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Bellows Ease Dispensing

Blow Molded Specialties introduces custom-molded bellows that are designed to meet specific OEM chemical and physical performance requirements, in applications such as suction, dispensing liquids, pumping, leveling and cushioning. Made of materials including LDPE, polypropylene, Hytrel and thermoplastic elastomers, the bellows can be convoluted or corrugated and incorporate various open- and closed-end finishes. They are available in sizes from 1/4-to 6-inches diameter, and up to 16 inches long. Wall thicknesses also can vary, to meet specific customer needs for flexibility, stiffness, compressibility, memory and travel. Web:

Fill and Sort

Together, the new automatic AE6-LNM net weight filling machine and FS16-100 finger sorter from Ideal Manufacturing & Sales make it easy to accurately fill 1/2-pint to 5-gallon containers. The filler is expandable to eight heads and features Ideals Flush-Fill System, which includes interchangeable fill carts. This system permits filling of a product in containers with fill modules and flush cleaning of contaminated modules utilizing a flush control box at a remote location. The finger sorter rejects missing and/or cross threaded caps and allows properly capped containers to continue down the line. Web:

Weigh Out

Mettler Toledo has a new manual check-weighing machine for industrial, retail and laboratory applications. It combines better readability with colorWeight – an adjustable backlit display that changes color if targets are missed. With an easy-to-clean hygienic design, the device features three different weighing modes. Features include memory for 99 different target weights and tolerances, and a take away function that allows repeated removal of a defined weight with automatic tolerance checking and automatic taring. Available in a terminal version or as a complete compact scale. Web:

Spill Pallet for IBCs

The Pig multi-IBC modular spill pallet system can help minimize tote bin storage costs. Designed to accommodate all 275-gallon intermediate bulk containers, the system fea-tures flow-through connections that allow individual IBCs to share the sump capacity, thus helping to meet containment regulations. Additional pallet sections and expansion tanks can be connected to the system for increased sump capacity. The heavy-duty pallet sections can support up to 9,000 pounds UDL and have a low profile height of 8.75 inches for easy loading. They are constructed of 100 percent polyethylene to resist corrosion and offer compatibility with most chemicals including oils, solvents and acids. Web:

Unload Stubborn Bags

Flexicons new bulk bag conditioner-unloader system loosens bulk solid material – which may solidify and clump during storage – and discharges it through a bag spout. It features two hydraulic rams with contoured end-plates that press opposing sides of the bulk bags. The bags can be raised and lowered for conditioning at varying heights using an electric hoist. The hoist assembly includes a motorized trolley to allow loading and unloading of bulk bags without needing a forklift. The system eliminates the time, labor and equipment needed for separate loading of bulk bags into a stand-alone conditioner, and saves floor space, too. The entire frame is also mounted on load cells, for programmable weigh batching directly from bulk bags. Web:

Filling a Need?

Jarchem Industries has added a new custom filling line and packaging system for clients with custom packaging requirements or overflow needs. Its Newark, N.J., location is capable of filling 55-gallon drums at an average of 60 drums/hour, plus can fill intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) up to 330 gallons, or even larger depending upon the dimensions. Supplying its own pumps and adapters for various connections, Jarchem also can fill directly from tank trucks or ISO containers. Steam is also available for heating product prior to filling. Web:

Hoist Four Drums

Liftomatic introduces the new LOM-4 series of forklift attachments, which can handle drum change-outs of up to four drums at a time. These are useful for high-volume production and warehouse facilities that need to shift large numbers of unit loads to and from pallet positions on a regular basis, and/or to travel over large distances with drum cargoes. Withstanding a total combined weight of up to 8,000 pounds, the attachments – available with spark-resistant and EE rated components – can work with a mixed group of drums including steel, plastic or fiber. Drums may be rim or rimless and vary from each other by 1.5 inches in height. Web:

Filtration Where Its Needed

Trico Corp. has unveiled a new portable gear and lube oil filtration system that is designed to accommodate higher-viscosity fluids. Utilizing a multistage filtration process, the system features a 4 gallon per minute flow capacity and a maximum viscosity capability of 10,000 SUS at 100 F. It comes equipped with differential pressure gauges that indicate when each of the filtration elements need to be changed. Two sampling ports are included for safely sampling and monitoring the oil condition. Its available in two models: a hand-held system designed for routine filtering, and a portable cart system for servicing multiple pieces of equipment throughout the plant. Web:

Sight Glass Resists Pressure

Dixon Bayco says its new 5200 SFI sight flow indicator is a more reliable alternative to the standard plastic doughnut-type, for use behind API adapter valves on petroleum cargo tanks. This design uses a metal frame with mounting flange to absorb the bolting force and protect the clear acrylic sight-glass tube. As a result, stress cracking is reduced. The indicator features a 1.75-inch-thick housing, making it a drop-in for most clear-plastic sight glasses, and is available in 3- and 4-inch TTMA sizes. Based on the Bayco 6200-series elbow design, its replacement costs are low as the frame is reusable and the clear tube is easily replaced. Phone: (800) 355-1991

Shutoff Valve for Safety

A-T Controls offers a new line of FM-approved valves and valve assemblies for liquid and gas shutoff, for protection of fuel-burning equipment. The units feature an explosion-proof limit switch, spring-return automated ball valve, solenoid pilot valve and advanced, quarter-turn rack-and-pinion actuator design. Valves are available in three-piece or flanged models, in stainless or WCB trim, and 1/4 to 6-inch sizes. Approved to FM class 7400, 7420 and 7422, the A-T shutoff assemblies provide fuel/gas shutoff in a compact, space-saving safety system. Web:

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