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No More Stained Aluminum

Angus Chemical Co. has introduced Corrguard SI corrosion inhibitor, a new additive for metalworking fluids to prevent staining on common aluminum alloys as well as galvanized steel. The stain inhibiting additive addresses problems associated with manufacturing aluminum alloy parts that stain in contact with water-based metalworking fluids. Effective at concentrations as low as 0.1 percent, the product has a favorable safety and environmental profile and is easily waste-treated. Corrguard SI also provides emulsification and lubricity properties. Web:

New Tool from Koehler

Koehler Instrument Co. has introduced a new instrument to determine low concentrations of water in a wide range of fluids, the Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator, specifically for the petroleum industry. Versatile and easy to operate, the titrator provides fast, accurate and reproducible determinations of water content in liquids, gases and powders. It is suitable for the quality control lab as well as more demanding research applications. The titrator is equipped with an ACE control system, guaranteeing that the actual electrolysis current produced and the count rate displayed are always synchronized, and includes multi-language display and print-out. E-mail: sales-support@ Web: www.koehler

SoyLube Goes to Market

SoyLube, a new line of biobased greases and lubricants for machinery use, is entering the retail market in the Midwest. Manufactured by Environmental Lubricants Manufacturing, the soy greases and industrial lubricants are now distributed by MidState Distributing to over 600 stores. With prices rising for petroleum-based products, SoyLube is more attractive to farmers, truckers and general industry, ELM says. It is rare that we are able to offer renewable products that are superior in performance and yet cost the same as their petroleum counterparts, said ELMs Kasturi Lal. Web: or

Online Troubleshooting Guide

Maintenance engineers, plant managers and equipment manufacturers can find solutions to lubrication problems through Dow Cornings new interactive Molykote Troubleshooting Guide at The guide provides solutions to 17 common machine component problems, from rolling element bearings and steel gear wheels to shaft/hub connections and general maintenance. And if a particular problem isnt addressed, technical experts are available. We are convinced this tool will give our customers a competitive edge in solving lubrication problems, said Molykotes Gerd Hannemann. Web:

Milacron Releases Z Line

Milacrons new Cimtech Z of metalworking fluids are synthetics designed to extend sump life, provide up to 40 percent improved tool life, a 20 percent increase in productivity, excellent rancidity control, and greatly reduced concentrate usage. These clear, clean, low-foaming formulations will improve heavy-and light-duty machining and grinding of both ferrous and nonferrous metals, without using mineral oil. The Cimtech Z fluids also reject tramp oil. Web: or

Plastalloy Attracts Chips

Plastalloy chip collector magnets from Electrodyne Co. capture metal filings, chips and other ferrous materials in cutting fluid recirculation systems. The magnets work in temperatures to 150 degrees C, are oil resistant, and can be bent, twisted or flexed without loss of magnetic energy. Plastalloy can be magnetized using various methods, and is available in magnet sheets, strips or die-cut shapes, with options including pressure-sensitive adhesive and polarity identification. E-mail: Web:

Revive Old Coolant

A banaki has improved its Chiperator chip and coolant separation system, which now features redundant back-up pressure relief valves, stainless-steel sump basket, a non-clog valve and optional wheeled spill-catcher. The air-driven Chiperator vacuums cutting fluids loaded with chips out of machine tool sumps into a 55-gallon drum, filters the chips and returns clean coolant to the sump in less than two minutes. With no moving parts, the system strains 40 gallons of chips and coolant per minute, bringing new life to old, chip-filled coolant. E-mail: cott@ Web:

Oil Analysis for Railways

Staveley Services Fluids Analysis has created a new business unit dedicated to providing oil analysis services to the North American railway industry. Staveley Services Rail Group has over 40 years of continuous partnerships with numerous class 1, short line and regional railroads. With locations in Kansas City and Edmonton, the group is supported by a team of lab technicians, sample evaluators, and a management group with over 125 years experience working for and with the railway industry. E-mail: info@staveleyna. com. Web:

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