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Long-life Gas Engine Oil

Stationary gas engines are often used in remote, unmanned outposts such as oil and gas field operations, where they see high loads and low emissions, and put increased stress on the lubricating oil. Shell Mysella XL extended-drain gas engine oil addresses these challenges, and can extend oil life while helping to reduce maintenance costs and increase engine availability. In a field trial Shell Mysella XL provided oil drain intervals up to 25 percent longer than a competitors regular drain product; for users, that can mean savings in transportation, labor and service costs. The oil meets Caterpillar and Waukesha regular service requirements, too. Web: lubricants

Bearings Endure Longer

SKF hybrid bearings, with silicon nitride rolling elements and steel rings, provide insulation against stray currents in large variable-speed electric motors, to eliminate electric arc bearing damage and resulting premature bearing failure. Plus, ceramic rolling elements make these bearings even lighter, harder and more durable than conventional all-steel counterparts. Silicon nitride balls are 40 percent less dense than steel balls; this reduces centrifugal force and friction, for faster, cooler running and longer service and lubricant life. They also see less wear and better service life under poor lubrication conditions than conventional steel bearings. Web:

See Whats Doing

Regular preventive maintenance helps save time, money and headaches caused by unexpected breakdowns and ensuing repairs. But how to keep everyone informed of what needs to be done? Magnatag Visible Systems offers the Maintenance Master board, to display and schedule a full year of preventive maintenance actions for each machine, vehicle and equipment item in a facility. Color-coded magnets identify the weeks job assignments – and everyone can see the entire year ahead. With this system, we keep track of preventative maintenance on 50 machines, says one tool manufacturer. This board saves hundreds of hours a year by having maintenance activity displayed 24/7. It comes in three sizes, to track and schedule 66, 90 or 180 line items for 52 weeks. Web:

Ready for Spills

Oil Eater has a new line of professional grade emergency spill kits designed to contain and clean up hazardous spills in factories, as required by OSHA and EPA. Each kit contains a generous supply of absorbent pads, pillows, universal snakes, booms, protective gloves, oil-resistant high-temperature disposal bags, an emergency response guide – plus a five-gallon pail of Oil Eater cleaner/degreaser, to clean surfaces after the spill has been absorbed. Kits come in 95-gallon and 65-gallon overpacks, to handle the corresponding volume of liquid. Web:

Synthetic Line Unveiled

ConocoPhillips, the fourth-largest U.S. lubricants supplier, has a new line of synthetic industrial lubricants now available through distributors of its Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 Lubricants brands. They include 18 synthetic industrial products including gear, compressor, hydraulic, turbine and specialty oils. This makes a broad line of synthetics available to distributors, and ultimately provides industrial customers with a complete line and easier access to these lubricants, said the companys Tanya Niu. Included are Syncon products made from PAO; Syndustrial lubricants formulated with base oils such as diesters, polyol esters, PAGs and synthetic blends; and Synterra products, which are all biodegradable and designed for use in environmentally sensitive applications. Web: http://lubricants.

Synthetic for Sawing

Rustlick PowerSaw is a biostable synthetic fluid formulated for all sawing applications, containing advanced lubricants and high levels of non-chlorinated extreme pressure additives. The fluid is said to improve blade life, reduce machine wear, provide excellent rust protection for both the machine and workpiece, and extend sump life. It rejects tramp oil, for cleaner coolants and machines, says ITW Rocol North America, and is suitable for machining and grinding applications. The fluid is a minimal-foaming, transparent blue for easy viewing of the workpiece, and comes in one-, five- or 55-gallon containers. Web:

Amsoil Rolls with 0W-20

With several vehicle manufacturers – including Ford, Honda, DaimlerChrysler and Toyota – recommending lower viscosity motor oils, Amsoil Inc. has added a new energy saving, fuel efficient product: Amsoil Synthetic 0W-20 motor oil. It provides maximum protection for up to 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, the company said. With its shear-stable formulation and high viscosity index, Amsoil 0W-20 motor oil provides excellent viscosity film strength to separate metal surfaces, and contains robust antiwear additives. It stays fluid down to -65 degrees F, for improved cold-temperature flow, reduced bearing wear and easier starting. Web:

