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Flightworthy Hydraulic Fluid

ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants now offers the airline industry HyJet V, a Type V aviation hydraulic fluid which has been approved by Airbus and Boeing. The company said the fire-resistant, phosphate ester based fluid has better stability and longer service life, stronger corrosion control and better wear protection. With a flash point of 345 F, the fluid exceeds the Airbus and Boeing Type V, Grade A flash point specification of 320 F. HyJet V is approved against Airbus NSA 307110M, Type V, and the Boeing BMS 3-11N, Type V, Grade A. Web: lubes/aviation

Oil for Gas Turbines

Gas turbines operating at temperatures as high as 500 F can quickly break down oils and produce corrosive acid and sludge build-up. Diamond Class Turbine Oil from ConocoPhillips meets the demands of power plant gas turbines by offering higher oxidative stability and varnish protection to extend the life of the oil and provide cost savings. ConocoPhillips Tim Langlais says the oil has proven its durability in laboratory tests running 35,000 hours with zero varnish deposits. It is formulated with hydrocracked base stocks and comes in three ISO viscosity grades: 32, 46 and 68. It rolled out to distributors in August. Web: www.lubricants.conoco

High Flow or Low?

Gracos SDM15 and SDP15 electronic meters feature high flow rates (14 gallons/minute) for faster dispense times, while its SDM5 and SDP5 meters feature low flow rates at 5 gpm. The meters feature a variable flow-control triggering action, a pressure balanced valve for low and high trigger force, and a straight thread O-ring boss nozzle extension designed to perform without leaks. In addition to these metered valves, the company has a non-metered valve, SDV15, and has added a line of standard flow electronic meters for indoor dispense applications. Web:

Oil Can Breathe Easy

Aline of hygroscopic breathers that remove water and particulates from the air entering hydraulic reservoirs, gear boxes and process tanks is now available from Sphinx Adsorbents. Featuring a desiccant that removes water vapor, and a microfiberglass pleated filter that eliminates particulates down to 1 micron, Des-Case hygroscopic breathers allow clean, dry air to enter a lubrication system or process tank. The product helps increase oil life, reduce abrasive wear caused by dirty fluids, and prevent chemical reactions or spoilage. It is offered in a range of styles for preventing industrial lubricants and fluids from being contaminated. Web:

Oil Saves Energy

Shell Tellus EE is a new energy-efficient hydraulic oil from Shell Lubricants that claims to reduce the energy consumption of hydraulic machinery by up to 8 percent. The fluid is formulated with additives that provide optimum viscosity, density and low-friction properties. It provides excellent wear protection, oxidation resistance, filterability and hydrolytic stability, the company claims. Web:

Diesel Oil Saves Fuel

Lubriguard Full Synthetic SAE 5W-40 diesel engine oil from Warren Oil Co. is designed for todays emission controlled engines with EGR and diesel particulate filters, as well as earlier generation conventional engines in all climate conditions. The oil, which meets API CJ-4/SM, is said to improve engine life through increased wear protection and control of deposits, oil consumption and soot-related viscosity increase. The synthetic oil also saves fuel, versus traditional 15W-40 formulations, says Warren, and has received approvals including Mack EO-O Premium Plus, Volvo VDS-4, Cummins CES 20081, Renault RLD-3 and others. Web:

Lube Opens Doors

Todco introduces Todco FG Lube, an environmentally acceptable lubricant designed specifically for overhead truck doors. Packaged in a recyclable 16-ounce pump spray bottle, it lubricates rollers, bearings, hinges and locks. It is formulated with food-grade ingredients – containing no petroleum distillates – for operations where incidental food contact can occur. Web:

Safe Handling

IFH Group introduces new polyethylene (PET) storage and dispensing systems and mobile lubrication carts, for handling lubricants and other fluids like engine oils, cutting oils and hydraulic fluids. The dispensing system provides an environmentally acceptable product transfer, with no drum handling or drum-pump replacement, the company said. The PET containers hold caustic materials such as herbicides, degreasers, water based products and water treatment chemicals, and can be used in custom mobile lubrication carts. Users can specify the number of containers and their capacity, as well as a variety of options such as pumps, hoses, nozzles and drip-pan cart bases. Web:

BG Targets CVTs

In contrast to traditional automatic transmissions, the belt-and-pulley system of a continuously variable transmission requires a certain amount of friction to run properly. Without a proper lubricant to protect it, though, fluid degradation and additive depletion can cause metallic wear and belt slippage. New BG Universal Synthetic CVT Fluid offers friction to prevent slippage. Its oxidative stability, antiwear protection of internal components, and ability to withstand heat and constant mechanical shearing make vehicles last and perform better, says the maker, BG Products. The lubricant is designed to provide superior durability to all CVT power systems. Web:

