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Gripping News from Shell

Shell Lubricants has redesigned its Rotella T motor oil jug to offer the convenience of two handles. The top handle makes carrying easier, and the side handle makes pouring easier and more comfortable, says the company. The bottle is also more environmentally friendly and convenient to recycle, using less plastic and no foil sealing. Shell has also introduced a new 3-in-1 case, which offers three one-gallon bottles in one case for easier pickup, handling and storage. The new packaging arrived on shelves in September. Web:

Fearless Filling

Houston-based Specialty Equipment has introduced an explosion- proof drum filler for liquid-filling operations in areas without compressed air. The new filler, mode DF-5510E, features a 3/4- hp, XP inverter-duty electric motor, with torque limiting clutch and gear reducer that allows it to operate in a Class I, Division I environment. It also includes a 1,000-lb.-capacity NTEPapproved scale and weight meter, a remote control panel, and an automatic fume skirt for vapor collection. Other options include powered and gravity in-feed and discharge conveyors; lances and valves in various materials (Kynar, PVC, Teflon, Hastelloy), bung and capping tools; and operator platforms. Web: www.

Deliver Grease Efficiently

Trico Corp.s new Streamliner line of grease dispensers offers safe lubrication to critical component parts while machinery is in motion. The dispensers are equipped with electromechanical drives that adapt to a range of grease applications and operating pressures. These units also have high operating pressures to flush contaminants out and for multipoint lubrication. Feeding up to eight lubrication points, the units provide variable feed rates lasting as long as 24 months. The company says the dispensers can save time, money, reduce plant and machine downtime. The reservoir capacities – up to 500 cc – provide for fewer replacements and less disposal. Web:

A Greener Cleaner

Pico Chemicals new Pico Solv NPB, a chlorine-free solvent cleaner, is an eco-friendly replacement for hazardous cleaning solvents. Containing no petroleum solvents or chlorinated compounds, the solvent evaporates quickly, has no flash point and leaves no films or residues. This stabilized azeotropic mixture may be distilled many times, and has wetting characteristics to evenly coat surfaces. Typical applications include oil removal from screw machined parts, dirty electrical components and coil-to-coil metal cleaning, and its ideal for use in metalworking plants, finishing facilities and rebuild shops, the company adds. Available in totes, drums, pails and gallons. Web:

Se Puede Vender Los Lubricantes

Lubrizol K2M, an educational initiative of the Lubrizol Corp., is now offering 13 of its courses in Spanish. Spanish-speaking lubrication professionals will now have access to the online learning program to learn how to promote, sell and troubleshoot lubricants, based on Lubrizols extensive lubrication chemistry and field test experience. English speakers have had access to this program since May 2004. A typical learning program requires two hours a week for six weeks, and concludes with a comprehensive exam. To attend this months Spanish language open house, visit them on the web:

Keep Hoses Orderly

Stafford Manufacturing, of Wilmington, Mass., has unveiled a new line of hose-mounting collars that can be stacked and attached to other surfaces. The collars are twopiece designs with flats on one or both outside surfaces. Featuring a countersunk hole on the inside to maintain a smooth interior surface, these collars securely hold hoses and tubing without crushing and are adjustable for changeovers. Composed of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, the collars are available in 1/8- to 16-inch sizes. They are ideally suited for applications where rigidity and the ability to compensate for misalignment are present and where routing changes are necessary. Web:

ARG Drops Checkered Flag

American Refining Groups Brad Penn lineup of engine oils has a new member: Penn Grade 1 partialsynthetic SAE 0W-30 for racing engines. This high-performance, low-viscosity racing oil is tailored to maximize horsepower. It contains a strong detergent-dispersant and ZDDP antiwear additive package to protect critical parts from deposits and wear in highly stressed engines. The oils synthetic component enhances the protection afforded at high- and low-temperature extremes. The distinct green color and smell of our racing oils are widely recognized in the racing industry, says the companys Jennifer Taylor. Many engine builders and racers have come to rely upon our Penn Grade 1 products. Web:

