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Gear Oils from Mobil

ExxonMobil has launched Mobilgear 600 XP,a new line of industrial gear oils formulated to provide long-lasting protection for industrial gearboxes. Mobil gear 600 XP surpasses industry specs such as Flender BA Table 7300 A, DIN 51517 Part 3and AGMA 9005 E02. By providing exceptional wear protection, the company says, the new oil helps control micropitting and other forms of gear wear; improves bearing and corrosion protection while remaining compatible with commonly used gearbox sealing materials; and reduces formation of oil degradation byproducts. Web: www.mobil. com/mobilgear600xp

Greases Geared for Bearings

Kluber Lubrication is offering two Isoflex-branded greases for use in the textile industry. Isoflex LDS 18 and NBU 15 are designed to withstand high speeds and offer corrosion protection and resistance to oxidation, aging and water. Composed of esters, mineral oil and lithium soap, LDS 18 Special A is alight, long-term and low-noise grease for plain and rolling bearings in parts such as grinding spindles, machine tool spindles, spindle bearings and textile spindles. Isoflex NBU 15 is a high-speed grease consisting of esters, synthetic hydro-carbon oil, mineral oil and barium complex soap, suitable for high-speed plain and rolling bearings in textile machines subject to high loads. Web:

Metal Pretreat Saves Big

Houghton Internationals Houghto-Prep ZP metal pretreat products reduced phosphate emissions and energy costs at a Michigan furniture manufacturer. The lower-phosphate cleaning solution reduced this customers hazardous discharge to a level so low that that discharges from its treatment tank no longer require water quality review,the company claims. In addition, Houghto-Prep ZP works effectively at room temperature, saving the customer nearly $25,000 per year in energy costs compared to the previous product. The Houghton pretreat works across a low temperature band from ambient to 115 degrees F, works with any water quality,has along bath life, may not require a separate cleaner and requires minimal rinsing. Email: Web:

Bio-based Rust Prevention

Cortec Corp.s EcoLine Long-Term Rust Preventive is now verified as 85 percent bio-based. Using soybean-derived methyl esters in conjunction with Cortecs patented vapor phase corrosion inhibiting technology, EcoLine provides multi-metal corrosion protection up to 24 months indoors and up to six months outdoors. The product also performs very well under harsh coastal and marine conditions, has exceptional penetrating properties and is environmentally safe, the company says. VOC-free, nonflammable and biodegradable, Cortecs EcoLine also has a neutral smell. It comes in a 16 ounce ready-to-use bottle, so no mixing or dilution is required. Web:

Alemites Ram Pumps Grease

Alemite expanded its line of Ram pumps with the addition of the 9911-J portable grease pump, designed to work with plastic and non-standard pails. The improved pneumatic pump features an adjustable bung adapter to allow the down tube to be moved to accommodate varying pail heights, and a flexible follower plate to prevent unused grease from being left at the bottom of the pail. Included with the 9911-J are a cover, carrying handle and control valve for accurate dispensing. The pump delivers up to 4.5 pounds of grease per minute and is ideal for use in fleet, automotive and industrial facilities.

Boeing OKs Another Blasocut

Blaser Swisslube announced that Boeing Aircraft Co. recently approved another Blasocut-branded metalworking fluid, the 2000CFSW. To earn approval, the fluid demonstrated material compatibility for machining aircraft materials with stain-free results. Blasocut 2000CFSW also fights foam in soft water conditions, is chlorine-free and well suited for high-performance titanium and aluminum machining, the company said. The company holds numerous approvals for its metalworking fluids at major aircraft builders such as Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman, as well as Boeing. Web:

Monitor Spots Gas

The MSA Chemgard gas monitor uses photo-acoustic infrared sensing technology to detect numerous industrial gases down to low part-per-million or percent levels, the company announced. A variety of output ranges are available, and the monitor comes in three versions: explosion-proof, NEMA 4and rack-mount. Options include heated and/or Z-purged enclosure, built-in auxiliary gas sensor, remote relay module and remote display. Web:,

ICIS Price Forecasting Expands

Chemical and oil pricing information provider ICIS has introduced price forecasts for its fifth product chain, a monthly report on the U.S. benzene, propylene-cumene, phenol, acetone and methyl methacrylate (MMA) markets. Since last June ICIS has launched price forecast reports on U.S. polystyrene, U.S. and Asia polyethylene, and U.S. polypropylene markets. MMA is polymerized to form lubricant viscosity modifiers and other chemicals. ICIS uses three modeling techniques in its price forecasting; ICIS forecasting is completely independent of its price reporting, the company said. Web:

Lube It with Memolub

The Memolub 24VDC programmable logic controller-driven lubricator gives users complete control of their lubrication program, allowing them to power and cycle the lubricator on demand and preventing under or over-lubrication of equipment. The 350 pounds per square inch output of Memolub permits the lubricator to be mounted up to 40 feet away from lubrication points. Available in three sizes and using low cost, pre-filled replaceable cartridges, the Memolub is ideal for the pulp and paper,automotive, packaging and machine tool industries. Email: Web:

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