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Eco-friendly Cutting Fluid

Cortec Corp. announces a new multifunctional, biodegradable concentrate for metalworking operations. EcoLine cutting fluid is a liquid that cools work pieces and tools and prevents welding of metals during the metalworking process. It also provides corrosion protection and lubrication during forming procedures. When added to water at a ratio of 1:20 to 1:40, EcoLine creates a stable emulsion which provides cooling and generates no smoke during use, says the company. Derived from natural soybeans, the fluid is intended to replace petroleum-based rust preventives and is suited for heavy-duty cutting, drilling, milling, turning, broaching and other machining operations. Web:

Kendall Steps Up to CJ-4

ConocoPhillips has upgraded its Kendall GT-1 diesel synthetic blend motor oil to meet API CJ-4, the new heavy-duty engine oil category for diesel engines compliant with the EPAs 2007 emissions regulations. Kendall GT-1 is specially designed for use in diesel engines of trucks, sport utility vehicles and severe service areas like towing and hauling. It is formulated to provide wear protection, disperse soot, minimize deposits on critical engine parts and resist viscosity breakdown. Its low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) additive technology is compatible with the exhaust aftertreatment devices on modern vehicles used in urban transportation and on-highway trucks. Web:

Gain Knowledge Online

Chevrons Lubricants University, a self-study educational website for lubrication professionals, has added Passenger Car Engine Lubrication to its portfolio of online courses. The new course addresses gasoline engine lubrication performance issues, provides an overview of commercial gasoline engine lubricants and offers a summary of lubricant performance specifications. The training module also offers a comparison of gasoline and diesel engines, including a brief history of the internal combustion engine. Participants will learn the role lubrication plays in achieving efficient gasoline engine operation and extended life. All courses cost $59.95. Web: www.lubricantsuniversity. com

Seeking Sulfonates?

Additives International has introduced a new line of emulsifiers based on domestic natural sodium sulfonates. Included are EZ Mulz natural sodium sulfonates, in molecular weights equivalent to 465, 475 and 480, plus a range of emulsifier bases for naphthenic and paraffinic oils with aniline points ranging from 150 to 220 degrees F. The sulfonates are available in drum quantities from warehouses in Chicago and Detroit as well as in bulk from Cincinnati. Based in Evanston, Ill., Additives International manufactures and markets a selection of specialty additives for formulators of metalworking fluids, including corrosion inhibitors, lubricity additives and odor control agents. Web: www.additives

Compact Viscometer

Norcross Corp. has unveiled a benchtop viscometer for testing minute samples of water-or solvent-based liquids, distinguishing between boiling (0.284 CPS) and ambient water (1.06 CPS). Its LabPak viscometer measures changes in viscosity as small as 0.02 CPS, depending on the fluid being tested. The device measures time-of-fall up to 20 seconds, with accuracy within 0.1 second, and displays the results in Norcross seconds. It works under atmospheric pressure and features a three-way, 24V DC air valve; requires 40 psi dry air and 100/240 VAC. Priced at $6,995, the viscometer is made of stainless steel wetted parts and open rod construction. Web:

Functional Widens Product Line

Functional Products has added two new products to its line of lubricant and grease additives. One is a multifunctional polymer for lubricating greases, V-4004, specifically designed to improve water resistance, enhance mechanical stability, impart tackiness and improve yield. Its liquid form allows for quick incorporation into the grease without a long dissolving process. Also new is CI-800, a high-performance, water-soluble corrosion inhibitor designed for use in semi- and full synthetic fluids. Since 1985, the Macedonia, Ohio, company has formulated and blended additives for mineral and vegetable based lubricants, including tackifiers, viscosity modifiers, food-grade and other additives. Contact: William Wahl, (330) 963-3060. Web: www. functional

Oil Analysis Software

Condition Monitoring International has a new web-based software, Prescient, that will take oil analysis test data and turn it into an organized report. The result can be used by laboratories, lube manufacturers and equipment operators to determine appropriate maintenance management actions. Designed specifically for oil analysis data rating and evaluation, Prescient blends three processes. First, statistical data analysis creates boundary tables for assessing severity of test results. Second, expert domain knowledge is applied to combinations of severity ratings in given configurations and applications. Third, nuanced pattern recognition applies tailored comments, combining data rating with expert domain knowledge. E-mail:

Off-the-Shelf Grease Kettles

Houston-based Micella Technologies has introduced a series of standardized atmospheric grease reactor kettles. The four models – 1200, 1200T, 2000 and 2000T – can be operated for both bulk mixing and dispersion agitation. By standardizing the design, Micella can scale the reactor kettle to fit the needed size, 6 feet or 7 feet in diameter, and deliver the latest technologies, the company explains. Each kettle is equipped with three heating jackets, for heating and cooling via thermal oil circulation, and is available with or without a dispersion agitator in the bottom. Web: www.micella

Real Cool Solvent

CRC Industries has brought out Knocker Loose Plus, a new penetrating solvent that permeates rust, scale, gum, grease and corrosion. By immediately dropping the temperature of the area in contact with the spray, the freeze-shock action allows the penetrant to enter cracks, seams, threads and joints. It can be used to disassemble plant machinery, tools and equipment for routine maintenance and emergency repairs. Sold in 20 oz. aerosol cans, the solvent is NSF H2 registered for use in meat and poultry plants (only where no food contact is possible), and is VOC compliant; it contains no ozone depleting chemicals. Web: www.

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