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Imperial Builds Food-grade Line

Canadas newest complete line of food-grade lubricants has just been launched by Imperial Oil Ltd., making it a single-source option for lubricants for the food and beverage manufacturing industries. The company has received approvals from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC) for five lubricants in the most stringent category n for incidental food contact. The line includes almost 50 products now approved in all four AAFC categories. Choose from circulating, compressor, gear, hydraulic, process, protective, refrigeration and turbine oils, and a complete line of industrial greases. Phone Imperial Oil at (403) 237-2732. Web:

Petro-Canada: First with CJ-4

Petro-Canada on June 15 announced the launch of Duron-E, the companys next-generation, heavy-duty engine oil brand for the API CJ-4 category (formerly known as PC-10). With this move, Petro-Canada boasts it is first to market with an oil meeting the new spec, needed for the 2007 engines equipped with aftertreatment devices. Available in three versions – Duron-E 15W-40, Duron-E XL Synthetic Blend 15W-40, and Duron-E Synthetic 10W-40 – the oils offer enhanced soot-fighting capabilities in addition to improved wear protection, oil consumption, and piston deposit control, the company says, verses the previous CI-4 Plus category. The oils also demonstrated extended drain capabilities in field tests with both EGR and conventional diesel engines. Web:

Chevron: Also First with CJ-4

Chevron Products on June 15 announced its diesel engine oils, including Delo, Ursa and RPM brands, have passes all API and U.S. OEM tests required to meet the new API CJ-4 diesel engine oil specification. The new oils are formulated for the tougher demands of existing and 2007 engines operating on low sulfur diesel. API CJ-4 is the most robust API oil category ever developed for diesel engines, observes the companys Jim McGeehan. Officially CJ-4 begins API licensing on Oct. 15, but these products meet the specs already. The new CJ-4 products, all available as 15W-40 multigrades, will be known as Delo 400 LE (for low emissions), Texaco Ursa LA (for low ash), and Chevron RPM LA. They join Chevrons API CI-4 Plus versions of its diesel engine oils. Web:

Protect Food Machinery

Krylon Products Groups Tri-Flow food-grade anti-seize products are NSF registered and H1 rated. They are formulated with synthetic particles and other lubricating solids that are blended into a non-melting grease carrier. Tri-Flow food-grade anti-seize forms a leak-proof seal, offers protection up to 1,800 degrees F, and aids in the prevention of rust, corrosion, galling, and seizing, the company points out. It also is chemical and stain resistant, and reduces torque. Phone: (800) 777-2966. Web:

Klass Action

Kluber Lubrication North America now offers a unique service to help customers in the food and beverage industry maximize their overall equipment effectiveness. Kluber Lubrication Asset Support Service (KLASS) can help reduce downtime, extend re-lube intervals, lower energy expenditure and increase all-around efficiency, it says. The integrated program provides lubricants, service and support from one source, Kluber Lubrication. It features a comprehensive range of H1 food-grade lubricants; on-site lubrication and energy audits to pinpoint lubricant consolidation and energy-saving opportunities; label management to identify all lube points and reduce the risk of lubricant contamination; training, workshops, and more. Phone: (800) 447-2238. Web:

Mystik Makeover

Citgo Petroleum is making significant changes to its Mystic lubricants line, signaled by a fresh look. Based on an extensive process of customers focus groups and product line optimization analysis, the improved Mystik line will feature new product offerings, labeling systems and a dynamic, contemporary new logo, says lubricants general manager Paul Rudolph. Weve dramatically streamlined the brand to better reflect customer preferences. The first product to get a makeover will be Mystik JY-8 engine oils. Of special note, the product has been totally reformulated and upgraded as a synthetic blend. Contact: Citgo Petroleum, M/3 N4066, P.O. Box 4889, Houston, TX 77210. Web:

Control Fluid Use

The new SPR-2000-JR Programmable Lubrication Station is now the standard supply system for all Unist mini-Roller coil-stock lubrication units. Designed to meet customer need for a unit which can fit into smaller press windows, the mini-Roller is Unists scaled down version of its larger uni-Roller. It is a lower cost alternative for companies that wish to utilize the benefits of a programmable fluid control. Vet do not require as many fluid outputs as Unists larger systems. The SPR-2000-JR controller, when used with the mini-Roller, allows the operator to control fluid thickness, increase production speed, reduce maintenance, and eliminate any need for fluid reclamation. Phone: (000) 253-5462. Web:

Additive Battles Friction

D.A. Stuarts Sturaco 7530 is a new friction modifier, the latest development in a rage of products designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness in a variety of applications. Sturaco 7530 additive applications include limited slip differential ales, transaxles, transfer cases, wet brakes, power steering, and shock absorbers. The additive is compatible with GL-5 J2360 and Mil-PRF-2105E gear lubricants, and possesses excellent anti-chatter performance, thermal stability and longevity under extreme operating conditions, the company says. Phone: (630) 393-0833. Web:

Universal Fluids Cut, Grind

ITW Rocol North America claims it has set a new standard with Rustlick Ultracut 370R and Ultracut 375R. These biostable semi-synthetic cutting fluids can enable many manufacturing plants to consolidate to one universal fluid. Choose from a non-chlorinated version (Ultracut 370R) or the chlorinated version (Ultracut 375R). They handle both machining and grinding operations for a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ITW says. Both offer high lubricity and rust protection, good corrosion protection, lubrication, and tolerance to contamination, with exceptional biostability and longer sump lie than soluble oil cutting fluids. The translucent emulsion also gives a good view of the work piece. Phone: (800) 452-5823. Web:

Diesel Fuel Lubricity, and More

Lubrizol has launched a new series of additives designed to ensure dependable performance and compatibility with ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel. Included are Lubrizol 539 series diesel fuel lubricity additives, which give fuel terminal operators a way to replace lubricity properties – essential to protecting fuel injectors and the overall fuel system – lost with sulfur reduction. Cold-flow improver additives maintain flow performance at low temperatures in low- and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. And Lubrizol 9570 multifunctional diesel fuel additive helps clean injectors and combustion deposits, improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and extend engine lie. Web:

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