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Chill with Reflo XL

Following two years of development and comprehensive testing, Reflo XL has joined Petro-Canadas family of premium refrigeration compressor oils. It can help operators extend fluid life, reduce wear and extend drain intervals in ammonia refrigeration systems. Reflo XLs semi-synthetic formula is based on a blend of severely hydrogenated Group II base oils combined with a highly aromatic synthetic fluid commonly used in refrigeration systems. Tests show it outperforming competing Group II products in stability, wear protection, cold-temperature fluidity and resistance to TAN increase, the company says. It reduces seal swelling, and also recorded the lowest pour point of all the products tested. Web: www.lubricants.

Oil for High-pressure Hydraulics

Energy efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs are within reach, with new Mobil DTE 10 Excel hydraulic oils. Designed for the needs of both industrial and mobile high-pressure hydraulic systems, the product is targeted to a wide range of users, including construction, energy/power, mining, general manufacturing, machine shops, plastic and pulp/paper. The oil exceeds nearly all major industry specifications, says the company, including Denison HF-O, Eaton M2951, CM P69 and P70, and more. Field tests versus a competing oil showed it delivered measurable decreases in fuel consumption and cycle times; it also lasted up to three times longer, all the while maintaining system cleanliness and protection. Web:

Minimum Fluid Applied

Accu-Lubes Advantage applicator, from ITW Rocol North America, is designed for facilities seeking to minimize the quantity of lubrication in their machining operations. The handheld unit, featuring a heavy-duty magnetic base and easy-to-use controls, allows operators to move among different machines to service all their lubrication needs. It cuts fluid maintenance and disposal costs by eliminating flood coolants that produce harmful mist and can create rust on parts and machines. Available in one- and two-nozzle models, it comes standard with a 10-oz. lubricant reservoir, 8 feet of air/lubrication hose and flexible 12-inch Loc-Line nozzles with independent magnetic mounts. Web: www.

More Choices from Mystik

Citgo Lubricants has added a new formulation to its line of Mystik JT-8 synthetic-blend gasoline engine oils: An SAE 5W-20 now complements the brands 5W-30 and 10W-30 synthetic blends. All three viscosity grades are ILSAC GF-4/API SM certified, and formulated to guard against sludge, deposits, rust and corrosion and wear. The product features special friction modifiers to assure increased fuel economy, and formulations that are thermally stable and durable, for year-round protection. They also meet turbocharged gasoline engine requirements, says the company. Web:

Targeting Wind Energy

Kluberplex BEM 41-141, one the newest specialty lubricants from Kluber Lubrication, is designed to meet the stringent demands of the wind power industry. Showcased at the recent CanWEA trade show in Vancouver, B.C., the product is created with a special base oil mixture and a package of additives to cover the differentiated requirements of the individual bearing lubrication points in wind power stations. It is ideal for highly stressed rolling and plain bearings, says Kluber, while also specifically handling the difficult conditions found in pitch and azimuth bearings (high stresses, oscillations, vibrations); main bearings (low rpm, high stresses, vibrations); and generator bearings (high rpm and temperatures). Web: www.klubersolutions. com/wind

Stock Your Lubes Library

Authored by S.Q. Rizvi, A Comprehensive Review of Lubricant Chemistry, Technology, Selection and Design has just been published by ASTM. Also known as Manual 59, this thorough-going reference work discusses both the chemistry and the formulation of lubricants, and includes additive technology that is used in petroleum exploration, refining and fuels. The manual is written from the perspective of both the chemist and the lubrication engineer, and complements ASTMs Fuels and Lubricants Handbook (Manual 37). Published this month, the 820-page hard cover costs $197. For more information, visit

Fuel-saving Delo

Delo 400 LE synthetic SAE 5W-40 is the latest offspring from Chevrons Delo family, adding to its comprehensive portfolio of heavy-duty products. The new Delo 400 LE is a 100 percent synthetic engine oil, formulated with an optimal blend of the latest dispersant, detergent, oxidation inhibition, antiwear, corrosion inhibition, viscosity improver and defoamer additives. Positioned as a premium offering in the Delo platform, the API CJ-4 compliant diesel engine oil offers excellent cold starts and potential for improved fuel economy, Chevron says. Available now in gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums, it meets or exceeds all major API, ACEA and diesel engine builders requirements. Web:

