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Food-grade and Tough, Too

Food-processing machinery – like those at animal feed and/or pet food manufacturing facilities – require regular re-application of grease due to the extremely dusty conditions in which quality feed is produced. Shell FM Grease HD 2 addresses these challenges while also meeting the specific needs and requirements of the food industry. The grease lubricates slow and medium speed plain and rolling element bearings, heavy and shock-loaded applications, joint linkages and slides, plus overhead track systems. Its oxidative ability, mechanical stability, washout resistance and corrosion prevention characteristics are designed to withstand harsh production environments. Web: lubricants

Measuring Up Brookfield Engineering

Laboratories, a leading manufacturer of viscometers and rheometers for laboratory and online process control applications, offers three courses that provide users of Brookfield instrumentation hands-on knowledge of viscosity and texture test methods. Each daylong training session is presented in easy to understand terms and gives working know-how to verify and improve upon the data required for meaningful R&D and successful QC testing. The next scheduled course is Nov. 15 in Oakland, Calif. For upcoming course schedules, or to schedule a course for your own site, visit www.brookfield

Kendall Gets Dana Nod

ConocoPhillips announces the upgrade of its Kendall SHP Synthetic Gear Lube 75W90, which now meets the latest Dana SHAES 256 REC C specification for extended-drain gear oils. The gear lube is designed to offer improved eequipment durability, less churning losses, and fuel economy gains, particularly at low operating temperatures. Its new status means the gear oil is approved for 500,000-mile drain service in Dana heavy-duty final drive axles under the OEMs extended warranty. It also meets the 0-76 N (75W90) spec for 500,000-mile drain service in Arvin-Meritor heavy-duty axles, and Mack GO-J Plus (75W90) for extended drain service in the Mack axles. Web: www.

Precision Dispensing

Hernon Manufacturings new Autobonder 2101 keeps things under control as it dispenses a variety of liquids ranging in viscosity from thinnest to thickest. Materials that can be dispensed include an array of oils, greases, solder fluxes or paste lubricants, silicones, gels and many others. Intended for low-volume production and repair operations, it has a fully grounded foot pedal and syringe holder allowing for hands-free operation, so the user has two hands available for cycling and presenting parts. The integrated pressure gauge and pressure regulator allows precise dispensing of material. The easy-to-use, six function, digital timer allows for complete control of the dispensed shot. Web:

New Team: Terex and Polaris

Terex Roadbuilding and Polaris Laboratories have launched a new Managed Maintenance Fluid Analysis Program, providing services to operators of Terex equipment. The analysis program covers Terexs mobile concrete and asphalt lines including slipform pavers, trimmers, asphalt pavers, cold planers, reclaimer/stabilizers and material transfer vehicles. Serving a diverse customer base including the construction and off-highway equipment industries, Polaris provides complete testing and analysis for oils, fuels, coolants and water-based fluids. The alliance is expected to enhance both the customer service objectives and equipment reliability and productivity goals that both companies support. Web:

High-Tech Label

Compucal Excel 10442, a topcoated, clear polyester film designed for high-performance label applications, is the latest from Flexcon. Compatible with impact, laser, electron beam, wax, resin and wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon and resists, it can be used as a matte over-laminate in low- and high-surface-energy plastics. Its 1.0-mil polyester release liner offers enhanced clarity, surface smoothness and a die-cutting base. It can resist many environmental factors including smudging, scratching, moisture, chemicals and solvents. By meeting both base film and overlaminate needs in one product, inventory and costs can be controlled. Web:

Give Winter the Slip

CRCs Chute Lube Silicone Lubricant can help your package handling equipment brave the elements, as inclement weather becomes felt in receiving areas. An application of the lubricant helps keep package handling equipment run efficiently, elminating the binding and sticking that leads to traffic jams and crushed and damaged goods. The nonstaining, odorless compound can also be used in food-processing equipment (where there is no chance for food contact), on chutes, guides and rail conveyors, and in meat and poultry plants (its NSF H2 registered). Harmless to most plastics or rubbers, it is available as a 16-oz. spray bottle, 20-oz. aerosol can, 5-gallon pail or 55-gallon drum. Web:

Hydraulic Power Standards

The National Fluid Power Association has published two new technical documents, one on hydraulic fluid power filters and separators, and the other on graphic symbols and circuit diagrams used for fluid power systems and components. The hydraulic fluid power paper, NFPA/T3.10.3 R1-2007, focuses on vocabulary, aiming to form a common understanding about terms that are applicable to hydraulic filters and separators used in hydraulic fluid power systems. The second paper, the latest upgrade of the ISO 1219 standard, establishes rules for devising fluid power symbols for use on components and in circuit diagrams. The first paper is priced at $44 (NFPA member price $31). The latter is $228 (NFPA members $180, ANSI price $190). Web:

A Boost for Wind Turbines

Taking aim at the wind energy market, Cognis has unveiled two new families of lubricants, the Breox SL 320 and ProEco HE 801 series, that lower the stresses turbine components undergo while in operation. Breoux SL 320 is a PAG based gear oil, featuring micro-pitting resistance, bearing wear protection, high load-carrying capability and reduced operating sump temperature. It helps extend drain intervals, and can enhance the overall profitability of a powerplant. The ProEco HE 801 series is a range of high-performing hydraulic fluids that with their pump test ability, FZG load-carrying performance, seal compatibility and oxidative stability, improve turbine efficiency even in extreme climates. Web: www.

Gas Compressor Lubes

Demanding hydrocarbon, process and natural gas compression applications now have Anderols polyalkylene (PAG) based, Royco 800 series lubricants. Approved by major compressor OEMs, the lubricant line extends application life by exhibiting a high initial viscosity at cylinder operating conditions, and minimal viscosity change from fluctuations in pressure, temperature or gas density. The series is engineered to provide lubricating film strength to protect against rust, scoring, wear and corrosion in hydrocarbon gas compression applications. It also is non-reactive to additives in the gas stream, making it ideal for sweet and sour gas applications, says Anderol. It meets the highest standards in the gas compression industry, including UOP and ISO standards. Web:

Lubricant on a Stick

New Accu-Lube Stick is ready to use before tool startup. The blue solid stick is meant to be applied to grinding wheels to allow them to cut freely and improve wheel life, as well as to belt grinding applications for improved finished and increased belt life. It can also be used to improve blade life for saw blades. The biodegradable, non-toxic lubricant, from ITW Rocol North America, reduces heat buildup in belt, disc or wheel grinding operations and is safe for all metals including aluminum. Available in 2.2-oz. push-up stick container or 13-oz. tube. Web: www.rocol

Portable Mixers

Pilot plants and laboratories can have varying needs for mixing power, so Sharpe Mixers now offers a portable mixer stand that can help eliminate the need for multiple mixers. The Sharpe ALS-Series Air-Lift Mixer Stands are compact and feature an air-operated hand pump for raising and lowering the mixers shaft into a tank. Options include a fully adjustable tank positioning arm, 2-inch wide nylon ratcheting tank strap, adjustable leveling guides, chrome plating, locking casters, counterweights and a height-lock positioning collar. Available in epoxy painted steel or stainless steel construction, the mixers are offered in three stroke sizes, 36, 48 and 60 inches. Prices begin at $3,000. Web:

400-Gallon Bin

Assmann Corp. has unveiled a new 400-gallon polyethylene piston bin for viscous products up to 500,000 centipoise. Filled and discharged from a 3-inch bottom valve, the reusable bin is a sealed, pump operated system that protects materials from air, moisture, dirt and other contamination. An airtight piston – pulled along by a vacuum as materials are discharged – wipes the tank sidewalls clean, which eliminates product waste. The bin can transport materials such as grease, axle grease, and even FDA materials. It can also transport materials for the contaminant-conscious pharmaceutical, winery, brewery and liquor/distiller industries. Web: www.

Enhanced Impeller

Chemineer enhances agitator impeller technology with the new XE-3 impeller. The XE-3 is as much as 24 percent more efficient than the HE-3 impeller in turbulent mixing. This improved efficiency can reduce the horsepower and size of the gear drive needed to achieve the desired mixing result. Its weight is also similar or less than the older issued impellers. Chemineers impeller technology is effectively applied across a wide range of applications, ensuring repeatable results from lab scale to full-scale operations. The companys mixing expertise includes high flow, low shear liquid-liquid/solids blending, gas dispersion, high shear blending and viscous mixing. Web:

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