Heat is On

New waste oil heaters from Reznor are designed for recycling used oils into heat. The RA-250 is a standard unit space heater, and the RAD-250 is a ductable furnace designed for ducting heat to wherever it is needed. Rated for 250,000 BTU input, both models feature a full swing-out door, large service panels, and maintenance/service shelf which provide access to the combustion chamber and heat exchanger. The new chamber design is efficient and accessible, offering extended run time between clean-outs. The models, which feature an air-atomizing burner, on-board air compressor and positive-displacement fuel metering pump, may be ceiling suspended. Web:

World-scale Blowmolder

Jomar says it has created the worlds largest injection blowmolding machine, the M-175, for producing high-quality containers. Through its microprocessor control, it establishes uniform weight and proper wall thicknesses, more precise neck tolerances, greater impact strength, more consistent color and glossier finishes. It produces a bottle in a single three-station operation with no need for trimming or deflashing; that eliminates scrap so theres no need for regranulation equipment. Ironically, the machine is quite compact, with a small footprint, so it saves space, energy and maintenance costs. It meets ANSI, OSHA, EC and SPI safety standards. Web:

Additives Pack Performance

Combining base oil with Rhein Chemies new series of low-sulfur Additin additive packages can produce high-performing industrial lubes. Additin RC 9502 and Additin RC 9507 multifunctional grease packages give greases the ability to withstand high stresses, and provide good wear protection, with all current complex soap and polyurea greases. Containing no zinc or metal, Additin RC 9300, Additin RC 9305 and Additin RC 9307 have good filtration properties and demulsifying behavior for hydraulic fluids. Additin RC 9710, Additin RC 9720, Additin RC 9730 and Additin RC 9410 provide metalworking fluids protection from wear, oxidation and corrosion. Web:

Cleaner Oil Changes

Lube technician at quick lubes and do-it-your-selfers in their driveways will appreciate the Clean Changer, an device created by an inventor in Deweyville, Texas, that prevents the oil from contacting the users hands and reduces accompanying messes. The tools versatility is said to make it suitable for other fluid-changing applications, too, such as gearboxes, transmission fluid, antifreeze and brake fluid. The aid is being offered for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers, by Pittsburgh invention promoter InventHelp. Web:

Monitor Blending

The Logos System for tank farm and blending management, from Technics, provides customers a tool to monitor blending processes and conduct thermal management and inventory control. As a blending management tool, it can be used for any combination of kettle batch or in-line blending. It communicates with a variety of databases including SAP, Access, Oracle and Excel, and connects to any type of liquid level, flow sensor and pump motor control. Web:

Loosen Tight Parts

P-80 Temporary Assembly Lubricants from International Products provides temporary lubrication of tight-fitting parts such as O-rings, hoses, seals, grommets, bushings and grips. Available in single-use 7.5-ml packets, in cases of 200, the lineup includes P-80 Emulsion, P-80 Thix and P-80 Grip. These reduce the force needed for assembly, and speed production while lowering the incidence of damaged parts and injury to workers. Said to be ideal for automotive, appliance and pump assembly and field operations, P-80 was originally designed for use on porous rubber; its compatible with most elastomers, plastics and metals. Web:

Focus on Auto Lubes

Automotive Lubricant Testing and Additive Development has been published by ASTM, and includes the latest research into this key area. The 142-page publication (stock # STP 1501) includes 12 peer-reviewed papers that cover the full spectrum of issues – from lower emission needs to higher fuel economy goals, from longer drain intervals to the impact of additive and base oil on engine oil characteristics. Edited by Simon Tung of GM, Bernard Kinker of RohMax, and Mathias Woydt of Germanys BAM-Federal Institute for Materials, it also looks at powertrain developments and standard test methods for lubricant oxidation. Price is $55 (members deduct 10%). Visit and search on STP1501 for details.

Clean Without Perc

Need the cleaning performance of trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene and n-propyl bromide – without the risks? T-Force degreaser combines the power of a high-performance, industrial-strength degreaser with lower VOCs, boasts CRC Industries. It contains no Class I or Class II ozone-depleting chemicals. T-Force is nonconductive, noncorrosive, nonstaining and has no flash or fire point. Uses include removal of grease, oil, corrosion and sludge from air tools, mechanical brakes, clutches, chains, wire ropes, motors, dies, molds, parts, bearings, generators and compressors. Available in a 20-oz. aerosol can, it evaporates quickly, leaves no residue, and has a good health and safety profile, the company says. Web: www.

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