Permanent Lubrication without Lead

Dow Cornings Molykote 3400A anti-friction coating, leadfree, is a permanent, dry-film lubricant designed for automotive metal applications involving slow to medium-fast movements and medium to heavy loads – such as pins, springs and bearing surfaces in brakes, threaded connections and fasteners, hinges, locks and other moving parts. It is said to offer excellent dry lubrication even in dusty environments, as well as corrosion protection of bearing surfaces. It is highly resistant to fuels and oils, and operates well at high temperatures; even after three hours of exposure at 260 degrees C, Molykote 3400A exhibits no adhesion loss. Web:

Mix Whatevers Thick

Charles Ross & Son has introduced an improved 500-gallon double-planetary mixer, with special HV (high viscosity) mixing blades that permit the mixing of extremely viscous materials (up to 8,000,000 cps). These heavy-duty mixers are suitable for non-flowing materials that require deaeration to ensure an air-free product. They feature stainless steel construction, full vacuum operation, jacketed mix vessel for heating or cooling, and dual post air/oil hydraulic lift. Sizes range from 1 pint through 750 gallons, and numerous options are available. Web:

No Rotten-egg Smell

A new soluble oil metalworking coolant, KoolRite 2290, has been unveiled by JTM Products Inc. The long-life coolant contains no bactericides, phenols, nitrites, chlorine, DCHA or phosphorus, yet is guaranteed to provide at least twice the sump life of conventional soluble oils, says the manufacturer. To eliminate the familiar rotten-egg stench associated with gases produced by bacteria, KoolRite 2290 relies on trademarked BioArmor technology which provides built-in resistance to bacterial growth. This low-foam coolant has multimetal capability, and can be used in grinding, milling, drilling, turning, sawing, tapping, reaming or broaching operations. Web:

Nanocoating Adds Life to Gears

Conexo has developed a new process for prolonging the life of gear transmissions, for higher reliability, running time and power output. The two-stage process begins by applying Rewitec ceramic nanocoating during full-load equipment operation – to avoid any downtime, the company explains. Next, Addinol EcoGear, a long-term and low-maintenance lubricant with very high load capacity is applied for preservation of metal surfaces. With this process, the lifetime of gears can be extended, the company says, adding that even worn or damaged gears can be treated, and oil drain intervals can be extended over four times. Web:

White Grease is Food-grade

CRCs newest addition to its products for use in the food-processing industry is Food Grade White Grease. This high-purity synthetic grease is said to provide superior lubrication and durability in many food- and pharmaceutical-processing applications. Designed for high-load applications requiring a long grease life, it protects equipment against rust, oxidation and wear. The grease is NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact, resists water, salt spray and detergent, and has a wide operating temperature range (0 to 450 degrees F). The NLGI No. 2 grease comes in a 16-oz. aerosol. Web:

Spin Solids from Coolants or Oils

The new Turbo-Separator T15-2 is a moderately priced, automatic solids-discharging centrifuge that recycles grinding and polishing fluids by removing the one-micron to 10-micron particles entrained in the fluid. It can process up to 25 gallons per minute, and remove up to 100 pounds per shift of sludge or swarf. Thanks to a unique bowl design and high rotational speeds, the discharged solids are dry. Systems typically provide a payback of under two years, and productivity gains such as improved product finish, increased tool efficiency, and less maintenance in the machine tool. Web: www.sanborn

Oil Minds Emissions

Citgo Petroleum has launched Mystik JT-8 Emissions Management Technology engine oil, a 15W-40 oil for high-performance diesel engines. A synthetic blend that stands up to a wide range of operating temperatures, Mystik JT-8 EMT delivers prolonged life for exhaust after-treatment particulate filters in all 2007 and pre-2007 engines, the company says. Intended for use in heavy-duty service in commercial trucks, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, stationary engines and other diesel-fueled engine applications, it exceeds the new API CJ-4 requirement, Citgo said. Web:

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