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Esters Meet Eco-label

Europes new Eco-label initiative can help lubricant manufacturers identify their products as environmentally acceptable and sustainable – and oleo-chemical producer Uniqema now has confirmed that its broad range of ester base fluids all are in compliance with the standards strict stipulations. Its Prisorine and Priolube esters meet all Eco-label criteria, including risk phrases, aquatic toxicity, biodegradability, renewable content and more. Using them can help lubricant marketers take advantage of the Eco-label scheme, which covers hydraulic oils, greases, chainsaw oils, two-stoke oils, concrete release agents and other total-loss lubricants. Web: lubricants

Tough Poly Container

CDF has launched high-barrier Cheer-tainers. These patented, flexible packages consist of a gusseted, form-fit, multiply bag with a choice of fitments and corrugated cartons. They can be filled on many manual and automated filling lines, and are UN approved for air shipments. Standard sizes are 5, 10 and 20 liters. The high-barrier container, made from co-extruded nylon/EVOH, offers significant protection from oxygen and excellent puncture resistance, CDF says. The gas barrier properties and resistance to hydrocarbons and organic solvents are said to be outstanding. Web:

Tidy Filling

To fill a wide range of products from thick to thin, including greases and heavy oils, Ideal Manufacturing & Sales has created a new series of cone nozzles, at a very modest price. The design means you wont have to wipe off every container or delay the release of containers while the nozzle finishes dripping. They also work well on products that may string or drip from a capillary nozzle, since the stainless steel cone pinches the product off. Nozzles adjust for different viscosities, and have a stainless steel cone for longer wear. Web:

Uniflex Takes a Load

Arizona Chemical announces the launch of Uniflex 398, a lubricant component for synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. Uniflex 398, a biobased product incorporating a unique chemical design, boasts excellent load-carrying properties coupled with high water solubility, says the companys Greg Achatz. This product complements Arizonas other ester products and distilled tall oils, which have been used successfully by metalworking fluid formulators across the globe for many years, he added. Uniflex 398 will be produced in both the United States and Europe, to serve both regional and global customers. Web: www.arizonachemical. Com/398

Hold Drums Safely

New Pigs poly spill-containment pallet captures leaks, drips and spills from a single poly or steel drum. The pallets 60.5-gal. sump helps users to comply with 40 CFR 264.175, for storage of hazardous waste. The durable, 12-inch-high, low-profile pallet can store drums weighing up to 800 lbs. Its small footprint provides drum containment without taking up valuable plant space. The non-slip grate adds traction on the surface, and lifts out for easy access to the sump. An optional loading ramp is available. Web:

Turbine Lube Gets Mitsubishi OK

ExxonMobil has extended its line of high-performance turbine lubricants for gas and steam turbines. Its new Teresstic M 32 HT meets the toughest performance requirements of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries turbines, which are used in many light- and heavy-duty industrial applications. Made from premium base stocks, additives and antifoam agents, Teresstic M 32 HT delivers long-lasting rust and corrosion protection, as well as exceptional resistance to oxidation, to reduce the formation of sludge, the company says. It meets the performance requirements for GE steam and light-duty gas turbines, too. Phone: (800) 662-4525. Web:

Lubrizol Targets Motorcycle Oils

Lubrizol has introduced a series of four new additive packages, targeted to the unique requirements of 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils. The Lubrizol 30000 series meets the new T903:2006 standard from the Japanese Automobile Standards Organization (JASO). The four additive packages each provide progressively improved performance, the company says. Theyre designed to meet the needs of a full range of motorcycles globally, ranging from high performance, to sport, to recreational, to bikes used as the primary form of transportation, such as in Asia, points out the companys Preston Barnes. Oils based on the series can meet the latest API engine oil upgrades and provide excellent engine cleanliness and gear wear protection, he added. Web:

Flip This Lid

Rexam Closures & Containers has unveiled a new 24 mm child-resistant flip top dispensing closure, intended for liquids, gels, automotive products and other products needing child-safety. The one-piece closure launches a new series of caps. Product packaged with the closure can be accessed by squeezing and lifting the lid, or by squeezing and turning to remove the entire closure (if used with an optional refillable neck finish). The snap-back hinge keeps the lid out of the way for clean dispensing, and the one-handed operation makes it easy for seniors to use. Samples available. Phone: (812) 867-6671. Web:

Corner the Market

The newest accumulation conveyor from TKF features non-contact, zero pressure accumulation that stages from the discharge end. Even as they move around virtually any degree of curve, the PosiGrip design ensures that contact between products will not occur. The accumulation zones are driven by motorized rollers, each with a drive card to allow easy adjustment of speed, and the photo-eye at the discharge point of the zone automatically stops the drive roller when it sees the product. Driven by belts, so there is no metal-to-metal contact, the rugged PosiGrip rollers also offer quiet operation, TKF says. Web:

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