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Find Leaks Faster

Spectronics Corp. introduces Oil-Glo 40, an oil-based, fluorescent leak detection dye made for large industrial systems. The dyes bright blue glow pinpoints all fluid leaks in synthetic or petroleum-based fluid systems, including light-colored hydraulic fluid, very dark or intensely blue hydraulic and lubrication fluid, compressor oil, engine oil and gearbox oil. A leak is detectable after Oil-Glo 40 is added to any oil-based system and allowed to circulate five to 10 minutes. It can remain safely in the system for periodic rechecks, and there is no need to add additional dye until the oil is changed. Web:

Slimmer Skimmer

Designed to skim oil from tight spaces, the EconoMini oil skimmer is the latest addition to Abanaki Corp.s line of oil removal equipment. Compact and lightweight, this oil skimmer can be used on parts-washer tanks, coolant sumps and through a 2-inch opening of a 55-gallon drum. It requires no assembly and little mounting space. Belts are available in either polyurethane or stainless steel and in lengths of 8, 12, 18 and 24 inches. Web:

Put Grease in Its Place

Research indicates that more than 50 percent of all bearing damage is related to inadequate or improper lubrication, says the Timken Co. So the bearing maker has built on its line of industrial lubricants with the addition of several lubricant-delivery products, including grease guns, pumps and kits. The offerings, introduced in Canada during the second quarter and recently in the U.S., include a lever-type grease gun with metal barrel; an 18-volt battery-powered grease gun; a standard-duty, high-pressure 55:1 grease pump; and a heavy-duty version of the latter. The devices are said to be high-quality maintenance products that help decrease both machinery downtime and operating costs. Web:

No Worry Clean-up

EcoSolutions introduces its newest cleaning agent to the U.S. market: Aquaquick 2000, designed to ecologically biodegrade all mineral, vegetable and synthetic oils, fats, greases, fuels and other hydrocarbon pollutants from work environments. Made from plant extracts that themselves biodegrade fully, it can act as a degreaser in cleaning operations, a dispersant for oil spills at sea, a surfactant for drilling platforms, and a fire extinguisher for fuel fires, to name just a few uses. It claims to break down hydrocarbons rapidly – within 40 to 60 minutes in water purification plants, and by 96 percent within 21 days in the environment and surface waters. Aquaquick 2000 serves a range of industries including automotive, metalworking, mining, gas and oil, shipping, food and textile. Web: www.

Interactive Pump Program

Global Training Solutions Inc., a Mississauga, Canada-based classroom and online training provider, is now offering a pump training program for all maintenance staff. Offered in an interactive CD-ROM and web-based format, participants are introduced to centrifugal basics and troubleshooting, centrifugal pump overhaul, multistage centrifugal disassembly and reassembly, and positive displacement pumps. Each CD-ROM contains full motion video and is accompanied by an overview and five handbooks. The cost for the CD-ROM is $995; the web-based format varies by licensing agreement and the number of employees participating. Web: www.globaltraining

Silicone Protects Food Processing

CRC Water Based Silicone is a new, non-flammable multipurpose spray targeted to food processing and handling applications. The NSF H1-registered product lubricates in most metal-to-nonmetal applications, reducing galling and friction. The silicone-rich formula eliminates binding and sticking while protecting most surfaces, CRC Industries points out, and is harmless to most rubbers and plastics. End uses include food processing and handling equipment including chutes, guides, rails, conveyors, bottling machinery, slicers, ovens, freezers, knives, saws, linkages, locks, pulleys and more. Available in 16-oz. aerosol cans. Web:

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