Race with Amsoil

Three new premium synthetic racing oils, specially formulated to withstand the rigors of high-performance vehicles and racing applications, are now available from Amsoil. Amsoil Dominator SAE 5W-20, 10W-30 and 15W-50 racing oils all feature the same additive package, supplying maximum durability in multiple viscosities. Their shear-stable formulation is engineered both for horsepower and for engine protection. They also feature a proprietary friction modifier, which reduces friction to gain maximum power and cooler engine temperatures. On the track, that can mean improved lap times and longer-lasting equipment. Web:

Additive has Star Quality

Lubrizol has unveiled a new line of viscosity modifiers, said to be a breakthrough polymer technology and aimed at the high viscosity index lubricants which are gaining popularity in both industrial and automotive applications. Its Asteric polymethacrylate viscosity modifiers have radial or star architecture, which allows customers to overcome performance tradeoffs seen with conventional, linear viscosity modifiers, explains the companys Bill Dimitrakis. Benefits include greater V.I. per unit treat rate and thickening; lower treat rates to achieve finished blend viscosity and similar shear stability; more formulating flexibility (including in higher viscosity base oils); and greater fluidity at low temperatures. Contact:

Viscosity Help at Hand

Aviscosity conversion table that standardizes viscosity measurement, and a reference guide that lists popular cup data is now available from Norcross Corp. The Norcross Product Overview and Viscosity Conversion Table provides users a quick, simple way to compare and contrast 37 different cups including Zahn, Shell, ISO and DIN. Users can calculate, for example, the time it takes to drain these cups and their corresponding centipoise. It also includes photographs of Norcross viscosity sensors, lists general measurement capabilities, and highlights viscosity controllers. The handy reference can be obtained by visiting

Light Up Leaks

Fluid losses in large-capacity industrial systems can be especially costly, so Spectronics Oil-Glo 44, a fluorescent leak detection dye, illuminates leaks so they can be spotted and repaired. A blend of two fluorescent dyes that are best seen under ultraviolet light and blue light, the dye goes to work after it is added to any oil-based system such as hydraulic systems, air compressors, cylinders, engines, gear-boxes, offset printing presses, milling and injection molding machines, oil coolers and others. Circulating in the system, it illuminates all leaks to operators and technicians in a bright yellow-green color. The dye remains safely in the system until the oil is changed. Web:

Shells on a Roll

Shell Lubricants has developed revolutionary new polymeric emulsifier agents for hot and cold rolling-mill operations. These make it possible to adjust rolling oils more precisely to the specific needs of each individual rolling mill. The new technology taps Shells know-how of individual emulsifiers and demulsifiers, and enables the properties of the emulsion to be set much more objectively than by means of commonly used anionic and kationic emulsifiers, it says. By careful selection of these agents, it can adjust and maintain the droplet size within an ideal distribution, increasing the emulsions stability and temperature range. Web:

Pumps Get Green

All components of GoatThroat pumps are now certified to meet stringent new worldwide regulations aimed at reducing or eliminating materials which are hazardous to the environment. Current and prospective regulations they meet include Restriction on Hazardous Substances, Directive 200/53/EC, Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know, and Californias Proposition 65. This certification is the latest example of our commitment to meet the needs of the marketplace which demands environmentally sensitive products, said President Nancy Westcott. These dispensing pumps are suitable primarily for low-viscosity liquids. Web:

More Synthetic from Warren

Warren Oil calls its new Coastal Full Synthetic SAE 5W-40 a reasonably priced premium passenger car motor oil, and boasts it is made from synthetic base oil with additives to offer high levels of protection against wear, rust, corrosion, oxidation and oil thickening. It is formulated to meet the extended drain and stringent lubrication requirements of advanced European automobiles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche and VW, who have all approved it. Its for sale now at Coastal and Warren Oil branded distributors and selected retail stores. Web:

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