10, and includes a reference sheet explaining the tests. VoxPop reports can be ordered at

Priolube Slate Expands

Croda has extended its range of Priolube specialty esters, bringing the total to more than 60 high-performance products and offering synthetic lubricant formulators the widest possible choice. Priolube esters are used in a huge variety of synthetic lubes, such as hydraulic fluids, chain oils, engine oils, greases, gear and transmission fluids, metalworking fluids, rolling oils, compressor lubes and turbine oils. The strengthening of the Priolube portfolio reinforces Crodas commitment to the lubricant industry, says Mike Millington of Croda. We will continue our drive to provide high-performance innovative solutions to our customers with an increasing emphasis on sustainable development. Web:

Keep Kool

JTM Products has a new metalworking coolant, specially formulated for high-pressure applications where foam-control problems often arise. A semi-synthetic cutting fluid containing mineral oil and extreme-pressure additives, KoolRite 2365 can be used with cast iron, all steels and nonferrous metals except magnesium. It exhibits unparalleled machining performance on aluminum, the company says, and delivers tool life and surface finishes unattainable with other coolants. In addition to controlling foam from high-pressure chip removal systems, the fluid is highly resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. It also wont remove paint or damage machines or seals, says JTM. Web:

New Tool for Fleets

Citgo HD Greenway aims to boost fleet performance, economically and environmentally. Using the new program, fleet managers can reduce vehicle wear and tear, improve fuel efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint by saving on fuel and maintenance, and save up to $4,000 a year per unit. Greenway comprises a family of synthetic products and the LubeAlert oil analysis management tool. With the oversight of a Citgo lubricant expert, the program is tailored for each fleet, to pinpoint areas of savings. Begin with Citgard SynDurance heavy-duty engine oil, then add a complete synthetic family of lubricants. Along with LubeAlert analyses, these can mean fuel economy savings of about 5 percent annually per fleet unit, Citgo says. Web:

EU Biocide Deadline Met

Troy Corp. has submitted on schedule all dossiers for its actives sold within the European Union, in accordance with the Biocide Product Directive (BPD). Troy biocides for metalworking fluids sold in the region include IPBC, EG-formal, HHT and BIT. The fourth and last phase for submitting products for EU review ended in November, so this compliance means the companys active substances are supported and can continue to be used in the region. Troy remains committed to supporting its customers during the BPD registration process, and continues to be the leading biocides and performance additives supplier that you have come to expect, said Ismael Colon of Troy Europe. Web: www.

Insights on Base Stocks

With new plants coming up around the world, especially in Asia, base oil suppliers critically need in-depth knowledge of their customer base, their current needs and growth potential. Thats why Kline & Co. is launching a comprehensive data-base that will capture the requirements from the 20 largest lubricant blending plants in each of the top 10 lubricant-consuming countries. Coming in the second quarter of 2009, the Kline Basestock Sellers Database (Report #Y675) will include blend plant ownership and production levels in 2008; products blended; key customer groups and regions served; the approximate split of base stocks purchased by API group and viscosity grade; and key expectations of base stock buyers. Subscribers will access the database

online. Web:

Thumbs Up for Blasogrind

Rollomatic Grinders, the Swiss maker of precision CNC grinding equipment for cutting tool makers worldwide, has approved the use of Blasogrind HC 5 grinding oil. Made by Blaser Swisslube Inc., and supplied for the U.S. market by Blasers Goshen, N.Y., facility, Blasogrind HC 5 is based on synthetic (hydro-cracked) oil. It handles precision grinding, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, fine-profile grinding and lapping. With excellent wetting and rinsing behavior, it improves surface quality and grinding wheel life, too, says Blaser. It has a high flash point and reduced emissions vs. mineral oils, and is specially suited to grinding of tungsten carbide without cobalt leaching. Web:

Slippery Surface

Scientists have developed Dylon Grade AE, a paint that leaves a coating of pure graphite on any surface. This dried graphite coating is very lubricious, will not melt at any temperature, will not attract dirt like grease or oil, has high thermal and electrical conductivity, and can be removed with cold water when no longer needed. Originally developed for aerospace use, the product suspends pure graphite crystals in a water carrier much like a latex paint. Its stable to about 350 degrees F., at which temperature the temporary binder evaporates, leaving no residue but the pure graphite. Uses for the dried slippery coating include temporary lubrication of large areas such as bins, chutes and funnels; glass making; rubber molds; hot pressings, and more. Web:

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