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Food for Thought

Hungry for performance in food-processing applications? New Omnilube FGH 1046 multipurpose oil targets tough applications: bearings, oven chains, canning equipment, and valves found in all segments of the food industry, including baking,beverages, dairies, meat and poultry, and pharmaceuticals. Made by Ultrachem Inc., the aerosol lube is also suitable for chains, slideways and equipment surfaces. Also new is Omnilube FGM 2, aPAO based calcium complex sulfonate grease with excellent heat and moisture resistance, superior water-wash resistance, and resistance to alkalis and food acids. Both products conform to NSF H-1, hold Kosher approvals, and meet U.S. regulations (21 CFR 178.3570). Packed 12 to the case, theyre ready to ship now. Phone: (302) 325-9880. Web:

Fast on the Draw

Boasting it has the worlds only dual-piston, air-operated grease gun, Lumax has unveiled the PneuLuber, a powerful, efficient and durable grease dispenser. The fully automatic device cycles continuously with high-pressure delivery – it can dispense one tube of grease in less than a minute. Thats six times the volume of other grease guns, which spells greater productivity for users. It features a compact design, soft, oil resistant grip, and a patented, variable-speed trigger that keeps the flow under control. The built-in pressure-relieve valve even lets excess grease flow back into the barrel (no squirting). Contact: Harry Amin of Lumax, (803) 548-3000.

Combat Rust

Chemtool Inc. has developed aline of water-based rust preventive part coatings, TranStore RP,which it says provide exceptional protection against corrosion. These safe-to-use coatings are fast drying, dry to the touch, have low VOCs, and provide long-term protection with a thin, transparent coating (0.5 to 3.0 mil film thickness). TranStore coatings (for transportation and storage of parts) protect in both indoor and outdoor environments and are available in several variations, depending on the relative ease of removal that may be needed. Contact: Dan Maguire of Chemtool, (262) 723-6590. E-mail:

Solving a Hard Problem

Hard water is a common problem in metalworking operations, and Master Chemical has an answer. It has reformulated Trim C276 synthetic coolant to be hard-water stable in over 60 grains of hardness (versus the 20 grains hardness it formerly managed). The company analyzed how hard-water soap residues form on parts, chips and machine surfaces, then applied this knowledge to the fluids chemistry. Trim C276 still rejects tramp oil, has great sump life and performs well in high-speed machining and grinding centers, it says, with the added benefit that there is less need for make-up fluid. The reformulation approach also was applied to Trim SC536, a low-oil semisynthetic, so it too is hard-water stable in over 60 grains of hardness. Web:

Troubleshoot Your Oil

United Air Specialists/ Kleenteks electrostatic oil cleaning systems now feature an easy-to-read digital control panel, which allows an operator to monitor the systems operation and troubleshootoil filtration problems. The system works electrostatically to draw contaminants of all particle sizes out of hydraulic oil. The new control panel features a text display that shows key operating conditions, including motor amperage and oil dwell time. It notifies the operator of an error by displaying the cause of the error in text, rather than numeric code, and activating a flashing alarm on top of the enclosure. Web:

Grease Gets Boost from PRO

Specialty lube manufacturer Whitmore Group has rolled out a custom curve-rail grease for the railroad industry,using catalyzed materials developed and patented by Platinum Research Organization. Field tests in late 2005 and 2006 showed the new antiwear grease, which uses the PRO material plus ZDDP,can outperform comparable formulations without the PRO technology, it said. The PRO formulation also reduced the additive package cost since it uses less molybdenum disulfide, pointed out the companys Milt Wittig. This is the first commercialized application of PROs formulation;next may be antiwear greases for CV joints and other industrial applications, added PROs Matt Hawkins. Web: or

Fine-tune Your Lubrication

Lincolns new SSV-D metering device is a single-block, progressive meter that features adjustable outputs to ensure efficient lubrication at each bearing in a lubrication system. Based on Lincolns progressive divider valve technology,they can handle both standard and heavy-duty applications. Sizes range from six to 20 outlets, and the units metering screws enable easy adjustment without segment removal. Already have asystem? The SSV-D can also be integrated into systems that use Lincolns standard SSV metering devices. Web:

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