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Vegetable-based Cutting Oil

Blaser Swisslube Inc., a supplier of Swiss-quality metalworking fluids, announces Vascomill 10, a vegetable-ester based cutting oil suited for high-pressure applications. Its low viscosity allows for maximum air escape, making it resistant to foaming even in long cycle times where high pressure is engaged more than 50 percent of the time. The liquid tool is suited for cutting oil applications in Swiss-style CNC lathes for stainless steels, titanium and high-temperature alloys. Web:

Grease Carries a Load

Shell Lubricants has a new family of grease products that is suited for mining and excavating equipment. Shell Malleus GL and Malleus OGM were developed for the lubrication and protection of open gears and wire ropes subjected to extreme loads and temperatures. Both formulations are lead- and solvent-free, contain EP chemistry, and use a combination of solid additives that enhance load-carrying capability, says Shell. They are effective for the lubrication of heavily loaded open gears found in grinding mills, kilns, shovels, draglines, stackers, reclaimers and excavator applications. Web: www.

Stamp of Approval

Anumber of Ciba additives for use in biolubricants now carry the European Eco-label, a flower-shaped symbol indicating that a product meets performance and sustainability criteria. Ciba Irganox, Irgalube, Irgacor, Irgafos, Irgamet and Sarkosyl are classified under the labels requirements related to performance, toxicity, biodegradability, bioaccumulation and renewability of raw materials. Our customers want additives that help them achieve sustainability without sacrificing performance, says Cibas Thomas Engelhardt. With our EEL-compliant additives, we [are] giving them a competitive edge in this demanding, environmentally conscious market. Web:

Synthetic Coolant

ITW Rocol North America introduces Rustlick Vytron-N, a synthetic machining coolant for grinding, sawing, tapping, drilling, turning and milling applications. The coolant is low foaming, provides excellent lubricity and offers rust protection, the company says. Its biostability and way-lube rejection keeps the coolant cleaner, promotes long-term sump life and prevents rancidity. The transparent solution is available in 1-, 5- or 55-gallon containers. Web:

Fight Varnish in Hydraulics

Sticking valves in a hydraulic system can impair responsiveness and reduce oil flow, leading to lost efficiency and higher maintenance costs. Lubrizol 6776 is a new, patent-pending clean additive technology that prevents varnish buildup in hydraulic systems. It provides excellent oxidation life to help extend oil life, maintains high-level thermal stability to help minimize varnish formation, and has superior demulsibility so water separates quickly, Lubrizol says. It also offers antiwear protection of system components, rust and corrosion protection and filterability. Web:

Yamaha Oil for 4-Strokes

Yamaha Motor Corp. has expanded its line of 4-stroke Yamalube motorsports engine oils with the addition of seven new formulations. Its product family now includes the Yamalube 15W-50 Full Synthetic with Ester; Yamalube 5W-40, 10W-50 and 20W-50 Semi Synthetics; and Yamalube Performance All Purpose 5W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50. The oils were specially formulated by Yamaha engineers for Yamaha motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, side-by-sides, scooters, snowmobiles and watercraft. Web:

Coating is Eco-friendly

Berucoat AK 978 is a synthetic, water-based antifriction coating for automotive applications from Etna-Bechem Lubricants Ltd. The product is used to eliminate stick-slip and to dampen noise caused by vibration on automotive interior components and interfaces such as instrument panels, door trims, plastics, leather and sealing materials. It offers improved environmental, health and safety benefits by surpassing low-V.O.C. emission benchmarks recognized by BMW and Daimler Benz. Cost effective and environmentally friendly, the product is easily applied, is self-healing and abrasion resistant, and contains a UV indicator for quality control detection. It is neutral to common materials like seals, polymers and nonferrous materials. Web:

Lighten Up

The Phaeton XTL series of tank illuminators from Clark-Reliance Corp. provide bright, clean light for any process vessel or storage tank. Using less than one amp, the lights view-through feature allows same-window viewing, instead of needing a second window into the tank. The LED technology has 33 times the brilliance of previous-generation LED lights, Clark said. The lights come in two models (6- or 4-inch diameters), and are available in 240V or 120V. They are FM-approved for hazardous environments. Web:

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