Care for Ultrafilters

Houghton International introduces its new ultrafilter cleaner, Cerfa- Kleen 5528, for metalworking plants The product removes unwanted materials such as tramp oils and slime from ultrafiltration membranes that can require frequent cleaning in fluid delivery systems. According to the company, the cleaner extends time between these ultrafilter cleanings and increases the gallons-per-minute flow rate after cleanings. Free of caustic materials, silicates or silicone ingredients, the cleaner is free-rinsing, and can be used at room temperature or heated during the system circulation-in-place cleaning cycle. Web:

Wind-power Lube

Kluberplex BEM 41-141, a specialty lubricant for highly stressed rolling and plain bearings in wind power stations, is the latest from Kluber Lubrication. The compound was specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of lubrication points: main bearings, in which low rpms are subjected to high stresses and vibrations; generator bearings, which have to cope with high rpms and high temperatures; and pitch and azimuth bearings, which are also subjected to oscillating movements and vibration. The product also delivers adequate grease distribution and oil release through a wide service temperature range, high wear protection and good elastomer compatibility with commonly used seal materials. Web:

The Inside Story on Rust

ITW Rocol North America has added Rustlick 631, a rust preventive and penetrating lubricant, to its line of coolants and lubricants for the metalworking industry. The compound was designed for long-term protection – up to two years – of ferrous parts with indoor storage. The clear dark- brown formula leaves a light, oily, transparent film over scratches and pores to displace moisture. It is suitable for all metals and is available in a 12 ounce aerosol can as well as in 1-, 5-, or 55-gallon containers. Web:

Test Essentials at Hand

Both laboratory and nonlaboratory personnel need to understand hundreds of standardized tests, and ASTM can help, with the new edition of Manual 44: Guide to ASTM Test Methods for the Analysis of Petroleum Products and Lubricants. This updated volume describes 576 test methods (including 200 new ones), including principles involved, test summary advantages, limitations and test precision data for each. It explains the variety of analytical techniques used to characterize over 220 chemical and physical properties, for crude oils, lubricating oils, greases, gear oils, industrial lubricants, waxes, fuels and other petroleum specialties. The 300-page book costs $177. Web:

LE Upgrades Gear Oils

Lubrication Engineers has rolled out the 1600 series Duolec Vari-Purpose gear lubricants, for use in industrial and mobile equipment markets. These products, which replace its older Almasol line, include LEs proprietary Duolec liquid additives to offer more wear protection. They also have a three-component tackifier system for improved gear climbing and adhesion to metal surfaces. The company says they can deliver greater thermal stability, shear resistance, better water separation performance and high load and wear protection properties. They also can be filtered to low micron levels without harming or removing additives. Web:

High-performing Turbine Oil

Energy needs are booming worldwide, and so is the need for turbine efficiency. New Mobil DTE 700 Series turbine oil is targeted for use in light-duty gas turbines as well as steam turbines. They feature high demulsibility retention, oxidation stability and deposit control, the company said. The formulations meet or exceed 19 major industry and OEM specifications for gas and steam turbine oils, including those of Alstom, GE, Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Mobil DTE 700 has also passed the latters new MHI Dry-Turbine Oil Stability Test, which is designed to measure the deposit control capabilities of turbine oils. Web:

Take Aim at Corrosion

Cortec Corp.s VpCI 609 biodegradable powder is a water-soluble, vapor phase corrosion inhibitor powder for wet or dry corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminum. The powder creates a monomolecular inhibiting layer on the metal surface that provides protection for up to 24 months. It can be applied in dry form by dusting, fogging or sprinkling (at a rate of 0.3 to 0.5 ounce per cubic foot of enclosed space) and in aqueous form by spray, brush, flush or immersion. Aqueous applications use the powder at 0.5 percent by weight of water. After application, simply cover and seal the interior cavity. Web:

Minimize Wastewater

To minimize disposal of oily waste water, Sanborn Technologies now offers the UFV750TV ultrafiltration membrane system. The compact system treats up to 1,500 gallons per day of oily wastes such as used coolants, floor washings, aqueous parts-washer discharges and other effluents. Filtration also helps control the air quality within plants, versus evaporation technologies, the company points out. Designed for unattended operation, the system requires 33 sq.ft. of plant space; it has a 330-gallon process tank with level controls, and a 50-gallon cleaning tank. Web:

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